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  1. A very popular kit is the J36 tender cab for the Hornby mode. Introduced in 1888 by the North British Railway Company the J36 saw sterling service throughout their lives with the LNER and BR. They were often used for snow-plough duty clearing heavy snow falls. For these and other duties in exposed areas, a number of the class were also fitted with tender cabs to provide some protection to the crew from the weather. Many of these cabs remained in place throughout their operational lives until being withdrawn from service. Out kit consists of Tender Cab and Rear Tender St
  2. This part? I'll collect a few more photos and see if I can get a drawing and get started. I'll need to find a Heljan Class 17 to check the fit.
  3. Certainly can look into this. Would you be able to post up a few photos of the loco with the raised bonnet so I can see what's involved.
  4. The paint is Railmatch Doncaster Green. The photo is a little deceiving as its actually slightly darker then the Hornby green. Both Railmatch and Precision paints have the same issue when matching back against the RTR models.
  5. Back to where we began with our first kit. ACFI Feed Water Heater as fitted to A1 'The White Knight' and A3 'Shotover' between 1928 & 1938. Designed to fit the current Hornby loco drive range, the kit consists of ACFI Support Bracket, Zenith Separator, Boiler Feed Cleat and Smokebox Mixing Chamber, along with etched brass nameplates for either of the two locos. It does require brass or copper rod/wire of various thicknesses to complete the pipework on the model. The photos below show:- 'The White Knight' & 'Shotover' with the ACFI equipment fitted.
  6. GNR cabs will be available separately.
  7. Hope to have that one ready soon too. These are a few pics of the second test print of the K3 GNR cab. There's a few tweaks needed to the handrails and fit onto the footplate. I'm hoping to have this ready in a couple weeks.
  8. Rather then having a multitude of separate threads covering our conversion and detailing kits, I decided to cover development and notification of all new kits within this single thread. For the snowplough and other similar models I'll continue to cover separately. I'll summarize our rang so far a bit later, but I'll start this thread off with our latest kit, Gresham & Craven feed water heater and Hulburd boiler cleaner for K3 No. 227, as fitted to the loco from 1935 to 1940. It’s designed to fit onto the current Bachmann K3 model and consists of water feed unit, ope
  9. Updated photos of our J36 tender cab that fit the current Hornby model. The kit requires minimal alteration to the model to fit. The kit consists of a 3D printed and rear tender steps (show in grey on the Hornby R3621 J36 model). It's available either direct from us or via our ebay shop. at £12:50 plus postage
  10. It will be of the type fitted to 65424. The kit will also include the new loco cab.
  11. No. 7837 with weatherboard fitted , and detailed & weathered.
  12. A number of J15 operated on exposed branchline, that lacked turntable facilities, which required them to spend a large amount of their time running tender first. To offer some protection to the crew, several were fitted with a wooden weatherboard across the front of the tender. Using GER drawings and reference photos we have designed a 3D printed weatherboard that fit the current Hornby J15 model with minimal alteration to the tender. The kit consists of a 3D printed weatherboard and handrail assembly (show in grey on the Hornby R3415 J15 model). It's available either d
  13. We're slowly building up a range of conversion parts for LNER RTR models. The latest is a GNR cab designed to fit on the Bachmann model, allowing the model to be converted to the K3/1’s No. 4000 to 4009. First test print is test fitted onto our donor loco and looks pretty good.
  14. Our Stovepipe chimney kit on Bachmann V2. Originally in BR green, the model has been and renumbered 813. Detailing, including coal, crew and lamps have been added along with an over all weathering.
  15. Hot off the press is the first test print of the Tender Cab to fit the Hornby J36 model. J36's were regularly assigned for snow-plough duty and a number were fitted with tender cabs to protect the crew during adverse weather. The model is based of the cab fitted to J36 No. 9793 (BR No. 65345) from a number of reference photos. The cab was fitted to the loco early in it's life and remained in place on this loco until it was withdrawn from service is 1967. The CAD design requires a couple alterations to the right hand side and to lower the high. A second test
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