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  1. New today. Replacement A1/A3/V2/K3 (and others) front steps. They will be going live on EBay over the weekend. £4.50 a set.
  2. LNER Snowplough News. Establishing a manufacturing and assembly supply chain for a new model is difficult. Established larger model companies struggle with this in normal times, as we’ve seen with release dates of models regularly being pushed back as they deal with supply and quality issues. Niu Models is a small company with limited resources, and while we are up for the challenge to bring a RTR Snowplough model to the market, setting up an overseas manufacturing facility and supply chain with all the current uncertainty and restrictions has proved very difficult. We have reluctantly taken the decision to place the RTR LNER Snowplough model on hold for the foreseeable future. We are not abandoning the project. Once circumstances improves we will return to it. In the meantime we will continue to develop an alternative LNER and a LMS ‘Settle and Carlisle’ plough models and look at alternative ways to bring these to you. We apologise for any dashed expectations and thank you for your support. Best wishes, Julia & Al.
  3. 3rd Test Print of Zebedee's nose. A lot better then the previous prints. Just a few minor tweeks to do.
  4. I've started working on the CAD work for the 04 cab. I'll keep you updated on progress.
  5. BR Class 08 replacement front and cab steps. £4.50 a set. Will be available shortly.
  6. Another Work in Progress. In 1952 the steam Y6 locomotives on the Wisbech and Upwell were replaced by two Drewry diesel shunters. The diesels were classified class 04 and were fitted with cowcatchers and side skirts, in keeping with the tramway's tradition. The Class 04’s worked the line until closure in May 1966. Based on photos and available drawing we’ve designed a set of skirts and cowcatchers to fit the Bachmann 04 model. The first test print looks promising.
  7. New item, Replacement steps for Bachmann and Hornby Class 08. They've be available next week. Email us at [email protected] for details.
  8. Hi. We're still working on it, but Covid has impacted it quiet a bit.
  9. Also ran off the first test print of Zebedee's nose. Apart from the very poor fit on the model, there's a few changes needed. First, it's too long by about 10mm. Second, the driver's window slope angle needs increasing. A bit more CAD time needed.
  10. Final test print of the Clayton RR Bonnet came off the printer today. It will be available from the end of next week.
  11. Working out a few printing issue with it. But it's not far off.
  12. This on is a bit of an unusual request from a customer. Experimental nose cone fitted to Class 86 E3173 'Zebedee' (later 86204) in circa1973 as part of the development work for the APT and HST trains. The nose cone was a fiberglass structure bolted over the No.2 end to study aerodynamic resistance and the effect of two trains passing at speed. During the trails E3173 became the first BR loco to officially exceed 125MPH since 'Mallard' did it in 1938. E3173's nose had a direct influence on the design of the prototype HST nose. Screen shot below is of the preliminary CAD work. I'm waiting on the model to arrive before developing this further.
  13. Second test print of the Clayton RR Bonnets. Fit onto the model is good., but still needs a little more work to the profile. The kit will be available at the end of the month.
  14. Apologies for being quiet for a while. Just not enough hours in eth day recently to get on here and post update. I'll catch up over the next few days. First update are the Class 17 Clayton Rolls Royce Bonnets. Designed to fit on the Heljan model. First trial print came off the printer today. It needs a few minor amendments then second trial prints.
  15. Only 60813 (813) was fitted with this style of chimney and deflector. A3 where fitted with the standard single chimney, later changed to a double chimney under BR days. Only exception to this was Humorist which under went some smoke lift trial sin the 1930's which I'm hoping to have available soon.
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