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  1. Tod. We received your email, thanks. The ploughs operated as a pair. They were attached to either end of two of three locomotives. Plough 18 can be seen in the film 'Snowdrift at Bleath Gill'
  2. Hi Steve. We've had a few enquires regarding conversion to EM & P4 wheel sets. The plough chassis is designed for OO Gauge wheel sets, however there is potential to modify the it to accept the wider back to back distance.
  3. I hope you are well and you are surviving the current Covid-19 crisis. Here we’ve been very busy, but unfortunately not with Niu Models. Both the wife and I work in the railway industry and our day jobs have both been extremely busy these past few months as we play our part in keeping the railway running. This, combined with has impact on our suppliers, has meant the release date for the Snowplough model has been put back to spring 2021 at the earliest. If you have register your interested in the Snowplough model, we'll issue out a newsletter in the next few weeks with more details.
  4. Humorist flangeless double chimney show fitted to Hornby A3 body. The parts are a good fit onto the Scotsman body with only slight trimming required to the superheater covers for the winglets. The kit will be available shortly and will include chimney, done, etched brass winglets and Humorist namelates.
  5. First pics of the Humorist 'Stove pipe' smoke box and chimney conversion kit fitted to the Hornby body. I'm reasonable happy with the way it assembled. Fitting the inclined smoke box top was a bit more fiddly then I expected, and does require a bit if trimming to both body and part. The finished kit will include all parts show in blue, as well as etched brass deflectors and 'Humorist' nameplates.
  6. The first test prints for the ‘Humorist’ and ‘Coronach’ smoke boxes were a bit of a failure; a combination of design and printing issues. The second test have arrived and look much better. They're being trial fitted to Hornby’s ‘Book Law’ model. We hope to have the kit out to complement our ACFI kit within a few weeks.
  7. Update on the plough. Back in November we had the pleasure to meet Brian Blundell, the owner of plough 18, at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, and was allowed access to the preserved plough to photograph and take measurements. These were fed back to our CAD designer and this weekend we received the completed CAD files for the model. Attached are several screen shots for you to view. Renders of each plough in the three liveries will be completed and will be posted up on our Facebook page shortly. With this being our first venture into RTR models, we’d initially intended to dip our toe into the market with a limited run of 135 models. However, the response from the Expression of Interest has been incredible with more than twice this number of emails received. We are therefore looking at increasing the production run to meet this demand. The model will be released in North Eastern Indian Red, LNER Engineering Blue, and British Rail black liveries. With all three ploughs represented in each livery. We will release the pre-order scheme in the spring once we’ve firmed up manufacturing costs and confirmed the price. At present we anticipate it will be in the region of £45 per model, with a release date in late summer. To register your interest in the Snowplough and be kept up to date with developments of this and other models, please email us at [email protected]
  8. No. We're still working on the Humorist and Coronach smokeboxes. It's taking a bit longer then anticipated.
  9. Its been I while since I last saw Overlord. It will be good to see it again.
  10. I was up at Pickering, on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway this week with the real plough 18. A very enjoyable few hours taking photos and checking dimensions against our model. It was a pleasure to meet Bryan Blundell, who owns plough. We had a good chat about the plough history and reminisced about our shared railway past. A big thanks to Bryan for allowing access. I also managed access to the Gresley engineering coach to get a colour match on the blue paint.
  11. Thanks for the mention. The NER Plough is the first of several LNER RTR models we have in the development pipeline and hope to bring to fruition over the next few years. These will complement our growing range of LNER conversions kits.
  12. Having overcome the initial email address problems, we like to thank everyone how emailed us and expressed an interest in the NER snowplough model. All names are recorded on our mailing list and we will issue out update emails on the plough and other models we have in development as thing progress. If all goes to plan we expect to open the pre-order scheme in early spring next year, with an anticipated release date in the summer. Thanks.
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