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  1. I have given my Signal box a base colour of Humbrol 121 (I read somewhere to use that) and then dry brushed the bricks Humbrol 70 and as I am looking for a aged look it was horrendous The darker brick colour made the mortar look even lighter. As I have used Humbrol for years and know it workings I want to stick with it but what's a better base colour for the mortar?
  2. I have now modified the parts concerning the crane carriage, jib runner and relieving bogies. I was surprised how soft some of the plastic parts were. Time to start reassembly.
  3. After reading the book and seeing the plans within the Hornby model is clearly a 75 ton, also noticed the number on the side of the jib runner wagon 'DB998617' and 'DB966111 crane number' are for.... So now just have to build one.
  4. After some hunting I have 'THE' book so have a bit of reading and thinking to do..
  5. These are the Hornby R197 and Cowans and Sheldon 45 ton Steam Crane axle comparison almost all within 2 mm, the worst being the relieving bogies from first axle to buffet but this has a 5 mm section which is easily removed.
  6. After a little mix up with 'transfer supplier' and answering a question on another post - and then starting the post in the wrong forum I will just recap again. Anyway I thought I would start my own topic on my new project.......... As a child this was always on my Santa list but he never obliged. Now I am back into railways I accidentally saw one of these on eBay, I did a little research and was hooked again. I have now bought one of these fine models £23.95 inc. post. I want to strip it and detail it. I am told the best reference book is 'Railway Breakdown Cranes Vol2 by Peter Tatlow' but I cant find a copy anywhere. I did find one in Cyprus but they wont export to UK, a book stall holder at local market knew the book and thinks he may have it in his lock up (I have to ring Saturday and I have been the library and put in a request for a copy to be brought over, £3.60 if its a normal library and £15 if its from a university or The British Library. But the librarian did not seem sure if any Library has it! My Crane has now arrived and stripped down. I have found there is a Cowans and Sheldon crane not 1/2 a mile away. Crewe Heritage Centre has ADRC 96717 and 50 ton painted on the jib, steam converted to diesel and bright yellow, information from data files here says 45 ton. I have been looking at the photographs and come to a radical conclusion. If you take the Hornby R197 and want to detail it to a 75 ton crane, the end of the jib is wrong, the jib runner is wrong the cranes rotation point is wrong (the rear boiler housing hangs over the edge of the base) Now if the Hornby R197 didn't have 75 ton on jib but had 50 ton then the jib, jib runner and rotation point would be right. So my radical idea is that Hornby modelled (loosely) a 50 ton crane and stuck a 75 ton sticker on it. Can people with more knowledge of these cranes have a look, could this be correct.... That's just a recap and thanks to all that helped on the other thread but apart from Personal messages I have now lost that information!
  7. I started a Post on ' Hornby's 75 ton crane' by error in 7mm section and asked it to be moved to the correct section, Now its just gone and I cant find it in 7mm or anywhere else. Don't members get notification of where, why and how post's are changed. will it appear again in correct place or is it gone, may I start again and where is the appropriate place???? Tom
  8. Hi I only joined here yesterday........I am ashamed to say I am KT did I put .co.uk instead of .com probably my oops. This subject has hijacked the original post maybe an administrator could put it right. However I have just purchased a Hornby R197 and intend to rebuild it and have come across some transfers my Modelmaster in white but the only lettering the same as on the Railtec ones are the 'COWANS SHELDON' and 'TO LIFT 75 TONS' for the boom.
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