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  1. Perhaps during the last 12 months!! Al.
  2. I think it would be nice, and relatively easy for Hornby to produce an as-preserved 850 Lord Nelson, in preserved green livery. Al.
  3. Rails have a sale on 'N' Gauge 68's at the moment. Al.
  4. atom3624

    Class 59 in 00

    Just think, we were supposed to have received them by now ... originally! As you say, let's hope the wait is worth it - I'm sure it will be - looks superb and the specifications are great - I love a loco with opening doors!! Al.
  5. Great stuff, does that mean 'before July' then by past experience? Al.
  6. Perhaps it was that I meant - I knew there was some form of relationship with DRS. It was unusual that perhaps half of the locomotives appearing were DRS liveried ... very well done as well 2nd time around. Al.
  7. I've just ordered 32-486 - due probably early-mid-2020 - just need a decent BLUE class 40. Are the latest 40's still that weird Bachmann 8-wheel-drive - 4 / bogie? Al.
  8. I think apart from the DRS ones - sponsored by DRS I believe - they must have prepared relatively equal amounts of each livery .... then .... Accurascale announced the TPE Mk.5 coaches ... That's when things went pear shaped - hugely disproportionate number wanting TPE liveried 68's ... after the stable door had closed. Just keep your eyes peeled on Ebay. One pops up from time-to-time, but normally at an inflated price. I was lucky and got mine 'new, used' on Ebay from Rails at a fair price a few months ago. Al.
  9. It is EXTREMELY CURIOUS how many new members there are, just appearing on Day 3 of the Hornby competition ... truly remarkable!! Not hinting for a minute there may be several with multiple accounts .... !! Al.
  10. The speedo cable's been pulled off as well - should have been removed from the wheel first - remains attached to the body. Was it like that on arrival as well? Al.
  11. Flywheels will help of course, but not the same. Al.
  12. Hopefully it doesn't just require DCC operation. Al.
  13. atom3624

    The Engine Shed

    I see what you mean, and would agree - that is rather embarrassing!! In the 1st photo it could just have been perspective, ... not the others!! Al.
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