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  1. I had an old Triang LMS Princess Elizabeth and thought it excellent .... then I purchased a Railway Modeller, or MRC which had a speciality / feature on LMS OO/HO ... and I started realising what I had was closer to TT !! I further purchased an Ian Allen scale drawings book to place the locomotive alongside ... how embarrassing was that? !! Al.
  2. Definitely not - imagine if it did - WW2 haulage capacities - 30+ carriages with ease. Apologies for those confused - thought I had 'replied' including original text - I was referring to my 30915 Schools 'Brighton' BR livery. I had 'an issue'. Al.
  3. One of the 2 traction tyres had stretched, lifted, and somehow got partially caught in the linkage - just caught in time before any real damage. Body was removed to replace the tyre - see if it's permanently stretched - it's fatigued and yes - stretched. Replacements on their way. Curious that the cab bulkhead / interior of the boiler is the rear motor brace - as it's a metal body!. Chassis must weigh less than half the weight of the body!! Guessing, not measured, but the chassis' really light, body really quite heavy for a small body. Al.
  4. Seems my ignorance started something! It was an interesting sharing of information but the long shot is we'll be getting something which is accurate now. Al.
  5. It's one of my favourites - looks, detail and performance. Recently lifted out of her box again for some lapping, and when touching the body I got to thinking 'this feels too cold, must be metal' .... Unfortunately, I caught it doing a little dance as a tyre had lifted and caught - fortunately no damage, but with the body off, I thought I'd gently scratch the inside of the body, and it's very shiny for plastic! Definitely a diecast body. Al.
  6. I'd like to mention 2 Southern Region locomotives - and not the 2nd World War Express Freight locomotives either ... The King Arthurs - my Sir Kay is an fantastic locomotive. The Schools - I have Brighton. I was surprised to realise the boiler's diecast!! Al.
  7. We know Triang were both very clever, but ultimately compromising in many / most applications, hence my general comments. YES, I know they're miles different in obvious details, but the general comment remains - I think this is the actual locomotive implied in the Triang / Hornby Dock shunter. There's no 'verandah' at the back of the Triang one, but the very general shape is really quite similar - with a tad of imagination of course. Al.
  8. Isn't this essentially the same as the famous Hornby 'Dock Shunter'? Al.
  9. atom3624

    B17/6 and B12.

    I'd like to see how that comes out. I've seen bodyshells advertised on Ebay but not seen any finished ones. Al.
  10. That's like buying a car, putting it in the garage, and closing the door. You can open the door and take a look, even touch it perhaps ... like putting a box on a shelf, then lifting it off occasionally to look at. Pity, but each to their own. Al.
  11. atom3624

    B17/6 and B12.

    Thanks. I had that original Triang B12 in the 70's. Superb models in many ways. Al.
  12. Whoever stencilled that should be shot!! Didn't know we'd already become the 51st State! Al.
  13. atom3624

    B17/6 and B12.

    Renumbered my new B17/6 and B12. B17/6 from 61669 / Barnsley to 61663 / Everton. B12 from 61533 to 61533. Reasonably pleased. Everton was a combination of Fox's - metal smokebox door, etched namplate; and Wolf dryprint for the cab. The B12 was Wolf dryprint on the cab and waterslide on the smokebox door. For the cab I tried removing with Brasso, then T-Cut, but had to resort to 'very careful scratching' with a scalpel - Hornby numbers are well printed!! Good experience nevertheless. I realise there are loads of renumbering threads, so thought I'd just post my efforts. The 2 locomotives are brilliant - B17 is minus one of the insulating washers for the front bogie to permit full available weight onto the drivers. (Thanks to Sam!!) Al.
  14. Won't be long now - Q2 2021 isn't far away - seriously. I remember ordering, pre-Covid ... and that happened 6 months ago, the ordering a fair bit before that .... Thanks, as usual, for the update, and looking forward to 37 001 as ordered for me anyway. Al.
  15. atom3624

    Class 88/93

    Post on the Dapol forum and you may get a reply within 3 months .... not the most interactive of sites I've ever visited. Al.
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