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  1. Such a classic looking locomotive - looks very elegant and certainly suits the Midland livery. Al.
  2. That does sound right. I remember mine!! Pinged a couple of steps - found and refitted them fortunately. Al.
  3. Interesting comments referring to the haulage capacity, and indeed comparisons with Sam's Trains' comments. I would have expected 3 or 4 carriages to be typical, surely rarely more than 4? Were I to purchase one, I wouldn't expect it to be matching a Flying Scotsman or A2 or P2, and not a Pannier or Jinty either, that's not the point. The basics are there and it's a nice little locomotive, but ... Al.
  4. This is very unfortunate. The 'bad sense of humour' in me was going to ask if Uri Geller had been in the vicinity - that's quite a (typical of rot) warp. MAZAK is almost standard as far as most locomotives are concerned, so the switch mount is likely the same type of material, 'though not necessarily the same batch of metal - hopefully. I hope you're able to resolve the problem satisfactorily - thanks for the eye-opening and interesting thread. Al.
  5. I'm looking at one with compressed buffers and one fully extended !! A bit inconsistent there. Al.
  6. I have recognised that Hornby have gone to moulded plastic whistles / valves whereas previously they were brass, turned ones. It's possible the brass ones were more effect than accuracy - don't know - but these always look better, with nice sharp turned edges, no mould lines, nor 'dodgy paint'. For model locomotives costing so much, perhaps £0.05 more for brass turned ones for me must add at least £5.00 to the perceived value. Al.
  7. I think a lot, probably all of his comments were well-founded. It may simply be a re-issue of an old-tooling model, but certainly for the the price and in fair comparison with what is anticipated and expected of modern models being issued, a more representative price should have been applied. Rough-moulded whistles and safety valves generally went out with the Ark, for example. The Well Tank is an interesting addition to the repertoire of models available, but ... we're all entitled to our opinions, and as a fan of model railways, I find myself in agreement
  8. I know it's not due until Q2 2021 isn't it, but are there any developments, or teasers for us fans? Thanks, Al.
  9. Not going to help you, but I'm getting itchy fingers myself Fran. Promising a lot, and delivering by the looks of it!! I had ordered a 92 - but 'from the other lot', 2 hours before you announced yours!! Wasn't happy ... but at least I've held off, despite ordering a 55, pack of TPE 5's, and a 37 .... so together with other Hornby pre-orders I need to keep a wife and family so have to hold off any more .... for now!! Really big problem I have is another hobby is R/C and particularly monster trucks - if you follow that at all you'll know Team Losi have done s
  10. .... and when you can locate them all, how are they? Is this related to how they've been stored? I have 2x Bachmann 37's, both brilliant runners and look great, pending the 3rd from 'another manufacturer based in Ireland'. Both of mine are fine - kept in a dry garage - only place I have for storage. Al.
  11. One thing worthy of mention is this is one of Bachmann's steamies with 'working valve gear' - the pivot being above the valve and the rod moving in the valve - something Hornby don't seem to do. Strange, correct me if I'm mistaken, but MANY years ago, H-D / Wrenn locomotives always did this. Al.
  12. Has to be said also that the Deltics were pretty much iconic wherever they went. I have been a 'closet trainspotter' over the years, but when I heard a Deltic would be in Lime Street - many years ago, I had to go ... and was definitely not disappointed!! Al.
  13. Nice to see a properly designed casting / weight in a tender. Tenders often appear overlooked - people forgetting they weighed over half the weight when full, of a 100-ton Pacific! This is obviously smaller, but the ratio between tender and locomotive fully laden I would bet is higher again. Wiki states loco 'full' was 63t, tender 41t (normal tons). Al.
  14. Fantastic interaction and product development - AGAIN!! Al.
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