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  1. Did anyone mention axleboxes? Al.
  2. Talk about a mallet to smash a walnut!! Al.
  3. So basically somebody has finally been reading the bad, as well as good press, and watching the 'enthusiastic amateur' reviews, and comparing fact with initial impressions ... It deserves a WELL DONE Hornby I reckon! Al.
  4. That is how the whole sorry story of Ever Given started - strong winds in the Suez Canal pushed it aground. I definitely hope not, but I'm sure they'll be extra careful this time around!! Al.
  5. Thanks for sharing Fran. Is there a happy ending with the TPE painting? Those corridor connectors - how are they performing on tighter curves - not pushing each other off? Al.
  6. Up until I realised walking around a boggy field on a cold Winter's day wasn't ideal, I used to enjoy R/C trucks of pretty large dimensions .... Used to wait on Sunday mornings until the neighbours started mowing, then out came the nitro and petrol monster trucks ... !! Al.
  7. Next door's gardener keeps me up to date .... joking! Looking forward to the update and thanks for keeping us all up to speed Fran. Al.
  8. My pre-order is indeed present - good news. My existing store credit is not showing. I have contacted Rails to reconfirm this. Not as pear shaped as we thought. Site does seem quite nice. Al.
  9. Is the order history going to be updated - I certainly hope so? After Hornby fathing around with Hattons, cancelling my preorders there, they'd better not lose my KOYLI preorder!! Al.
  10. Wait until you have to change the wiper blades ... then there's the screenwash top-up!! Al.
  11. Precedent looks superb. Deltic ... we needed more information ... !! Nothing actually moving which was a slight disappointment. Very nice video and thanks for sharing. 18000 looked very nice. Al.
  12. Hornby really do need to be very careful!! This is a Cavalex thread so momentary apologies. Hornby risk to price themselves out of the market, when combined with the 'tier system'. Al.
  13. Why is this? Genuinely unreliable? Over-complicated assembly? Al.
  14. I'm curious. I have ordered the forthcoming Hornby one, as I've wanted a blue 56 for some time, but old ones still go for ridiculous money. I have an EWS super detail Hornby one, which despite some minor niggles has to be one of the smoothest running, and more powerful locomotives on 'the fleet' - absolutely superb runner. In answer to APT Fan's question, my plan is to keep the Hornby order and continue with a blue Cavalex - to compare. I do expect 'assumed Hornby production limitations' have been thrown out of the window wrt detailing, but I'm curious to see how the 2 compare running-wise - I don't think there's a locomotive I have which is obviously better-running than the Hornby EWS one I have. Al.
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