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  1. Nice images. Is the front hook back-to-front? Al.
  2. Good information. Thanks for the feedback. Glad there's a 'little tweak' which will help the 6220 Coronation on its rounds .... and round !! Al.
  3. The H66 would open my garage door and pull the car out for me ... if it wasn't outside already! I suppose I'm curious how 'easy' it is to remove the bogie and relieve some of the contact pressure whilst maintaining contact. Al.
  4. Just ordered my 'rake of 9' this morning - should arrive tomorrow all being well. For who've already received theirs, are there particular coaches, or simply bogies, whereby the axles are not as free-running as 'they should be' / as others? Can this be easily resolved, without major surgery? Al.
  5. If going 'non-Hornby', according to Sam .... it's the ViTrains 37 - heavy with traction tyres as well. Staying Hornby for me it's a close call between the 50, 56 and 60. My 56 is such a superb runner, it doesn't even seem to break a sweat ... with anything. Just this weekend, back to kettles, I lifted out my Crosti - which has a little extra weight, and that certainly pulls more than nearly every other steam locomotive replica I have. Al.
  6. Am I right in saying that inserting the alternative 'Roco-type' connectors does not permit any 'movement' between coaches? Reason I ask, is that if there's a problem pulling away from a station, they're all coupled 'as one', instead of the slight concertina of the normal couplings, which should permit an easier departure. Al.
  7. I aim for a total weight ~580-630g with the 'big pacifics', loco + tender. Ideally as these locos were 95-110 tons, and the tenders 35-55 tons depending on size and water / coal remaining, I aim for the tenders to be ~40% the weight of the locomotive, typically ~180-200g. The Coronations and the streamlined Bulleids are always the easiest. Some it's not necessary / not possible in the locomotives, like the Britannias. Al.
  8. I find it a close call between the 56 and the 60. Al.
  9. It will be interesting to see how much 'drag' can be relieved, and how. Is it the pickups? Are there any other mouldings catching? Is there any way of making them all reasonably free-running? Al.
  10. Styling wise, I prefer the original prototype swoopy styling - 'looks more interesting'. Al.
  11. Looks great. There's mention of drag with the finger pickups on the axles. Can it comfortably pull the rake of 9 coaches without excessive wheelslip? Al.
  12. Great collection of fantastic MN's there. I know the un-rebuilt is the new-edition, but I still prefer the rebuilt, 'full sized' shall we say. Al.
  13. Almost like 'somebody' didn't like Bassett-Lowke when growing up - not exactly the image I would have imagined. It could have been a brilliant precursor to the Hornby equivalent of Dapol and Heljan - the Hornby 'O-Gauge brand' I reckon. It is what it is. Hornby's stickle bricks!! Al.
  14. Just 'received the call' as well - mine are in - will receive during next week - once paid! The last model previous Coronation was / is an excellent runner. I've had a few issues with my 2 newer ones, but these are more-or-less resolved - both types run as well as each other, with similar performance - both have added weight - plenty of room inside that shell - and the tender! I aim to increase the locomotive weight if I can - not possible in Royal Scots and Britannias unless very imaginative - then aim to bring up the tender weights to approximately equivalent rel
  15. Depends what radius, and also where the bogie pivots. Al.
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