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  1. He'd need a lamp mount that would make him look like a Unicorn - perhaps they're indicating they'll be rare? !! Al.
  2. Strange, my 'Aussie' Scottie is straight. Is the body different? Al.
  3. Excellent comparison - thank you. It shows how 'good-yet-flawed' the original - ex Dapol? - one is/was and also where advances have been made - detail, 'rivets', buffer profiles. Al.
  4. I hope so. I've ordered the OO 92 so am interested 'for other reasons' not dissimilar. Al.
  5. atom3624

    Hornby 66s

    Is this Hornby 66 'one bogie' / 6-wheel-drive with no traction tyres now? I presume the Lima edition had traction tyres. Presumably the added weight would be to counter some of the traction lost without tyres - if there are none now? Al.
  6. Don't know how it happened, but like them all!! 3. City of Liverpool City of Chester Duchess of Sutherland Just noticed Coronation's front vac pipe's missing - I'll sort it out tonight!! Agreed - got a bit carried away - some say I should be!! Al.
  7. A few 'group photos' of my Streamliners ..... Al.
  8. I suppose I have one .... twice !! It is a nice, elegant design, but it's not top of the pecking order for me ... R3443 - NRM 60103 R2687 - LNER - McAlpine (?) Ozzie Scottie - best looking for me. Al.
  9. Hadn't realised I'd already responded to this thread!! Sorry guys. Al.
  10. I like my 2 Scotties and now, finally DoH: Al.
  11. I think I would feel strange walking into a model shop nowadays - haven't been in one for years. ALL of my gear has been from suppliers / shops but via the internet. Al.
  12. I think a couple of Flying Scotsman models should be in there - just received my favourite 2 - been looking for ages but finally found them: R3443 (BR & current preservation) and R2687 (my preferred state) Al.
  13. This comparison is excellent. Not only does it confirm where the Hornby version has moved the game on, but I believe also indicates just where the Bachmann was a little lacking - shot from above with the mould 'crease' for example and the solid chimney - and also just how good / close the Bachmann one still is in many respects. Admirable effort by both companies I believe. Al.
  14. I've just purchased an excellent, used R2687 'Australian Tour' Flying Scotsman. This is how I remember Scottie when 'I were a lad' in the early 70's, onwards, and it looks absolutely stunning. Very pleased with it - but yet to test it as it was received at work, and I've not taken her home yet. Al.
  15. Could it have been a rough sea crossing? I know Porsche are making some more 911 GT2 RS's as several 'were lost' at sea recently - been on the news somewhere - so there must have been some really heavy seas. Al.
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