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  1. It'd be nice if Heljan started using skew-wound motors - always a little difficult getting a good crawl start with an admittedly very-smooth-running Heljan. Bachmann locos (and Hornby super detail) don't have this problem. Al.
  2. A tad harsh!! I'm not 'complaining', simply raising a discussion point. If Hornby are setting the precedent of presenting higher quality models in high definition cast metal, then it's great, but with the intention to continue with the larger models as well? I hope so. It simply would look strange that there's an 8-coach train - metal-bodied (your call) or not - which cannot be hauled continuously around a 'rolling' (with partial inclines perhaps) high detail model railway loop, which requires .... unhitching the 8P and connecting the 2P to haul them ... doesn't make sense. I think perhaps some attention should be drawn towards prototypical drawbar pull. As many will also confirm, there is no problem in moulding in plastic - it's easier to mould / cast to even higher detail than metal, so it's certainly not to be considered '2nd rate'. as implied. Cast in metal - bring it on - sounds a great initiative. Continue with the 8P's as well - with higher performing motors perhaps. There's a limited edition Duchess for the 100th celebrations. How about this being a precursor for Duchesses, streamlined Coronations, A4's, MN's, the forthcoming A2/2 ... that would be quite a coup ... but ... would there be the market? Perhaps this is the other 'risk' / initiative of Hornby? "Let's see if people are prepared to pay a little more for the extra 'quality', traction, performance, etc" ... "if they are, then we'll consider a 'Super Series' of metal-bodied locomotives" ... who knows? Al.
  3. So back to my earlier point, and recent discussion and evidence submitted, it would appear that making it capable of hauling 13-15 coaches as will be possible with a heavy diecast body is a tad OTT then? I like to know a locomotive is capable of hauling prototypical loads, hence why I'd mentioned adding a little weight to the 8P Pacifics I own, but a 2MT shouldn't be able to compete with them - should be more prototypical. People criticise the Ivatt 2MT from Bachmann, but accepted that it has no axle 'bearings', it still runs well and can haul prototypical loads. The pending Hornby model does look like it'll be a bit special nevertheless. Al.
  4. If they did that it's quite impressive. It was just a thought that possibly manufacturers are introducing potentially unnecessary additional costs. Al.
  5. I often put weight into the larger locomotives - 8P Pacifics for example. Not certain the heavy metal body is necessary for traction reasons .... it is only a 2MT, so probably shouldn't need to pull more than perhaps 4 or 5 carriages. Just a thought. Al.
  6. Is that for a model? !!! More serious note, aren't they wrapping a lot of rolling stock and locomotives nowadays? Al.
  7. Nice video footage there. That Class 60 with 28 TEA wagons was quite impressive ... Al.
  8. OK, push-to-shove ... I was asked. Excellent quality close-up shot. Bottom of the cap is an obviously smaller diameter than the rest of the chimney - that's what peeves me - just because it's something which I feel should have been picked up and corrected. OK, just my opinion. It's in a similar vein to the Hattons AB situation - should have been picked up and corrected before signing off. It's possibly 'obvious' as the rest is so good. Al.
  9. That looks a little gem. As you say, the ongoing thing I've always disliked with this issue is that cap - the rest looks superb. Al.
  10. Are the axles sliding side-to-side freely enough. Could be they cannot move that freely, limiting movement and the flanges gripping the rails and derailing? Al.
  11. I thought we'd done that one!!
  12. Totally correct. I was toying with which way around it would be - with the typical limited time and 'couldn't be bothered to Google it' mentality of modern life! Al.
  13. They woodn't do that wood they? .... Agreed, Captain gained in active service is the most appropriate application. Al.
  14. Will they change it to "Sir Colonel Tom Moore" - is that even correct nomenclature? There's a Welsh one, now and English 'Sir Tom' !! Al.
  15. Wasn't there a video way back when, on Pete Waterman's track, pulling 10 or 11 carriages? Al.
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