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  1. Hey, did anyone notice the 92's being run on Pete Waterman's track? OK ... Seriously, what were people's opinions on their running characteristics? Al.
  2. As mentioned earlier in this thread, I always add a little weight. All of my Streamliners are at least 425g, and I also compensate a little in the tender (in real life it was just less than half the locomotive weight) and this will assist in a stable base on curves. Earlier in the thread it has been mentioned - and I agree - the main problems are the Kitchen cars - 2 / rake of 9 (yes I have a rake of 9). If/as/when you remove wheel/axle sets be very careful to ensure the pickup wipers are the correct, near-straight profile, JUST touching - keeping as light as possible. The problem with the Kitchen cars can be the brake shoes which can touch / interfere, sometimes on curves if not on the straight. One option is to carefully trim back, but this is not easy. Another, more brutal, but possible necessary is to remove the brake shoes. This will definitely free up the coach a little - but don't forget those pickups - keep aligned as perfectly as possible. It is frustrating when other, fundamentally identically designed Coronation coaches are actually quite free-running! My $0.03. Al. PS: Yes, adding weight does put more stress on the chassis / drivetrain, but don't forget I mentioned a possible 450g (>425g) and Hornby themselves use the same chassis with their diecast H-D iterations, which have been said to weigh ~600g just the locomotive alone! PPS: Yes, with continued running, I did have problems with my Coronation, which was hauling without too much problem. Motor is good and very powerful. I ended up having to replace the final drive gear - actually getting a metal one. It runs perfectly now (I did have some 'quartering issues' which I resolved as well.
  3. When I arrived home, there was a miniature Jiffy bag, with a smaller resealable plastic bag with what initially looked like smallish screws. I couldn't remember any such recent purchase, and any references didn't indicate what was contained .... then it dawned on me! THANK YOU HATTONS! 6 AB covers received. I lightly drilled out the 2 holes with missing AB's to allow 'a little movement' and got onto fitting ... one was fine immediately, the other started to work out, so I lightly enlarged again - from 2.8 to 3.2mm (Dremel bits I have) and have reset again, then left overnight. Inverted running seems OK - needed to realign as straight as possible as well but seems good. Al.
  4. That looks fantastic! I presume it's just one bogie / one end? Is there still free movement and rotation of the bogie without 'some issue'. Al.
  5. Quick update, they've replied already - said they'd see if they can find a few they can send - excellent Customer Support - again! I'm sure I'll find something long-term anyway - no rush. Al.
  6. Some have different-shaped cylinders don't they? Al.
  7. Well, that's answered my question from the top of page 54!! There could be a party going on, and it's a giant balloon I suppose! Al.
  8. Thanks anyway. I'll contact Hattons and see if they have any they can spare / sell / whatever. Al.
  9. Is anyone making replacement axlebox caps for these? Just had mine running the last couple of days and have noticed 2 are missing. I've been around the tracks a couple of times with a high-powered torch and nothing showing. I'll keep looking, and will approach H directly. Al.
  10. Lovely looking little model - even if I still think the prototype's ugly! Dainty little handrails, and loving that roof access idea. Out-of-the-box thinking in the application so a big WELCOME to model locomotive providers. Al.
  11. Is that the stretched version with an extra 2 wheels per bogie? ....
  12. Is there a hole in the running board where perhaps a 'peg' from the cylinder block should align (enter), perhaps behind the blinkers. There's one each side on the Britannias I think. Perhaps it's out of alignment? Al.
  13. Can't wait for my Loch Lomond .... these are looking better than ever. Playing down the popularity - by modellers and full-sized operators alike - of the 37, I find I already have 4x 37's, without trying!! (That other all-wheel-drive version.) Glad things are starting to get into some sense of 'the new normal' .. keep us updated. Al.
  14. I was at Rainhill in 1980 as a 20 yo - quite spectacular, but didn't appreciate just how special that cavalcade actually was. I've seen Hardwicke elsewhere as well (was she based at Carnforth for a while?) - quite an interesting history she has. This model does look really quite special - but there again, how often are we saying this nowadays? !! Very nice ... once the W1's and P2's are out of the way I may recover enough to consider, but there again, there is a family to look after .... decisions, decisions !! Al.
  15. That lighting really makes the LNER apple green 'pop'. I'm fairly certain this will be a superb model once finally out there. Al.
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