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  1. Hi Ray, I've some superb newer ones - A1 and A2 for example, and some not so, as you say.


    Agreed, also, I've one superb LNER Green Arrow - drivers look like it's probably an old-type split chassis but it's a superb runner - 'limited edition' or not, they get run in my house!


    Totally agreed, it's a bit of a lottery, I'm just more wary of the fragile 'axles' of the split chassis now.



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  2. I tried everything - apologies for the late reply. No joy.


    I got a set of 'isolators' and a pair of springs from Jenni anyway.


    Managed to reassemble everything after a thorough clean ... quite a neat assembly job by Bachmann there - easy to work on.


    Despite the new isolators, I superglued them in, and cleaned and cleaned .... and had a 23$er of a job getting it going.

    Quartering?  Possibly, 'though most is covered by the design of the isolators with virtually no room for movement.


    The wheels were of course 'gapped' B2B.


    Whilst I was at it, I painted inside the cab - roof off-white, and the piping / guages relief mouldings sort-of as they should be.

    Seats were sanded down to limit mould lines, backs painted green, crew fitted.


    Tools added to the tender as well, and handles painted - I like to use red.


    A few photos - I'm liking this locomotive now.


    I added the cab floor extension from a piece of plastic sheet, the same used for the cab door side - slightly exaggerated hinged areas I admit.




    31-705 1306 20200806-01 small.jpg

    31-705 1306 20200806-02 small.jpg

    31-705 1306 20200806-03 small.jpg

    31-705 1306 20200806-04 small.jpg

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  3. Must admit, this one's fighting me!


    Placed all parts carefully into a resealable bag.

    The 2 motor contact springs seem to have perfectly found each other - cannot separate them!


    They're the little copper-looking 2x5 mm springs to one side of each motor 'spade' making contact with the sides.

    I'll have to ask Jenni to assist a little more ... unless I can separate them.



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  4. Thanks Ray.


    Jenni's been very helpful to me several times this year.

    Understand, hours are weird with Covid.


    I want to get this one running again, shouldn't be too difficult.

    Actually pulled the whole chassis apart within 10 minutes this afternoon, then started cleaning up parts.


    Motor seems strong and healthy. Little lube required.

    I've got all parts, and the 2 little contact springs for the motor.



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    I've just 'won' a B1 Mayflower for an acceptable price.

    All is as described, but obviously cannot really be 'NEW' as it's pretty ancient - fully understood by yours truly.


    Thing is, opening up at work, on my desk, a quick 'battery test' confirmed power collection from all 6 drivers, but ... the front drivers are not as connected as they should be.


    I've contacted Bachmann directly in the event they can supply replacement 'isolators' but failing that who else supplies them please?

    I read somewhere Peters Spare have done them.


    Once home, I can open up and 'see the damage' - if fully split / broken.

    I have read some have used Superglue to resolve.





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