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  1. Well it certainly won't reach £824 !!
  2. Sam's review was excellent - highlighting loads of issues we've all encountered in various guises. I too pre-ordered and had mine cancelled 12-15 months in. Mine was with Hattons. My guess is his was too. Front bogie / draw bar combined to limit adhesion - can be 'adjusted'. Sticking - my guess is the coupling rod holes are not perfect, Hornby relying on running in resolving this - enlarging the holes slightly. Problem here is their coupling rods are so thin, some bend. It is also possible the quartering is not acceptable. Overall an honest review, and very disheartening. On another note, take a look at 'that auction site' .... WOW!! Al.
  3. Possibly the price of a broken-tender 10000 one thinks?? !!!! Al.
  4. There appears to be a common observation from 'latest delivered' models. The liveries and detailing are better than ever - superb-looking models - almost this 'museum standard' people are talking about. The packaging of several is extremely poor - inner box inside a larger outer box with no extra cushioning padding - rattling inside which encourages the breakages being observed. Al.
  5. More fool the person who pays (substantially) over the odds, but definitely do not agree. My $0.02 as they say. Al.
  6. I know, it seemed a bit of a strange comment I know ... had to review again myself. Looking at the side windows, I 'rest my case' - they seem totally flush almost to a little proud. I'd expect them to be fractionally recessed. Thanks to Doc Brown for the photo - just looking at the cab side windows - they're recessed, not flush. Stated before me, but as also mentioned, there should be a slight curvature at the top of the door. Al.
  7. I would have thought, for the price, permanently fitted lamps would have led's inside them. There's more than enough space for fine wires, and 'a proper job' could have been done, still permitting easy body removal. Al.
  8. Just a question, but regarding the 'too short screw', was it a shoulder screw, which was misaligned - shoulder tightened onto the drawbar instead of through it? Al.
  9. Not convinced with this one - bold effort by Heljan, who are one of my favoured manufacturers. Glazing seems 'too flush' and grilles not that good. Comments relating to the curvature, or lack of, at the top of the doors remain valid I believe. Al.
  10. There's a broken tender top grey W1 on Ebay with more than one day to run, currently at £310 + P&P .... Fair enough, if that's what people are prepared to pay, their call. Ridiculous!! Al.
  11. You would have thought that with similar stories of breakages in transit with the A2/2, A2/3, more thought and consideration would have been applied by Hornby to the distribution of this absolutely superb model - very poor, very disappointing. What's more people's whims are beyond control it appears. A 'tender damaged' model still has >1 day to go and exceeds £260 + postage on 'that auction site' ... out of control! I know, this isn't something Hornby have any influence on, but 'human nature' and 'must have' are coming to the fore. Hornby, wake up!! Al.
  12. Having passed them in sidings only when on Motorways, I've no idea, just love the idea! Al.
  13. Does anyone have friends who have no interest in model railways - I know I do? Point is, the Advent Calendar simply seems to be doing Hornby's advertising and model railways publicity awareness job for them. Most of the 'offers' I cannot participate in, for risk of losing what few friends I still have! Al.
  14. Is it too early to estimate, or can deliveries possibly start by end Q2 2022 do you think? We see one interesting detail presented by A/Scale in their forthcoming locomotives - dashboard lighting. Is this a consideration? Many thanks, Al.
  15. I'm reliably informed - by my Chinese colleague - that will be 1st February and we'll be entering the Year of the Tiger !! Al.
  16. I'll stick with the earlier suggestions: A/S Black 5, 8F and Class 40 !! Al.
  17. Just because 'that other manufacturer's capacitor' is visible, doesn't mean that works either ... Al.
  18. I was just wondering the same thing. This depleted Uranium alternative must have limited applications! Is it only the 55, or will it be the 37 (40) 92 as well? Al.
  19. Hi Fran, I only run DC, but I believe this function is working on DC as well? If YES, what if you are slowing for a station, and encounter a 'dead spot' - does it overshoot the platform? Al.
  20. atom3624

    New hst

    So was the SK comment just a red herring, or is there another manufacturer about to release a HST in OO scale? Al.
  21. Don't know what to say - that's a full-on heavyweight - the momentum at that 55" beggers normal OO-scale belief! What have you used, depleted Uranium? !! What did you scrimp on? A little short of 1kg !! Al.
  22. I know, getting a bit slack! It did look more than a scale 120mph. Perhaps I'll do it 'Sam style' over a flying 3 inches ... It "did well over the ...." Al.
  23. Thanks Fran. That does correspond with some of the stories of former drivers of the Deltics, earlier in this thread, so well done. It certainly looked impressive!! I doubt the 4th radius curves I use will handle that, with it's mass - still ~650g? (you'd said you were dropping down from the original target of ~700+) Having had experience of higher revving motors using 'dogbones' in R/C, are the driveshafts metal, C/Fibre or still plastic? It's easy to for me to comment, and often manufacturers prefer a 'sacrificially weak' area to avoid more expensive parts being affected. In this case, if you reinforced the driveshafts and outdrives / cups, you would transfer the potential excessive loading onto the motor itself. Sorry, I waffled. I was impressed with the speed - possibly exaggerated a little by the scenery. Al.
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