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  1. I'm in dispute with Osbourn's Models at the moment via PayPal. Result will be posted when I get it.
  2. I thought about that a long, long time ago Phil but decided I wanted to do my own, warts and all! Think I am doing warts at the moment. It is easy (?) to fling money at it but it would not sit well with me. By the way I have copied a bit for the TT etc from your 'GWR Terminus in WW2'. Would this be right for my layout? Yes Chris it was very good. I have no idea why I did not look at it more closely. Means a radical redraw though. I may have a go at it whilst finishing the first half of the baseboard, painting, bolting sections together and running the cables for the bu
  3. No it's not because of you Harlequin. It's the not knowing things that get me. I cannot get a book out, look at a formula and solve a problem, if you see what I mean. As I said in my first post, I know nothing about the workings of railways. All my life I have lived by the mantra of 'I know what I don't know'. If I did not know something, I would ask somebody. Not trying to bullsh!t my way through a problem, and I saw a lot of that! I am sure I will get there someday. Don't worry. Cheers Pete
  4. I am now getting a bit dispirited! Pete
  5. Now I am really worried Harlequin. Pete
  6. Only a lighthearted comment Chris. No offence intended I only put that point in in case I thought of 'something' to run back/to there. I have now deleted it. There will be a shuffling around of the points at the west end of the platforms once I start laying the track. I will be doing the storage area at the bottom first. True FP. I was just trying to move the TT out of the way and leave all the inner centre section open for 'other stuff'. I've tried to put the TT at the top right but it does not work too well. I may have to consider putting it back
  7. Hi Keith It is the Peco LK-55 according to SCARM. Your diameter is correct. The Hornby one is 380 mm diameter to the edge of the rim and 440 mm end to end of the rail joiners. A bit big. I may, (probably), replace this and sell off the Hornby one. Cheers Pete
  8. Yes I will do this. Seen it on a few YouTube videos. I intended to do this Keith. The TT on my plan is a Peco one although the one I have is Hornby. I will compare sizes. I have temporarily (?) put the TT in the top left hand corner. Leaves a bit more room in the middle sections. Added a couple of low relief houses as well just to give an idea. Awaiting Chimer's reaction Cheers Pete
  9. Forgot to mention. The garage is integral to the house, bedroom above, our house to the left, next door to the right and our kitchen at the back. Only the door is exposed to the elements but it is a very good electric door and seals top and sides perfectly. However the bottom seal is not 100%. I need to get this sorted. Pete
  10. Will have a think over the weekend Zomboid. Cheers Pete
  11. Hi All Attached is my latest track plan. To get things moving I thought, as I said before, I would do the green and blue lines first. I have redone the station throats as per Chimer. A little bit of jiggling might still be required due to 2 points being very close to baseboard bracings. I put in a trailing point on the east side of the blue line for 'future' use. Do you think that this is ok and worth doing? Cheers Pete
  12. I Knocked all the 'bumps' off the concrete floor, gave it a good clean and laid good quality carpet tiles. I just stuck the tiles at the edges down after it was laid. As it had skirting boards the tile were slid under to give a good finish.
  13. Hi Jack. I am only going to lay the green and blue lines for the moment. Then I will have a look and a think! When I look at my baseboard there is a lot of room there. It just does not seem like that from the drawing. I have looked at the Westerner link you supplied. TBH I would like to see at least 2 trains running around. I know it is a bit 'trainsetty' but at least there is something moving. Yes Keith, I understand that but as I am not modelling a real railway in a time, (OK 1950's to 1965), or place then I could get away with more unsafe practices.
  14. @Keith Addenbrooke& @Chimer Many thanks again for your ideas. I will try and redraw my plan again tomorrow. No hardship. Will get back to you with is, what I hope is, the final plan??? (Perhaps except the branch station area). Is it correct that the main goods yard and turntable were typically near to the station? It looks that way from all the layouts, pictures and videos I have seen? Cheers Pete
  15. Hi Guys Just seen you posts. Busy day yesterday. Chris, this looks very much cleaner, however, I am struggling to get it in. 6 feet from the station ends to just the start of the curves south. I attach a quick plan showing your suggested track layout at the west end of the platforms. There could be a problem with platform lengths. With 6' needed for your track suggestion, 5', (minimum), for the platforms then that only leaves less than 5' for the curves at both ends to turn south. Nowhere as neat as yours but I think you can see what I mean.
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