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  1. Very nifty. Thanks for the pictures. Looks like a very nice layout. Cheers Pete
  2. I have never thought about it Chimer, but am happy to have one. A bit more interest. Harlequin, the only problem is I don't know what 'realism' is! I think that as you have all spent a lot of time on this that you let me have a go over the next couple of weeks. I hope to be home on the 17th so at least I can get into the garage where it will be easier to visualise everything. I greatly appreciate what you have done so far. It will definitely help. Please do not waste anymore time on this. I mean this nicely I have to decide what I want, I obviously have not been clear enough, maybe I don't know what I want myself! Not having been on or having anything to do with railways, nor have ever tried to design a layout before, it's has been a difficult journey. I envy you all your knowledge. Hopefully once I get some designs drawn and post them here you may look at them. Many, many thanks Pete
  3. Good idea Chimer. There are at least 3 different ideas for the storage lines now. David, I will look at this once I get home. Are you willing to share a picture of yours? Many thanks Harlequin. I have made 3 copies of my baseboard in SCARM and will try and incorporate the various ideas that have been put forward. No idea how long this will take. I was afraid of this happening. Obviously everybody will have their own, (good), ideas but which can be totally different and not wrong. For instance I seem to have fixed in my mind that the storage tracks should be on the north side of the layout, I've always drawn it on this side. Why, I don't know! It's the same width on the south! I have to be more flexible. I hope I will not upset anybody by perhaps using more of one design than another, another thing I was worried about once I saw all the different ones. Stay safe Pete
  4. @Flying Pig, I have relented. A junction on the lifting flap can be put in. The only reason I initially was against this was that I am using Tortoise point motors, (I have around 24 of them), and they are quite large. But, as I will be the only person 'operating' this flap, I will be aware of it. One day I want to covert it to a hinged flap. @Chimer and @Keith Addenbrooke, all the curved points I have are Streamline. Phew! @Harlequin, See answer to @Flying Pig above. I don't think that that would be a problem. Coming from the wall side of the baseboard. May even squeeze a small parking area in. OK. Idea scrubbed. Jack, the evolving layout design is down to all the guys that you see on this thread. I am very fortunate that they are interested. It seems to me everyone, please correct me if not, that the first thing that has to be set in stone are the storage yards. Once these are fixed then hopefully everything else will flow from there. Many thanks again Pete
  5. Honestly I would not want anything on the lift up section other than tracks Flying Pig. Very impressive Chimer! I was thinking that perhaps I can add a maximum of 6" across the total width north/south if required. Get some more scenery in. Cheers Pete
  6. Hi again guys (Another email from EastJet this morning - 'looking forward to welcoming me aboard on the 17th') Right to railways. I think that I am drifting away from having a second level. Attached is the one I like best at the moment. It is a mixture of Harlequin's storage yard, (with 5 tracks instead of 6), but turned through 180 degrees, and combined with Keith's take on Chimer's layout that he posted on Monday. Would this be feasible? The only concern is with 5 tracks it reduces the width of the goods yard. Could I still get enough movement in the goods yard? Turntable is OK where drawn. I think tunnels at area '2' could cause problems. Better in area '6' which is accessible from both sides. I feel we, (you), are getting somewhere. Now another question. There are a lot of curved points. I have seen on a few forums, including this one, that they are not universally popular. Any thoughts? Cheers Pete
  7. Hi Guys Just been looking at your suggestions. I am now going to print all the drawings off so I can read all the comments more easily. No chance of me doing it! Only word that applies to me is operator, and I'm not too sure about that No apologies required. But it looks good. I had always intended to put the tracks for the storage yard behind a wall for the sometimes use of the hand of God. If you give me a day or so to look at what you have all suggested hopefully I will try and see what I really like. If I am running 5 carriage trains, which I think will be the longest. do the storage tracks have to be so long? I was thinking if they were shortened it may leave more room for other things like scenery. I definitely am not interested in a quayside. I have never looked at trains 'going from Paddington to Bristol' or at any type of 'timetable'. Even had to look up an ECS movement. Shows you what I know. Square root of zero = 0! Thank you guys for the time and effort you are putting into this. It's perked up my enthusiasm. Wish I could buy you all a few beers, (other refreshments are available). Had an email from EasyJet Friday evening. Opened it with dread. It said that my flight on the 17th, assuming everything stays the same, will run as scheduled. I hope I do not get any more emails from them Cheers Pete
  8. In a previous early plan, last year, I did have a second level track. I curved it over other tracks just to 'make it interesting'. I have superimposed it on my latest plan, attached. Gradient is 2.5% to get over the other tracks. Where it would go to now, who knows? It could be modified to run down between the green line and the baseboard edge so will reach grade before the ststion. I had also thought about a town scene above the storage yard. Lots of storage tracks are not required. TBH Harlequin, I am not keen on this idea. Just to let you all know the dotted lines are where I know there are cross bracings. I am pretty sure there are others. I try and keep all the points away from these. The start of conversations about a second level has thrown me a bit. I was going to have a good bash at the plan this weekend but I will now have to have a serious rethink. Would it be worth doing this? Could the plan be on one level with the ability to put a second layer in at a later date? I am still staring a Chimer's suggested layout he first posted. Mmm........... Too many choices! I have been working on this track plan since last year. Many drawings done. Nearly gave up but the kids would have been disappointed and I have a lot invested in it. It did not occur to me how much work it was. That's why I thought I would bite the bullet and put it on this forum. For better or worse! Many thanks All Pete
  9. Hi Keith I think around 70". Loco, tender and 5 carriages. I will have to lengthen the platforms, although if train was only 4 carriages long it would not matter. I had calculated that if the terminus rail top was 5" above the baseboard and at a 2 degree gradient then the line would come to baseboard level in around 145" just before the bottom station. The storage tracks would have to move down a bit and the line would run between the green track and the edge of the baseboard. This line would have to be bi-directional with a runaround at a station to pull it back. OR, leave the storage tracks where they are, still come between the green line and the edge of the baseboard but the elevated line could not start until N1 and get to baseboard level until past the bottom station. Maybe I could set up an automatic shuttle? Not worried about super detailed coaches. I have an assortment of around 15 at the moment, Wrenn, Bachmann and Hornby, probably there are more lurking in boxes that are hidden 'somewhere'. Cheers Pete
  10. Hi All Not disappointed very much with last night's game. We were lucky to be there at all. Now as Chimer says..........back to railways. Firstly I have misled you a bit with the base board set up. Sorry Harlequin . The RHS boards are 32" wide. Attached is the final drawing of the base boards. I have carried over this error with the last few layout designs. I'm cracking up! Note that board G is 16" x 26" at the moment but I thought to make it narrower 10" x 26" for ease of lifting. I have not actually done this yet. Shows the problem of not being able to check things physically! Chris, I actually started trying to put a second level on the layout at the top. I ran out of time to further explore this at home. Attached is a photo showing this on the north wall. If it worked I thought I could put a couple of storage tracks underneath the raised section. Flying Pig. I have obviously forgotten to say that the layout will be GWR with a few interlopers hidden away for secret night time running. You are correct. It's 32" as below. You have excellent eyesight! I have liberated the kitchen steps and can 'easily' reach the cupboard. I put them up as they were 'spare'. That would scare me. I was thinking of a prefabricated section of scenery for both East corners that I can plonk on and hopefully never touch again. I printed off Chimer's suggested layout when he posted it. The only reservation I had was there was only one set of platforms. I have seen a comment somewhere that a train should go from somewhere to somewhere else. Hence the second station which seemed logical. The turntable can go anywhere. I have started another iteration which I hope will be done by Saturday trying to take into account as many as the comments so far as possible. Forgive me if I miss any. I am sure you will point them out. Cheers Pete ps: Just got an email from EasyJet saying my flight on the 17th is NOT cancelled so far. First one I have had like that!
  11. Chimer, we are trying to get promotion so we get the big payoff when we come straight back down. Our good loan players will go back to their clubs at the end of the season and we will be left with me and my 12 year old grandson
  12. imt Whoops. Arrows amended.
  13. So am I Keith although I could be in a worse place. 'Only' 1060 cases and 19 deaths. Still want to get home before the wife sells the house and moves to the Caribbean You are correct Chimer. I have now got rid of one station at the bottom and redone the tracks. Took on board your suggestion of a trailing crossover at the top right. Done. TBH I still don't get where facing and trailing crossovers should be used. Ian and Keith, I can now plainly see where I went wrong there. One station gone and the top one reworked. Thanks. Harlequin, you are absolutely spot on! I have not been on a train or a railway station for over 30 years, (working abroad in a country which did not have trains, flew everywhere). To answer your points: Must have the tunnels for her indoors. I would like the turntable, goods yard and loco shed. I have already removed one station at the bottom. I would like a storage yard at the top. One road has been removed, No, two will do. I have already done this. I don't have any real stations or places in mind. all fictitious. A bit of both as I have now taken off a lot of track. Realism is about 7. I have attached a quick rework of the layout I did this morning as I need to go shopping, (otherwise I will have to go to the pub and get a take away! ) Some of the curves are not very good and the spacing is a bit rough. I am sure I can tidy it up. Keith, I was told last year by an experienced modeller to virtually do that. Just lay track, not fixed, to see what works. Unfortunately I've not really had a chance to do much of that. You can see from my first post how far I got. Guys, I am very very grateful for all the time and trouble you are spending on this. Especially as I know nothing! This is surely a great forum. Cheers Pete
  14. Hi Keith Thanks for your reply. I will give your paper and pencil approach a try. Perhaps I am relying too much on SCARM. I have been in Cyprus since the 10th March. Was due to go home end of May. There are piles of magazines, a 3D printer and unspecified boxes, wife does not know what is in them , to be opened and tested. Will take a month to do that lot. Cheers Pete
  15. Hi All My flight home on the 3rd of August has been cancelled. Now booked for the 17th. One day I will get home! I've spent time usefully between the layout design and the pub. More time doing one than the other. The curves in the top left and right, A and B, are still not quite smooth like Harlequin's plans. Maybe I can better this once I can physically lay track out. All in all it looks better than my first attempt and I've got 3 running lines. I've put double slips in at C and D. Don't know if that was a wise thing to do. The engine shed area seems OK to me but comments would be appreciated. I have not made a serious attempt of the goods area yet. More investigation is required. Looking at the layout as a whole it is a bit boxy and train set like. I don't know how to cure this! Back to angled or curved stations? Cheers Pete
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