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  1. Good point ! I will try and find suitable replacements. I will have a look on that well known auction site. I have somewhere I have got a few there's a couple with 12t box vans and 1 with a VDA for abit of variety Stuart
  2. Plastic wheels Gray, but I will look to changing them at some point as I think it will sound better on the points. Once it's all ballasted that is. I've got the western ,got the clays, just need the box van now and that's the formation done for that one. I Will get a rake of clay hoods aswell but I'm going to wait for the farish ones to come out, and at £20 a pop it might take a little while but that's the advantage of having a small layout and small rakes ! Stuart
  3. Couple of snaps of the Peco China clays These will form a clayliner with a box van. I was abit unsure about getting Peco clays but in person there not bad at all and with some weathering on I'm sure they will look the part once finished. Stuart
  4. No progress to report on the layout front as we moved house 2 months ago so lots of decorating to do and and garden revamp in progress. But a couple of stock additions First 47 And inspection salon I have also taken delivery of my China clays which I will try and get some pictures of tomorrow Stuart
  5. Here is a quick list of stock for Around Cornwall. Engines BR Blue class 20 BR Blue class 47 with grey roof. (Awaiting arrival ) BR Blue class 52 Blue and grey class 108 Parcels blue southern utility van blue PMV Wagons BR bauxite 20t brake van BR grey 16t mineral wagon X2 BR bauxite 16t mineral wagon X3 BR China clay wagon (no hoods) X7 And pride of the fleet so far, this really does take some beating Stuart
  6. With the current situation I thought it was about time to start a thread for my new N gauge layout. The name Around Cornwall is just a filler for now before I come up with a proper name. Any suggestions are very welcome. The idea is a west country themed area with the inspiration from par but in no way like it. I like the idea of a cross over under a bridge leading into a yard with the mainlines carrying on bye. The main problems I have with layouts is I never settle with what I have and and get bored and with space at minimum, some thinking needed to be done. So after a few discussions with my brother we finally came up with a plan . Now for the interesting bit ( hopefully) The board size is 35 x 28 inches ! It features a double track main line and yard with head shunt, there will be an island platform near the yard and a road over bridge will have a station building on top to create the break for the tunnel, there is no fiddle yard (yet). There will be a hidden siding which I will look at adding a connection to a small fiddle yard board latter down the line. So i can have trains running but at the same time I can shunt which I enjoy doing, so best of both worlds. I have settled on 1970s but no specific time really. It will be DCC and hopefully when funds allow I will start to add sound. I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea but I think it captures what can be done in n gauge. I am a big fan of Steve farmers layouts on here and is great source of inspiration for me. All the credit so far goes to my brother (shanks522) thanks Graham ! Without wishing to bore you all to much I shall leave you all with some pictures of progress Many thanks Stuart
  7. Looking good Graham Can't wait to see your pendo having a good run and nice container running the other way. Given me the kick up the back side to get my n gauge layout thread up and running keep up the good work. Will there be a video to follow soon ? I know a certain little fella that would love to see some trains running Stuart
  8. Hi would you be able to post a link to the live stream for facebook ?. It would be good to see the layout out for its first exhibition as I spent a few hours running Sarum town when Graham was building it. Hope the show goes well Stuart
  9. Hope the show goes well. I am hoping to bring my 2 year old to his first show over the weekend.
  10. Coming along nicely Graham. As soon as I build up some more 70s stock it would be good to do some older photos ? Keep up the good work Little brother
  11. Hi all. As in my previous post I am going to be selling most of my OO stock and the layout aswell if anyone is interested. If not the layout will be broken up and all the bits stored. I will probably put some of the stock for sale on the well known auctioning site. But if anyone on here is interested in any of the stock please do send me a PM and I will get back to you as soon as possible most the engines are either DCC fitted except the 33 & 37 which both have legoman sounds in. I can put the DCC fitted stuff back to analogue if required As before the main reason for the sale of my OO stuff is to fund some new stock in n gauge which I would like to add a couple of DCC sound fitted locos The main bits I will be selling are as follows. BR Blue weathered class 33 with legoman sounds in BR Blue weathered class 37 with legoman sounds in. Dapol Early BR blue class 73 E6039 DCC fitted BR blue EPB DCC fitted BR blue 2 bill DCC fitted BR Blue & grey MLV DCC fitted A mixture of Hornby MK1 coaches and BGs and a few other mail vans and wagons. Many thanks for your time in reading this post. Stuart
  12. END OF THE LINE Time has come to and end for Haynes end for me and I think its time to move it on now. As I don't really get much time for modelling these days and space is a big thing at the moment with little one running around now. I have decided to go back to n gauge if anyone is interested in the layout or any of the stock as it will all be going to fund some DCC sound n gauge locos and stock hopefully. please do drop me a PM and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible. There is a plan already for an n gauge layout but I will share more on this as and when I get some bits together. Thank you to everyone who has commented on the thread and with some great advice Many thanks Stuart
  13. Started a new job this week. Now have to work tomorrow so no Warley again for me this year. Gutted as theres so many layouts this year that I wanted to see oh well always next year.

    1. LMS_LNER_SR_GWR_fan2004


      Congrats on getting your new job, there’s always next year but I know how it feels

    2. Tim Hall

      Tim Hall

      It is too soon to take a sickie then?

    3. Crisis Rail

      Crisis Rail

      Same here - maybe next year but I said that last year....

  14. Started a new job this week. Now have to work tomorrow so no Warley again for me this year. Gutted as theres so many layouts this year that I wanted to see oh well always next year.

  15. Hi Rich / Mike Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately things haven't worked out on the house front with the vendor pulling out at the last minute,and our little one being in hospital lately has put a hold on everything. So there has been no work on the layout of late. I have however been playing around with some stock for weathering and today I made a start on my next box van. I have given the roof a mix of powders to give it a base to work on for the the next application. Then I gave the underframe a coat of Matt black as base and painted to wheels. I will paint some individual planks all round and I am going to try and add some chalk writing on it aswell Excuse the poor quality of the photos Stuart
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