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  1. Bob83a

    The Engine Shed

    Is there more to come, on the colour layout the part number is quoted as R40019 but the model is R40141. I do not believe that Hornby have different part/catalogue numbers for colour layouts, the colour layout would be unlikely to appear in the catalogue! So what Is R40019?
  2. The six tracks in the station area were part of the 1927 rebuild, so the crossovers/scissors were probably from the same date, so therefore cover the timeframe of the OP
  3. check the maps for the period but in the 50/60s there were scissor crossings between the up thru and up main and also between the down thru and and down relief, there was also a single crossover between the up relief and the down main. There were 6 lines in the station. These scissors/crossovers were all just to the west of the platform steps to the over bridge. I.e. the were routes to the centre of all platform faces. The platforms themselves were long enough for two trains in most cases. So there was no reason to shunt from one platform to another, just a short move to join two trains after the rear trains loco slipped out from between or to make space for a locomotive to move between the two parts after splitting. A train drawing up behind another would probably not pass current H & S.
  4. Wasn't Bournemouth model centre closing about a year ago as well, several news reports about the owner retiring. Their Slotrail.Com site is active so I will try giving them a call anyway. Checked TrainTronics Facebook page but that seems not to have been updated for a long time. Domain expired more than a month ago, i would be surprised if it would have gone un-noticed for so long i but in thee strange times they may of course be in lockdown and not reading mails/emails.
  5. Has TrainTronics closed down?. The domain traintronics.co.uk has expired so the web site can no longer be found. Stocks at various sellers seem to be limited.
  6. Web site was showing message that the quantity was not available, as this is by default 1 then I suspect that it means they are all sold out.
  7. The GWR sliding door models seem to be in stock at Hornby, or rather were in stock. Most were there for a short time before indicating out of stock, one left seems to be one variation of the TGS. Several were previously indicated as sold out on pre-order at some of the dealers, so if not already ordered you may have difficulty’s or need to search around.
  8. I commented about the changes back in November, and then I gave them 3 months to tell me that they were changing my order, nothing was received in that time. For 1 item I ordered MR303A which has been deleted, this order was changed to MR303. I also ordered MR301F, the guises changes mean that MR301G is a better model for my collection. I expected that they would notify me about the changes and ask what to do. It is like ordering a banana and being told a corn of the cob will be sent with the excuse it was still yellow. I particularly wanted items local to the SW, Taunton/St Blazey. Originally they indicated the shed code of all the models, this has been dropped from all the resent lists, but there are resources that can help. The lack of contact from them is in my book poor customer service. It also appears that despite cancelling my order completely last month it is still showing on the Kernow system, but that might be just because of the issues with the Kernow system where order status is not updated. But as I previously indicated I will probably order one model once the guises are conformed but I do not want to risk being sent items that I do not want.
  9. I called “Kernow” about my order, Guises changed and items substituted to items that I did not want. No contact from Model Rail/Kernow that they were making changes and the person on the call was not helpful, basically saying they only take orders and/or change orders. I will probably still purchase a 16xx but until they stop making changes to the gusies and sort out customer service I will hold off placing an order.
  10. Dapol 4A-001-001 which is the same thing as a Train-tech SC3,is only for the single arm signals. As I understand it a short duration linking of the two yellow wires is what is required to change the signal, no power must be supplied by the Accessory decoder. the Dapol decoder is just a rebadged Train-tech device. For the bracket signals (servo) a different accessory decoder is required, Train-tech SC4 - Dapol 4A-001-002 As I understand it using the wrong decoder will cause problems
  11. According to the Bachmann Times there is no production slot available yet for 32-027C/SF class 20/0 late crest green 32-046/SF class 20/0 blue 35-560 class 168/3 Chiltern 35-625 class 170/1 Arriva 35-626 class 170/4 ScotRail Saltire 35-580 class 171/7 Southern These were omitted from the combined edition catalogue It states work may continue on these for later release and implies that they will in the quarterly announcements at some point. But “work may continue” does sort of imply that it could be sometime before these appear and leaving them out of the catalogue probably means not this year!
  12. Just received new Bachmann Times with included announcement pages, next announcement for Collectors Club members will be be on 5th May (evening) in Bristol. Given this is an evening event possibly the retailers event will be earlier the same day. I do like it that the Collectors Club receive the British Railway Announcements within a couple of days of the event. But budgeting with only 3 months notice is very difficult so will have to wait and hope items will be available later.
  13. Bob83a

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    And some of the menu’s try to access web sites with addresses in the 10.50.x.x subnet which are not accessible from the Internet! So they are still making changes/testing.
  14. Bob83a

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    Graham Farish, Narrow Gauge, Thomas and Friends, Branchline, Scenecraft, EFEand Modelmaker N, OO9, OO, O, 16mm and G scale
  15. Bob83a

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    Just received a copy of the Bachmann Combined Edition 2020, nothing new in it that I can seen, but the enclosed letter indicates that Collectors Club members will receive a new product brochure every three months highlighting new items to be released in the following 3 months. So clearly Bachmann have changed the way things are announced and there will be no mass announcement from now on. By only announcing the new items for the next three months the issue of items not being delivered for several years will be a thing of the past.
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