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  1. Unless you count the Dapol and RevolutioN trains Class 59 as duplication. :-)
  2. The announcement on a private Facebook group predates the public/trade announcement. Normally the whole of the announcement will appear with images in the "blog" section of the website in a few days when information is released officially to the trade. Meantime, the items have been added to the online catalogue as indicated in the previous post. Blog publication has been a bit haphazard during the last 12 months but seems to be more active now. All the illustrations are also on the MARonline site:- https://www.maronline.org.uk/oxford-diecast-announcements-autumn-2021/
  3. Michael Pearce at Osborn’s has an S series cab in the Arch laser range which would just need a headlight move. He might explain how he drew it. Otherwise a question in the 3D printing forum on here with a photo of the RL cab might elicit some help.
  4. This picture of Vauxhall HA Viva bodyshells on stillages at Luton in 1965 was shown on Facebook earlier. Destined for the new plant at Ellesmere Port. And how they were transhipped from trailer to wagon. https://scontent.fbhx4-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t39.30808-6/242325604_2239315102875207_6859893928478328605_n.jpg?_nc_cat=105&ccb=1-5&_nc_sid=dbeb18&_nc_ohc=vhe2q-hAVIwAX8pPVGS&_nc_ht=scontent.fbhx4-1.fna&oh=8f3cc3e24a7f0431a67986fceb7ee524&oe=614AC119 Trains in the yard at Crescent Road, including the HA shells, and a mix of "grey" Vauxhalls and Bedfords. https://scontent.fbhx4-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t39.30808-6/p180x540/242276387_2239014069571977_8921169148541994166_n.jpg?_nc_cat=110&ccb=1-5&_nc_sid=825194&_nc_ohc=y2lGl189ds0AX8btAFo&_nc_ht=scontent.fbhx4-1.fna&oh=81120328d9869fbeaf53b6ecebd811ef&oe=614A452E
  5. Odd numbered ones in 1/43 scale. Maybe relates to colour/model. https://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk/search?type=product&q=mg+magnette
  6. Some even numbered ones here:- Search results: 5 results for "76mgz" (oxforddiecast.co.uk)
  7. At the time of release it was said that the Class 800 would not be rerun before 2023. Kato generally make their announcements 6 months in advance of release for tooled models, which would be when any new liveries get announced. https://www.katomodels.com/schedule choose English as language using the button top right of the page. The Kato lights are flicker free on my DC layout and do appear to have a small stay alive capacity. Better to use the existing topic.
  8. I read a good example yesterday. The post linked an announcement from a retailer about the N gauge O&K hoppers from Dapol. The poster speculated that the price could be £50, although his linked page showed the RRP as £39.95, and the retailer’s price as £33.95. We are a long way from the Consett wagons, though I applaud KR Models initiative in producing them.
  9. That does not coincide with my Facebook experiences, but I understand there are other social media sites, such as those run by news media, which may create that misleading impression of Facebook and other sites.
  10. I found that a tiny dab of clear varnish on one end was enough to eliminate the spring fling on the N couplers.
  11. Oxford Diecast’s emphasis on the promotional market is evident in the first issue of the Globe. No horse drawn though. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1017/3257/t/20/assets/globe_01.pdf?v=11751568030970815305
  12. Was the Jaguar set from the same source as the Gaugemaster 1/87 range? Most are listed on the Hattons site, but the XK120 is missing. https://www.hattons.co.uk/stocklistdatabase/1000417/1000591/1000765/0/gaugemaster_ho_gauge_1_87_scale_cars/prodlist.aspx
  13. Those Karriers look very interesting. When I was a boy our local district council went on using one of these long after the next generation of Dennisses had come and gone from doing the dustbin rounds. The Karrier was sent out regularly to empty bins missed by the main crews, or to clear up when some had been "spilled on the step" accidentally.
  14. I worked in train planning and the initial Mountsorrel train plan was one we developed, including avoiding unbalanced wheel wear on the Radlett route by reversing the train at Cricklewood. The train went round the Radlett circle in the same direction every trip. Later my company was involved in the maintenance of the fleet at Mountsorrel, so these wagons have a bit of a special meaning for me.
  15. Was the dark stripe a way of concealiing the ugly marks on the hopper side when the wagons were moved through the unloading house by horizontal rubber-tyred wheels? Seem to remember that Wolverton was like that and probably several others.
  16. Just a thought. One of the commonly quoted causes is a too tight interference between the gear and the shaft/axle it has been pushed or pulled on to. Pushing on involves a different distribution of forces from pulling on and might be the difference between those that eventually fail and those which roll on unaffected. Where the pressure is exerted on the gear might also be an influence - applying force on the gear itself or the boss are likely to impose different stresses overcoming the interference.
  17. More J27s listed for delivery in the coming days, including 3 sound-fitted. https://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk/search?type=product&q=OR76J27
  18. @Tim123 The five car unit is 87.5cm long.
  19. A fairly good barometer of interest outside the model rail sector can be found on the Oxford Diecast Collectors Facebook group where 1/76 model vehicle collectors predominate only a few of whom are also admitted railway modellers.
  20. I see the original 12 N gauge versions have slipped back to October/November now on the Bachmann site.
  21. I am not wondering why this is being discussed in the Spring 2021 thread when we have had the Summer and Autumn announcements since. The N gauge announcements in Summer and Autumn 2021 did not merit their own topic. That speaks volumes.
  22. Hopefully they will dust off the plans for the 12 N gauge JIAs announced last November, and expected in the following quarter alongside the Shark and Mermaid engineers wagons.
  23. Did the EFE Rail N gauge JIA China Clay hoppers ever get released? There were 12 catalogue references in the Winter/November 2020 announcements, but I do not recall them arriving. ER87500-87511 were listed at the same time as The Mermaids and Sharks.
  24. Information coming out of Margate indicates that the N range is not under threat.
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