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  1. I have just changed back lines 16 to 46 to the previous figures. These were all changed at 15.00hrs today to £30, and possibly not by accident.
  2. I think you have forgotten that there is 20% VAT to charge on the postage element (so say £1.48) even though there is no VAT to recover on the 0% rate that Royal Mail charge RevolutioN.
  3. I have now added 5 additional items to my Shapeways listing. First is the interior for a Corail ambulance coach with the beds in ambulance/pilgrimage configuration, with 40 beds. https://www.shapeways.com/product/BMRFD6YSM/sncf-corail-ambulance-amenagement-interieur-1-160?optionId=111213949 This interior fits into the other 4 items added - replacing the original interior of the Roco/Fleischmann Eurofima. Ambulance coach Vu75 - original version with one small cut out for the electrical connections at each body end. https://www.shapeways.com/product/AJQLACFWA/sncf-corail-ambulance-so-vu75-1-160-originale?optionId=111237724 Ambulance coach Vu75 - final version with two large cut outs in the body ends. https://www.shapeways.com/product/6QLVJCUQZ/sncf-corail-ambulance-so-vu75-1-160-fin-de-vie?optionId=111238596 Ambulance coach Vu80 - original version with one small cut out for electrical connections at each end. https://www.shapeways.com/product/FLBW3X3W3/sncf-corail-ambulance-so-vu80-1-160-originale?optionId=111238110 Ambulance coach Vu80 - final version with two large cut outs in the body ends. https://www.shapeways.com/product/VWQ8KJSSJ/sncf-corail-ambulance-so-vu80-1-160-fin-de-vie?optionId=111238726 The difference between the Vu75 and Vu80 rests simply with the layout of the window to the left of the large central sliding door. This is a half drop on the Vu75, and a full non-opening window on the Vu80. When I get a spare hour I will also draw up the interior for the 60 bed configuration used for group travel, and later the interiors for the B6Du 2nd class/baggage, the 10 compartment A10u, 12 compartment "Cabine 8", and the semi-open conversion of these to B3t7u/A6B5tu. These are the coaches where the donor Eurofima interiors do not exactly match the window spacings.
  4. Dornaplas RN7 is an old Thorneycroft cab with a small tanker body. Listed at Gaugemaster with the original line drawing. http://www.gaugemaster.com/item_details.asp?code=DPRN07&style=&strType=&Mcode=Dornaplas+RN7
  5. DJModels issued sales invoices which included VAT. So it collected the VAT and was not entitled to keep it for itself. The deposit/instalment was an advance/part payment for the final item and therefore VAT was due. How else would you account for the VAT element?
  6. Somebody did write on here that Dave wouldn't provide a refund because DJM had already paid the VAT on the money. He would need to keep a comprehensive record of receipts to account for the VAT to be passed over to HMRC. If he did not.....then HMRC may take an interest. A close acquaintance of mine ended up bankrupt because he had kept the records but not passed all the VAT due to HMRC, until they came for it and took just about all his realisable assets to cover the shortfall, in lieu of prosecution.
  7. Almost completely off topic. Reading the account linked to the photo reminded me of a recent incident on the SNCF TGV line leaving Paris. A train made up of two coupled TGVs (so 20 vehicles, and 865 tonnes) was stranded in a tunnel on a rising gradient as a result of an OHLE failure. Getting things moving took a long time - applying scotches to the wheels when the train was first immobilised, not being able to remove the scotches because the train had settled back on them pinning them to the rails - and a whole lot more. Worth a few minutes with Google translate, so we realise that we are not alone in having problems starting with the OHLE. My rough translation attached below. https://www.bastamag.net/incident-TGV-recit-conducteur-train-secours-rame-detresse-conditions-travail?var_mode=calcul&fbclid=IwAR2mLurMnos8xUhpKwr0RxQcdw3SdHocfhre9kSaugEPgrGlLp8GwmZp42c TGV Failure.docx
  8. The link describes in French the long story of how two coupled TGV sets became immobilised in a tunnel and how it took so long to rescue them. Literally a case of one step forward and two steps backwards. https://www.bastamag.net/incident-TGV-recit-conducteur-train-secours-rame-detresse-conditions-travail?var_mode=calcul&fbclid=IwAR2mLurMnos8xUhpKwr0RxQcdw3SdHocfhre9kSaugEPgrGlLp8GwmZp42c
  9. Of course no-one knows how many were not refunded, and whether the funds retained were spent on the project they had committed to. It seemed curious that if the refunds were inspired by Paypal's concerns about "money laundering" they did not just debit the money from the bank account linked to the Paypal account and effect the refunds themselves. In retrospect this was another of those "red flags" because there were probably insufficient funds to effect refunds to everyone in an already underfunded business. And what exactly were Paypal's concerns?
  10. Or it might just be a joke, coming from a company which is the second biggest external creditor of DJModels Ltd. Smiling in the face of adversity.
  11. I remain unconvinced that he visited China in May.
  12. The Caledonian Sleeper sets are now listed too. http://www.revolutiontrains.com/product-category/ngauge/mark-5-coaches/
  13. The initial batch with steel hoods certainly included originally Ravenscraig tipplers, and may have included South Wales stock. When the steel plate hoods were replaced with lighter weight alloy ones is outside my personal involvement, but it is possible that there were some additions also when this programme was underway. The Rolling Stock Library records should show original numbers as well as new numbers. Either way I'd be in for some N gauge tipplers for the Mendip operations at Whatley and Merehead. Now who could possibly be enticed to make them?
  14. The original JSA project (with the steel hoods) was managed from Llanwern with Marcroft Engineering at Stoke carrying out the conversions. I cannot at this juncture confirm the original operating base for the wagons as tipplers but a bit of digging around might throw up something. I have a photo of me somewhere presenting a large scale model (made by Appleby Enginering) to the Director at Llanwern. Edit: The source was indeed the original Ravenscraig wagons in the BSRV26xxx series.
  15. Maybe the factories are not poor managers and would like the crowdfunders' money to have been used to pay their bills. We will probably never find out where the money went, or what amounts were paid to the factories and when. But the disputes with all the factories/designers suggest to me that they might have been misled somewhere along the track.
  16. Even those who achieved refunds from the credit card companies were creditors at the date of the liquidation decision, even if not claiming recompense from the liquidator. The deposits from crowdfunders still went into the company.
  17. Whilst I agree in principle with this point I can understand some sellers on Shapeways cannot print every file in every scale for the purposes of photography. Most of the small range of items I offer are variations around a basic coach bodyshell, where only the window sizes, spacing, and layout vary. I have tested the basic file and printed enough items to be able to show the key variations in photos, without having to print the whole range which would set me back about £700 upfront! That overcomes the problem caused by one designer (nowhere on RMWeb) who can knock out a detailed and accurate file in about 24 hours, offer it on Shapeways, only to discover a minor but material error in the drawing after people have placed orders. As well as choosing materials, and the printing system, to suit the files, I have always tried to ensure that my design will fit a commercially available chassis and reuse components from a donor vehicle with that chassis. I accept that some people offer models on Shapeways as scratchbuilding aids, with the buyer finding his/her own solution to getting, say an EMU, up and running. I am sure that there is a place in the market for that style of product, provided it will print to an acceptable standard, and that the scratch-aid nature is clear in the shop description.
  18. Continuing my 40+ year love affair with Corail compartment coaches, I have just placed 15 new models in my Shapeways shop:- A5t2u Vu75 Téoz (2 versions) B3Su Téoz (2 versions Vu78 and VU86) B7uh Vu83 Intercités and TER (Sliding plug door for handicapped access) B11u Corail, Intercités and TER - (4 versions Vu75, Vu78,Vu83, Vu83 sliding plug doors) (Vu80 available from Piko) A9u Vu75 Corail and TER A10u Vu78 Corail, intercités and TER (different from the Piko version) A4B6u Vu75 Corail and TER B6Du Vu86 (different from the Piko Vu78) B12u B3t7u A6t5u Vu85 (Cabine Huit and TER) B5uxh réversible - matches up with the cab module already available on Shapeways from "Les petits trains de Théo". The bodies are designed to reuse parts from Roco/Fleischmann Eurofima whilst different in many ways (bogies and skirts) still look convincing with the new bodies on. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/moving-buses
  19. Every time I see the word "investment" mentioned on a pull from the DJM website I wonder If Dave Jones realised that he may have been conducting a regulated activity which may or may not have required authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority. A managed pre-payment/deposit might not be an issue but calling it an investment might change the legal status entirely.
  20. As someone who is now completely out of touch with train operations, does the X in the train description indicate a train where the direction of travel has to be reversed at some point to get the vehicles the correct way round for unloading?
  21. And these Bristol VR photos come from Halifax, Nova scotia on 8 October 2008. There were several Routemaster operating there too, but I'll spare readers seeing more than just this one.
  22. Turned up these photos taken in Denver, Colorado on 27 September 2007. The body builder's plate might help pin down its operator in the UK.
  23. News item on the RevolutioN website. http://www.revolutiontrains.com/kfa-coming-this-way/
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