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  1. Regarding what model railway magazine editors do with review models, I know of at least one magazine that uses their samples as prizes in competitions as I was lucky enough to win one. I suspect some get returned to the manufacturer and others are used in articles to demonstrate weathering etc. In the bad old days when Hornby were being difficult magazines were forced to buy their own models for review. This is veering off topic but I would be interested to know what happens to them now.
  2. My last four ‘new’ locos were bought second hand for two thirds of the new price. They were all close to mint when I bought them. They were locos I really wanted but couldn’t justify buying at full price. I just waited patiently until they turned up second hand. The last one was purchased at the end of January, no doubt sold by someone who spent a bit too much at Christmas. They were bought from Facebook sales groups which seem to have a smaller following than eBay.
  3. I usually buy locos with livery that appeals to me visually and is my favourite colour and choose private owner wagons based on whether I like their design and lettering. In mitigation I do try and make up reasonably prototypical trains with what I have.
  4. After my first post in this topic I remembered that we did have a difficult character in my last club. He made his way onto the committee and then wanted to run everything his way. Eventually the rest of the committee had to ease him out of one position into another where he could do less damage because half the club were about to leave. The difficult character had had been in a senior position the Merchant Navy and wanted everything done his way. He was extremely organised. His rigid standards would have been an asset at sea but unfortunately they weren’t appreciated by people who had been working hard all week and wanted to relax and run trains. He was actually a very nice person in other ways but his talent for rubbing most people up the wrong way didn’t go down well so he had to be moved sideways and he eventually left the club.
  5. A few years ago I visited the layout of a model railway group that was based in a museum (not in the UK) They had a notoriously grumpy member who liked to rule the roost and complain about anyone and anything. He was heard complaining loudly about some re wiring that had been done while he was away. He would have been enough to put off any potential members joining the group had it not been for the rest of the gang who were friendly, enthusiastic and helpful. As my mother used to say - there’s always one. As long as the rest are alright the club will survive.
  6. I downloaded my issue to my iPad yesterday via the Pocketmags app. I recently renewed my Pocketmags subscription (at a bargain price) despite the magazine announcing a Model Rail Rewards Club for subscribers, I managed to find out that subscribers to the digital edition of the magazine were eligible to join too but I somehow doubt that this applies to Pocketmags subscribers. It it will be interesting to see whether I have made the right decision regarding the Rewards Club.
  7. If all else fails read the instructions : ) in the leaflet that comes with the loco 2nd radius curves are recommended. It may be fine on a first radius curve but it would be more comfortable on a second radius curve. I personally think second radius should be the minimum for tender locos. There is some variation between individual locos. First radius curves will limit your use of other rolling stock especially some of the Dapol steam locos. Beware too of first radius set track points not everything will go through those either. If your loco is still not running properly you could also try lifting the cab fall plate into the upright position. If your track is only temporarily laid at this stage there could be loosely fitted rail joiners contributing to the problem.
  8. I have a small collection of British outline Lima H0 that I don’t know what to do with. No idea whether it’s worth anything either. Could anyone suggest the best way of selling it apart from eBay? I’ve tried a post on a Facebook sales group but that got no response. I get the feeling that it’s so rare that no ones interested in it at all : )
  9. I did ask Rails directly on 5th December and was told that they don’t have a confirmed delivery date. I was hoping to get mine in time for Christmas.
  10. Have a look at the new super lightweight fillers that have become available. I tried a brand called One Strike, the first impression you get is that the tub it comes in is empty! The filler itself is very soft and light, a bit like marshmallow, it dries quickly and can be painted soon after it has been applied. I have found it useful for filling gaps in styrofoam scenery and I’m sure it would work well with foam board. It’s worth getting a tub to experiment with, if all else fails you can use it for filling holes in the wall.
  11. For a small layout like this, how about looking at a small set of battery operated Christmas lights for the lighting? You get small sets designed for table lighting with thin copper wire and very small bulbs. That’s what I have used on my N gauge micro layout.
  12. Was the layout mainly urban in setting or more rural? Elvinley was the first one I thought of and if you do a google search a few pictures come up.
  13. Silly Moo

    OO or N

    As an N gauge modeller I would offer this advice - time and care spent on trackwork will ensure you get the most out of your layout. Iffy trackwork will have you tearing your hair out so make sure everything runs well before starting the scenery. There are 0-6-0s and diesels that will be suitable for the younger members of the family while they get used to handling rolling stock and they will probably end up being more dexterous than you are in the long run.
  14. They have just replied to my email, it seems I was a bit too impatient. They are definitely still in business and will be at Scalefour and Fareham exhibitions over the next few weeks.
  15. I bought some Attwood Aggregates Road Stone at the Southampton Show in January, I would like to buy some more but have not received any response to an email and a voice message sent to them. I have also sent a text message. I may may not have given them enough time to respond, perhaps they are on holiday but in the meantime does anyone know if they are still trading? or does anyone know if any of the model railway retailers stock their products? Failing all all of the above are there any other companies that produce anything similar to their Road Stone which I think is excellent. Thanks in anticipation. Veronica.
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