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  1. Points are electrofrog all feeds to one controller want to isolate a loco in the siding at the top (from point A) thanks for the reply steve I have added an insulated joiner on A. Seems to do the trick for that siding. i have also deleted the feeds between A and C for simplicity. locos now run everywhere marked green. cheers all steve
  2. Hi all I am having electrics issues on my new layout. I am useless at wiring and have had a stab at it but I am having issues. the crossover (points C and D) do not work, point C seems to be dead. the top siding from point A is dead the bottom siding from point B is dead too. i have marked all the rail breaks and track feeds on the diagram below. I suspect I do not need the feed between points A and C. could any kind soul who is in the know give it a once over and point out the error of my ways please? cheers Steve
  3. I haven’t got a thread for the layout as it has taken years to get nowhere! Since lockdown though its been coming on leaps and bounds so maybe I will.
  4. Thanks for the inspiration Adam. I’ve been meaning to get rid of those awful Bachmann tarps for ages and never getting round to it. Tried the tissues but only had 2 ply and it didn’t go well. Ended up using Tissue paper as used in packaging with excellent results, well pleased so thanks again for inspiring me to get on with it!
  5. Hi Gazza, this thread was rather overtaken by the news of Kernow PRA release. Chris at Kernow did extensive research into the colours on the wagons and the resulting release certainly looks right. Maybe he can shed some light on the colour specs for you. By the way who makes a 7mm PRA kit please? i am thinking of an excuse for a Dapol 08 and clays. regards Steve
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