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  1. Has there been an email about next payment I think it was suggested it would be asked for about 4 weeks ago!
  2. Also considering the wording in Andy's post above are Bachmann planning some kind of launch for the models or will they just send out to retailers as usual without ceremony?
  3. How much for the decoder currently considering dropping my pre order from 2 to 1 of the class 90's!
  4. We have had Livery samples for the class 90 for quite some time. I think the hold up is more likely production slots.
  5. Thanks so when will the Bachmann decoder be available? Or can I use a normal 21 pin decoder and just not use the pantograph until the Bachmann one is available? Or can I not use the model until the decoder is available.
  6. Anyone got an eta on these apart from April/ may- we were told they were on the dockside / at sea around the 5th march not that I am impatient of course- no actually I am really impatient been waiting for years for these the anticipation is killing me!
  7. Just for anyone who may have known Tony he unfortunately passed away on the 23rd of march. I only learned on Facebook that his funeral was yesterday. A lovely bloke. R.I.P. Tony.
  8. Was just wondering with the BRM back catalogue being available- how searchable is it can you only look at issues or is there's a search box so I can type in say Bachmann class 70 and it will bring up the relevent articles. Sorry if asked previously last time I looked at this thread it was 9 pages! mark
  9. I guess the money burning in your pocket is really painful!
  10. The way it reads to me in 2 manufacturers in both gauges but this could be the way it's written but then he goes on to say he doesn't think there will be room for 2 manufacturers let alone 3 which suggests competition in each scale.
  11. Did he ever announce he was doing the mk5 coaches, and also announces another manufacturer is working on them! He did not have to say that -starting to be a bit of a spoiler for others announcements.
  12. I would post the bargains or maybe we need 2 threads a national bargain thread and a local bargain (for local people) thread. I await the bargain thread police to drop in as this isn't a bargain post!
  13. Incidentally in the pictures of the latest cads at the bottom of the picture in cut down text it looks like it states created using free version- I guess this will be a free version of the cad software. i have no knowledge of the differences in cad software but will there be a difference in quality between the free and paid for version assuming that's what it means? Can this affect the model adversely?
  14. Maybe we should all send the questions to Dave but not post the response here to avoid doing Dave's job for him and becoming his personal secretaries. If he gets enough requests for info then maybe he will come here and post himself or at least promptly post a newsletter on his site with the answers to the many questions.
  15. Well it's been nearly 4 days without an announcement someone is bound to announce something!
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