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  1. When I spoke to Ian at Preston he indicated the website was more trouble than it was worth but I was also wondering if he was going to start the site again due to no exhibitions etc. He did say though you can always email him with your requirements assuming the emails address is on the site?
  2. Thanks Dave curious to know if these QC checks will be undertaken on the shop stock in house now, am tempted by an EWS version but don’t feel I can order in confidence currently. I know I can send it back if faulty but would rather not have the hassle.
  3. Well done this looks brilliant finger wavering over the order a second one button but then you are producing some class 37’s I want too at the same time! so inconsiderate of you may just wait for batch 2 instead. Keep up the good work.
  4. How easy are they to dcc fit, I struggled to find the socket on the 158 and pulled off some detail while trying to find it?
  5. Do all the model manufacturers produce a 3D print for their models like Hornby seem to have done with the APT, I guess this is the point where the errors are most likely to be found and the cad changed. I had no idea about the Heljan class 45 errors before I read the thread but I was never going to buy one anyway. I suspect there are a lot of people who want a 45 and are not too familiar with the class to spot the errors.
  6. Who was he taking advice from? What could they tell him he didn’t think he knew already?
  7. Thanks guys according to nce coastal dcc and hattons do repairs in this country so have emailed coastal and awaiting reply. It’s looks like something is scorched!
  8. Took the back off couple of pics to show what I found
  9. New pcp hasn’t helped so Power light on the pcp fully illuminated on the new panel but dimmed on the original when trying to apply power to the track Power cab powers on fine with normal display No response from loco when trying to command I have a multimaus which I have connected to layout so I know layout fine as I found the multi more sensitive than the powercab No obvious issues with the wire to powercab and I have tried with another 6 pin wire with no success. So unless anyone has any other thoughts I think back to nce! thanks for the help so far mark
  10. Markwj

    Hornby APT 2020

    I am kind of hoping in the future you will be able to buy the driving cars as a 2 car pack to allow variation. I have a full 14 car train on order and the second power car so 2 more driving vehicles would enable me to make up and run 2 apt’s although one would not be prototypical I guess without the coaches which go next to the power car. Didnt think that through did I!
  11. We are now nearly a month from the announcement do we know if or how far off viable we are?
  12. I do remember some controversy when the Dapol western was produced looking back in there around pages 56-61 ish Dave does say he has deleted his petulant posts but there is one where he is quoted by another contributor where it seems the unpaid contributors of rmweb get criticism for the western not being 100% correct
  13. Thanks Ray I am Fleetwood Lancashire, I have also had some correspondence off forum and we are thinking along the lines of the power panel which costs about 20 quid to replace so may try this route first as you have noted the powercab seems fine until a loco is involved.I have ordered a new track connection plug which should come tomorrow in case the problem is that simple! Thank you for your help and advice.
  14. I do recall some of the nthusiast resprays fall out and Dave offering to pay out those customers who had not received the models and he claimed to have lost details etc - it’s all so familiar now but it’s so easy with hindsight! It all seemed so genuine and he was trying to put things right so you give the benefit off the doubt. Part of the difficulty now is that other start ups get a harder time and more scrutiny (which may not be a bad thing) but through no fault of their own. Live and learn eh!
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