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  1. Do they have a dcc socket? Looking on the hattons site it suggests not.
  2. Thanks I guess there will be quite a bit of sideplay in the wheelsets then. It sure is one ugly looking loco but each to their own I guess
  3. Sorry don’t know anything about this loco but looking at the coupled wheels in the centre how does it go round tight model railway curves? sorry if I have missed this somewhere else. thanks
  4. Ah thank you yes hadn’t looked for a little while if I had and realised it was the same price as eBay would have bought direct to save them the eBay fee! cheers
  5. Bachmann class 37 dB Schenker £125 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bachmann-32-381L-OO-Class-37-37419-DB-Schenker-Limited-edition-CLEARANCE trains4u limited edition although curiously costs more on their website cheaper via eBay
  6. It was the world won’t stop spinning comment in your previous post which makes it appear you are belittling the concerns / complaints raised.
  7. Just because it’s not important to you doesn’t make it a minor issue to someone else and the criticism is valid. Hornby have made some great coaches and gone to great lengths to get the interiors correct so it’s disappointing when it is wrong. Why should we have to spend with the 3D designers when Hornby could have got it right from the start? They have managed it before!
  8. There was one in an episode of frost but it belonged to one of the victims rather than the murderer. Frost made a comment he always wanted one but never had the time.
  9. Markwj

    EFE Rail launches

    Good point about the Heljan 76/77 and also how about the Heljan western as a competitor to the Dapol version. I was also wondering what other tooling was lying around and could be used. Gate stock has also been mentioned. How about motorising some of the efe trams? Cheers mark
  10. Mine came today certificate number 3163 (I think have put it away now)! It was late into the night when I ordered.
  11. Markwj

    EFE Rail launches

    I didn’t get it and then I was on the rails website ordering some wagons and realised they have totally opened up the market for these models and they are suddenly much more visible to a wider audience! In particular the Kernow models which were only available through them previously. Although the hymek has still left me scratching my head to be honest! In the video it was stated that Kernow have reworked the chassis on the J94 I am keen to see how these have turned out.
  12. Markwj

    EFE Rail launches

    Sorry not had time to watch the video as at work but I would guess all these models will be in efe rail packaging suggesting we could have a Heljan and an efe hymek next to each other on the shelf?
  13. Yes that did occur to me too it may just be an already announced model it’s just with the speculation about a brand new 66 from Bachmann it just got me thinking.
  14. Sawyer models have released a blurred picture on their Facebook page which apparently Bachman have allowed them to use and is linked to the new announcement. It looks like a 66 front fairing or it could be sawyer models having a laugh at our expense! Tuesday we find out!
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