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  1. I got one of the cheap laisdcc chips and power pack from eBay for 20 quid as it it didn’t work I wouldn’t be too far out of pocket and it works ok. cheers.
  2. So I bit the bullet a bit and managed to modify one bogie and fit a stay alive which has given me acceptable running. I was really uncomfortable taking a razor saw to the model hence only one bogie modified. I did try the stay alive on its own and while it improved running it wasn’t good enough.
  3. I think Ben put in another thread (I think it was the thread with the Jenny Kirk interview in) that they would post when they had delivery info suggesting they don’t know at this point.
  4. I can’t help feeling that wasn’t the real boris Johnson- only counted 1 ‘alas’ and the hair was too tidy!
  5. Markwj

    Preorder email

    After the last lot of emails cancelling orders I emailed hattons to check they can supply my Hornby pre- orders and they confirmed they could although to be honest I am not 100% confident. Time will tellI guess.
  6. I was wondering how likely we are to see a show this year particularly as some shows are a year in the planning. It’s probably too soon to start that planning now in case the planned lockdown easing is derailed (see what I did there)! I only really saw my brothers when we went to a show together as we all live in different towns and we need something like this to meet up at as one of them is boring! Hopefully we can get together soon!
  7. There used to be a propelling move out of Blackpool north and then a run round in the carriage sidings then I think a reverse back into the station. I believe it was all done with the same engine I don’t think it was one loco in and one out. Its all units now so no longer.
  8. I wonder if this includes the collectors club Captain Tom models?
  9. Would an old hearing aid battery or one of that type (you can get bigger flatter types) painted be an option
  10. While the extra pick up route seems to be the best way to go would a dcc decoder with stay alive be effective?
  11. The pendolino was once done by Dapol (poorly) then with a retool by Hornby so this would fit your criteria although I can’t see it myself!
  12. I ordered Gordon but am worried when I see the pics I may order a blue one (I really must learn self control)!
  13. Could you be in the position that the class 37, 55 and 92 all arrive at the same time as they are all (I think) slated for Q3? How am I going to hide that box from the wife it will be huge?? cheers mark
  14. Do retail or the media get a look at the announcements before they are announced or do they find out the same time as us? This would indicate if rails actually know something we don’t or are just trying to whip up excitement.
  15. Not one to wish list (who am I kidding it’s a wish list) have you considered 37407 Blackpool tower either in the current large logo as it would fit with the models you are producing or even as the trans rail livery?
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