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  1. Markwj

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    I think the announcement has been January for the last couple of years.
  2. Yes Lima produced a 57 it was the origional freighliner one where I think the only major difference was the exhaust panels and a repainted into freighliner Livery. The later 57/3 and 57/6 were never produced by Lima if I recall correctly.
  3. True but if they haven't been able to test it properly themselves they may not want to try it on a layout and risk a potential failure with witnesses. I am not saying there is anything wrong with it just a possible scenario.
  4. Went to the KR models stand today to congratulate them on having a model there and admitted they have proved me wrong. They admitted that the Dave Jones saga had helped cast a cloud over their business model but they have struggled through the issues to where we are today and I was happy to shake michaels hand and congratulate them on a good looking model. They also recognised where I came from in that although the model is not for me a proven track record will encourage me to order from them in the future. They did state the models do run but Warley had not provided power for their stand so they could not have a rolling road. I will watch this model and future models with interest.
  5. Went to the show at 11.am had a look at the 90 didn't like it so walked away. By 1pm had rejoined the club and had the sound version in my bag. Had a quick play this evening and impressed no signs of the bogie issues which plagued my other class 90's and a nice touch is that if you lower the pantograph the sound stops -small things eh?
  6. Hi Jim curious to know what the ohle portals are made of and where from? cheers mark
  7. In no rush and indeed the delay has got me thinking about ordering a second model now I have time to save up but working Pantograph is not a deal breaker for me. As long as they are durable and poseable that would be fine although obviously I can't speak for anyone else.
  8. Are we going to find out what else was popular in the recent survey?
  9. It's a big announcement so pendolino using some of revolutions research they have worked together before.
  10. It's got to be an O Gauge announcement as the emphasis is on big!
  11. Have accurascale done steam before either here or in Ireland- how about a 9F?
  12. Sorry feel you are being a bit harsh there have seen a lot more outlandish wish lists than that suggested and even more left of field models being produced! Personally I reckon it's going to be the fell (whatever that is)!!
  13. Visited today with my brothers and enjoyed it, some good layouts and decent trade support we all managed to buy something! Did feel quiet though this morning hope visitor numbers were good overall. All being well will be visiting again next year. Mark
  14. I wonder if the cads were a djm asset owned by the receivers and bought by KR models or maybe as suggested sold by the factory to KR models. Alternatively could all be coincidence but I have my doubts.
  15. Just opened my class 24- what an experience quality packaging/ instructions printed on quality paper then a quality model at the bottom of it all. Love the man tin handy for spare bits unless you use it for storing the loco. Didn't move at first until I depressed f2 to release the brake- clever stuff. Lastly though what have you guys done re the couplings have you removed or just trimmed the brake pipes etc? Did they come out easily? Have pre ordered a second model on the basis of this one.
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