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  1. They are doing a double deck balloon and a single deck brush rail coach in fictitious Coca Cola livery I think they are priced about 40 quid each but not motorised.
  2. Hornby seem to have had an update on this page of their website with items up to May 2022 listed. Not surprisingly probably due to global events many items have slipped back such as the mk4 coaches and class 87 but it’s a really useful tool for planning spending etc. Some items though seem to have disappeared altogether such as the scotrail 47 and Blackpool brush tramcar but hopefully they will reappear soon. (APT still on for next month though with extra coaches later in the year- that’s all that really matters)! mark
  3. Is this one of them you know you are old when the super detailed models you were so excited about in the day get super detailed again!
  4. Thank you for the update while I knew of delays in China thanks for giving a little more detail- I never considered but should have realised migration is affected and factories are facing staffing shortages. How are these workers living though will they have found jobs closer to home? Will they return to the factories or will there be a chronic shortage for some time yet. My toy trains are obviously secondary to their welfare. Anyway the class 37’s look awesome am now considering ordering another as there is time to save!
  5. They can only be right at the start of the process as the real thing has only recently been completed- got to be 18months- 2 years away (I know optimistic)!
  6. Oooooh can I be the first to comment Wow!!!
  7. The consultation document on the reopening of the Fleetwood line is apparently complete with options such as heavy rail or extending the tram system. No indication which option is preferred or even if it will happen!
  8. Not that I recall (but happy to be corrected) the early Hornby one did though.
  9. I find you tube useful particularly if I am having trouble taking the body off a loco etc but I do find the ‘influencers’ really irritating I will make my own mind up thanks I don’t need any influencing! I did watch the guy who was doing the Hornby rant about his ‘injun’ which was faulty definitely 10 minutes of my life wasted!
  10. Yes the class 67 had working lights although the headlight above the cab was non working. No other Lima diesels ever had lights as far as I recall.
  11. There was a recent update in an email- they couldn’t get access to the loco where it was and due to COVID but the email stated it was still on the to do list.
  12. Didn’t want one wasn’t going to buy one but then Rails popped up with that email, so now pre ordered! Mark
  13. Rails have an O gauge sale going on https://railsofsheffield.com/search/bargains?Personalise=false&searchTerm=&Gauge=O+Gauge&SortMethod=ProductCodeAscending&PageSize=24
  14. It was always payment when goods arrive no deposit or anything so I did not lose out financially but a pain to locate stock and reorder with another retailer.
  15. Did hattons know what tier they were in and the implications before or after the 2021 launch. The difference being they took pre orders knowing they may have difficulty fulfilling them being in tier 3 or did Hornby bring in the tier system after orders had been placed? Also were they prompt in cancelling my pre orders when they knew which tier they were in?
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