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  1. I may be in a minority but I just feel this series is getting stronger as it goes although I noted a bit of false jeopardy sneaking in- what timescale was the model being made to - why did it have to be on sale for a particular date. While probably staged it was fascinating to see the review of the reviews as this could conceivably be similar to what occurs when a new model hits the magazines although I did feel as a forum member we were painted a bit as the bad guys- better be right - what will the forums say kind of comment was made! Very excited to see the apt episode is next week though!
  2. I was impressed by the steam loco and am surprised really that Hornby let it out of the bag this way rather than as a grand announcement in January. Was also looking at the models around the test track and the apt and mk 4’s were there. I have recorded the show and when I get chance will pause it at that point to see what else I can find! Yes I have nothing better to do!
  3. Markwj

    Hornby APT 2020

    Do the coaches pull apart easily ie very little resistance when coupled together?
  4. As indicated I am married, disappointed is my default setting!
  5. Depends which station central is closer than bank quay.
  6. Went today with my brothers and did enjoy the show and to be honest was just grateful to be able to attend an exhibition again. Thank you to the organisers for taking that leap of faith I hope it was profitable for you.
  7. Went last year and the tea lady was horrible really grumpy, knew I shouldn’t have married her! Will there be new product announcements??
  8. Markwj

    Hornby APT 2020

    I absolutely agree but In the current climate I will take the items as they arrive, they probably have to take the shipping when they can get it, better the products in peoples homes and money in the bank than have stock hanging about. Hornby can have the money now to invest in further new tooling to keep me happy (hopefully). I phoned Hornby on Friday to check some details as I have had a change of address and asked if the APT had been popular- while I suspected I knew the answer- the answer was an unequivocal yes!
  9. Markwj

    Hornby APT 2020

    Thanks for the instruction sheet- I wonder if I can get hold of those power car couplings as a spare to retro fit the older coaches as they look a similar fitting to the bogie as the old model.
  10. Markwj

    Hornby Train packs

    Well to be fair I wouldn’t know it was wrong and if it appealed to me (and was cheap enough) I would buy it, probably trying to shift slow moving stock.
  11. I think Jenny Emily made a comment about a secret project in episode 10, I wondered if this episode would coincide with the announcements due usually in January but week 10 falls in Christmas week so too early. Interesting times
  12. That’s it nail on head -no false jeopardy which has spoilt many a program for me in the past!
  13. @Phil Parker you mentioned you skimmed episode 2, is it available somewhere? cheers mark
  14. I really enjoyed it and am glad there is more railway content on TV. I realise it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but for a bit of light easy entertainment for an hour it was fine. Am really looking forward to the APT episode as that is where my interest is. I thought Simon came across well but did smile when he was talking about how good the livery man is knowing that there has been a few issues recently such as the slanted printing on the hat power cars and the blue on the GBRF class 50 but to be fair they may be an error in China rather than here. All in all looking forward to next week.
  15. I wasn’t bothered by the loss of Lima as at that time there were better performing models coming from Hornby and Bachmann. The Lima 67 was an attempt to catchup but I had a couple which were delivered with crankshafts that had come out of place in the post, it had a plastic chassis and the top headlight was non functional it really was half hearted. The only Lima I have now is the class 87 and a couple of the 117 dmu’s for sentimental reasons. I am glad people still use and enjoy them but not for me.
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