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  1. Just seen a clip of someone’s running on Facebook pity about the lights but the paint job is excellent.
  2. Page 65 in the Hornby catalogue 2020 shows the model with working lights!
  3. Has anyone got this model I know it’s dated tooling but how is the livery- does it have working lights?
  4. Yes it was q3 although he did hint it could arrive slightly earlier which would be a bonus but I think they wanted to be safe rather than sorry.
  5. I also have a bank account (rather than a band account in case you were wondering)!
  6. As good as the deltic looks the class 92 looks to be the real flagship model (it is for-me anyway). Even though the price increase is only £20 am considering an order for a third before the increase comes in. Well done on a really promising model (and also for emptying my band account)!
  7. Markwj

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hopefully there will be an update in the next engine shed episode either way. Despite Hornby’s best efforts I would be surprised if we saw it before next year.
  8. Thanks for the update Ben was also wondering where we were up to seems like ages ago we were told they were in production. cheers mark
  9. I watched the interview with hattons at the weekend and notice nothing seemed to be said or asked about the class 66. I had hoped they may have mentioned the axle boxes or offered assurance that this would be fixed on the next batch.
  10. I think a year as Hornby do (although sometimes there are slippages with timings) works pretty well but I also think that the fact you ask for deposits when buying direct means customers are committed to buying from you regardless of what the competition may do. I have for example 2 class 92 ordered and even if say Bachmann announced one last week and it was delivered tomorrow I would buy one probably but wouldn’t be cancelling my pre orders which I have already put money into. It helps that you are producing quality products too!
  11. Managed to dip in and out over the weekend will the content be left up for a while so I can catchup? Thanks for a great show really well done in the circumstances. cheers mark
  12. I think the class 14 was a hattons exclusive which Heljan then released so the class 28 may be a similar deal maybe where hattons have exclusive use of the tooling for a set time period then it moves to Heljan general use. I have no evidence of this just a thought.
  13. I can only think that the much requested model must be a class 66 captain Tom as they have just produced some 66’s recently.
  14. Just trying to work it out but the last announcements were August 7th so can we expect another set of quarterly announcements the first or second week of November. Couldn’t see anything on the Bachmann site to confirm this.
  15. Exactly Rails could but haven’t so what are we waiting for? Has there been a big push in the magazines or anything to push it over the line assuming it needs pushing? Are there ongoing negotiations between rails and accurascale which are taking longer than anticipated or is there another factor we are not privy to? But please put us out of our misery one way or the other!
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