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  1. Great videos - thanks Waverley. All the NSE stock appears to be in the lighter blue. I am now thinking that the darker blue sets were on the Cambridge services. Does anyone have confirmation of this? Andrew
  2. A question that may have already been answered!! Were all the NSE Padd-Oxfords and Padd-Herefords run with sets with the darker NSE blue? Likewise were all the Waterloo-Exeters run with sets with the lighter NSE blue? Were sets ever mixed with dark and light blue? Any help much appreciated. Andrew
  3. Brilliant service again. Ordered 2 DRS Escort Coaches yesterday and received them this morning. the coaches are just what I need for the Accurascale KUAs
  4. Thanks Ian I have the PHD kits for the cradles for the Warriors. I am wondering about coloured lining tape for straps. The only problem with this solution is that there is no representation of the ratchets.
  5. Thanks ever so much. I have worked out that my Warriors, some Land Rovers and the 101s would be on a 1990s train. I am now thinking of FV432s and Saxons for my 2000s train.
  6. This is a very cheeky ask. Can anyone provide details of the loads for Warflats and Warwells for 2 periods - 1990s and 2000s? I have 2 trains - one which will be RFd hauled and one which will be class 66 hauled. I have Oxford Land Rovers, Vampire 101s and Easy Model Warriors. I know that the latter are in 1990s liveries (Iraq War). I want to add more vehicles and want to be sure that I load them on the correct liveried wagons. Any help much appreciated. Andrew
  7. Hi Shaun Many thanks. Ideal for the new Cavalex Warflats and the Heljan Warwells. I want to create 2 trains with my Warflats/Warwells. One for the 1990s and one for the 2000s. I have a cheeky question. Is there anywhere which lists the operational dates of the vehicles in your range that would typically be transported by train? Andrew
  8. Bump…. Rainbow Railways have a deal on the tanks - £60 each if you buy 3 before Monday. Also Olivias have reduced the price to £65 on some models.
  9. Hi Samuel I live in Cornwall and am afraid that we have no container traffic. A trial ran to Par in the 1970s and that’s it. Andrew
  10. Mine have arrived and how wonderful they are. Great for mixing with the Hattons warwells. I just had to load them. Chocks and chains to follow.
  11. Ah yes Mick. I had forgotten about the 2fs. Still your article inspired me to convert my Model Rail Limited Editions.
  12. The windows were from class 56s. Mick B of this parish wrote an article about it in Model Rail.
  13. 56013 in Coal Sector also had round at one end and oval at t’other. I only know this as I have a model with incorrect buffers at one end.
  14. We simply don’t know. it could be as simple as the MD of GBRf is a mate of Dave H at Bachmann! It’s not worth the conjecture. Andrew
  15. I have just bought a Bachmann Colas 37 with the latest logos. Ordered on Thursday evening, arrived in Cornwall on Saturday. Brilliant model and brilliant service.
  16. A full set is too long for my exhibition layout. Luckily they’ll fit on the Club layout. They look amazing.
  17. Yep - I have always wondered this. Other more recent photos do not have these present.
  18. Warrington January 2005. Good use for the EWS Bachmann Observation Saloon.
  19. Mine have arrived. Truly splendid. Huge thanks again to Accurascale - they are becoming my supplier of choice.
  20. Fantastic. Yet more wagons to recreate the Cornish clay services. I have been wanting this wagon for many years. Perfect for my small clay layout. Thank you so much all at Rainbow.
  21. I wholeheartedly agree that we need to applaud the level of detail on our models. Accurascale are offering us superb renditions of popular stock at affordable prices. If we have to fix small items that come loose in transit, this is a small price to pay. Keep up the good work. Andrew
  22. I contacted Accurascale last night about a minor problem with a couple of my wagons and Patrick responded pretty much straight away. The fact that I had an answer so late into the evening is seriously impressive. Accurascale have gone up further in my estimation. Andrew
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