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  1. After repainting her red, she looks a bit better. I might give her another coat of paint as some black paint is still showing
  2. I think the lorry being loaded up is a nice touch to the layout. I like little details like that
  3. The layout looks like it is coming together nicely. Can not wait for to see more pics of your progress
  4. Both locomotives look nice. Although i prefer the red Plymouth 0-4-0DH to the other one
  5. The rolling stock looks good. I like the ventilated vans behind the cement wagons.
  6. Your'e welcome. What rolling stock will you be using?
  7. I have been in working on the trackplan for the layout by using the drawing and google earth.
  8. This layout is looking brilliant. I like the cement mixer!
  9. I am looking for an Arnold 0-6-0 chassis for Dolgoch which i am working on. It needs to be in a good condition and runs well. I am also looking for OO9 turnout levers. Please reply as soon as possible and let me know if you have any of these things, Many thanks, James
  10. Dolgoch has been repainted in bufferbeam red. She is starting to look much nicer now. When she dries, i might give her another coat of paint.
  11. Here is my Dolgoch which i'm working on. As you can see, she's in a bit of a mess. She needs to be soldered together and then repainted (This time, with a spray gun for a neater finish)
  12. Your Dolgoch looks fantastic. I never knew she wore green for a while
  13. Even though the baseboard isn't complete yet, i have several accessories to put on the layout. This includes: Water crane Coal merchant's building 2 signals (one junction, one single) Telegraph poles Trees People (loco drivers\firemen, goods yard workers etc) Vehicles of period Station halt Signal box
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