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  1. Reference Bachmann Class 47541 'Queen Mother' in Scotrail/Inter City Livery which is like gold dust to obtain unless your willing pay a high number. Looking for a donor loco to replicate the above with minimum changes, apart from needong a chassis swop and the livery difference, is 47612 'Titan' the same body moulding/detail ? Regards
  2. Looking for a Bachmann Class 37 body in Trainload Coal, either 37239, 37692 or 37698. Willing to buy or can swop for Bachmann 37796 body in same livery if so desired. Complete locos considered. PM me direct.
  3. Thanks for that, I'll have a rake through the spares box.
  4. Has anyone tried the above etched detailing kit to convert the detailed Hornby Class 56 Chassis to the early series (56001-56032) with buffer cowling. If so is it effective, easy to do ? . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4mm-Scale-00-Class-56-Buffer-Replacement-Buffer-Beam-Units/143213743249 Regards
  5. Good afternoon, What price would you be looking at ?
  6. A long shot but has anyone got the above which is surplus to their requirements. I think it's model R2645 which was the first of the super detailed version. The body itself would suffice. Thanks
  7. Hoping someone may help on this I. I purchased a Bachmann Class 37 (21 Pin DCC Ready) at a Toyfair just before lockdown for very reasonable money. It was mentioned it had an issue, directional lights were red when going forward and white at the rear which was no big deal, a quick fix or so I thought. That's me just got round to testing and found the following. When putting the controller to the forward position the directional lights are correct (white at front and red at rear), however the loco itself runs in reverse. Exact same going the other way, lights correct but loco goes the wrong way. Have taken the body off and all looks in order, no sign of any wire issues or tinkering, all factory soldered etc. Swopped over the blanking plate but still the same. Any idea on what the problem might be and how to overcome ?? Many thanks
  8. Reference Bachmann 37025 Inverness TMD in BR Large Logo Livery. Is there any difference to the recent model 32-780RJ and the earlier release a good few years ago 32-780Y ?? Light switches on underside of fuel tank for example ? Would be interesting to know before I splash out.
  9. Does anyone have a Scotrail Liveried MK2F DBSO that's surplus to requirements ?
  10. Yes it looks as if they could be .
  11. Looking for Heljan 47593 Galloway Princess in Inter City Livery (Model 4806). Body or complete loco considered. Thanks
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