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  1. Looking for a Railfreight Coal Livery Class 58 for a project. If anyone has and wants to move it on please PM. Any condition considered, even just the body.
  2. Bought a nice secondhand Class 66 but one of the black clip-on bogie ploughs is missing. Anyone have a spare by chance. Regards
  3. I see Hattons still have a few variations in stock. After reading about the issues these locos had, will the ones advertised still be subject to these problems or were they ironed out in later batches. Regards
  4. James, Thanks very much for that, I'll get onto them. Regards
  5. Looking for Bachmann Class 37796 body in Coal Livery. Can buy or swop with body for Bachmann 37706 (Conidae) in Petroleum Livery. Thanks
  6. Looking for the above loco body. Would also consider the complete loco although it doesn't need to be sound fitted. Please PM. Thanks
  7. Looking for the above. Please PM if you have anything. Thanks
  8. Looking for the above, either the complete loco or body. Not looking to spend vast sums since it's for a project that may go belly up. Please PM. Thanks
  9. RBC


  10. Wondering if anyone can help with the following. The Class 26's that were in Railfreight Coal Livery, were they based at Haymarket prior to Eastfield ??? If so did any get a 'Haymarket Castle' bodyside emblem/sticker prior to the fitment of Eastfield cast plates ? If so anyone got any pics, I've trawled and found nothing. Thanks
  11. Had posted in wrong section, now in the right place.
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