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  1. I have an N gauge diorama so personally I have more interest in this when compared with other hobbies. It's really helps to have a passion for the product. Not to mention, it is a popular hobby still and I believe that there is a small gap in the market for us (well hopefully). Hopefully collectors will welcome us!
  2. We're doing our best to work on this. Should all be improved very soon!
  3. Firstly, apologies for posting within the Hornby forum - I’ll post in the suggested forum next time. We’re still working on the website, so will ensure the registration number is displayed tomorrow. We’re not VAT registered yet due to being below the revenue threshold at the moment (hopefully all being well that will follow at a later stage). The return policy page has been revised, this information was a mistake on our end and we do abide by the applicable consumer rights laws. We’re currently working out of an office space in Birmingham city centre - our aim is to get a little show room set up within the office so that we can welcome visitors soon, there will be more on that soon I hope. The Macclesfield address (registration of AMS) is that of our accountant. Hope this clears up any confusion! I’m from Cheshire originally so my accountant is located there and I have stayed loyal to them since. We accept PayPal and can securely process card payments online so hopefully this shows a sign of our legitimacy. Aircraft Model Store is one of the top two retailers for commercial aircraft models and we're very proud of having a good reputation for service, selection and prices. I am also happy to take a call anytime (9-6), it would be nice to chat and I am extremely grateful of any feedback whether good or bad. I really do hope and am sure that we can gain trust over time, we have to start somewhere after all.
  4. Hello all, I have been reading the forum for some time but have been yet to post. I don't know if this is in the right place, so apologies if not. I started retailing model airplanes back in 2011 with my business Aircraft Model Store, and now am starting up (slowly) with some model railway products, another interest of mine. The shop is named Railway Model Store. We're stocking N, OO and HO initially. The focus is on Continental and British. We have some Hornby, Fleischmann, Dapol, Marklin stock. The website will be continually updated. There's plenty missing but if you have any suggestions or feedback let me know. The website is up at www.railwaymodelstore.co.uk. Looking forward to spending more time on the forum and bringing myself further into the hobby, whilst hopefully getting a little bit of work!
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