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  1. I have use Tillig curved turnouts with my code 75 track without any problems & they have a better range of curved turnouts than the two from Peco,
  2. This is one such unit http://www.heathcote-electronics.co.uk/SA1_1.html
  3. The OP did say he was using Dapol N with Rapido couplings.... so B2B for N ??? NMRA has N at 7.65mm https://www.nmra.org/sites/default/files/standards/sandrp/pdf/s-4.2_2019.01.04.pdf and weight https://www.nmra.org/sites/default/files/standards/sandrp/pdf/rp-20.1.pdf
  4. Bachmann use many versions , just like Kadee - prices are for sheets of 12 packs https://shop.bachmanntrains.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=258_273
  5. If you watched the video in the above post, you would see that the polarity switching is covered by the PCB control unit so if you don't intend to use that method, then to get such switching, will need the use of a microswitch attached to the tiebar or one of these http://www.heathcote-electronics.co.uk/point_indicator.html#POINT-INDICATOR-RELAY
  6. You could join this group and ask https://groups.io/g/NCE-DCC
  7. That Hornby Brake van is a 20 ton with a longer wheel base the the 16 ton unit from Oxford Rail which has limited space - may get a few grams but not enough to warrant the effort of cutting extremely small slices of lead sheet.
  8. There is limited room underneath that is why I want to get inside the brake van.
  9. What I sent to Oxford Rail yesterday via e-mail - so far, no response Today I received two different type O Toad brakes vans from Rails of Sheffield , very nice indeed but my question is - how does one get inside them to add more weight as they are too light in my opinion as they are 42gm / 1.5 oz whereas I run similar brake vans at 60gm/ 2 oz which is even less than the recommended practices of the NMRA https://www.nmra.org/sites/default/files/standards/sandrp/pdf/rp-20.1.pdf or the AMRA https://amra.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/AMRA-Carriage-Mass-standard.pdf so my question is to RMWebbers , what are the recommendations for UK model rail rolling stock weights ?- even DOGA is missing this information
  10. Thanks Jeff, I got it out after brute force as you suggested.
  11. How does one remove the bogie from R3575.? I got the PCB off & see it is a clip that springs out to hold the bogie in place but squeezing together seems not to be enough to let it drop out.
  12. SL-300F is code 80 to look like code 55, in a base to supposedly match the SL-300 which is code 80.
  13. I had to cut & glue a Kadee NEM type to fit into Vi loco. As I don't have that loco anymore , I can't supply a photo.
  14. that is about average number of turnouts for the layouts I am involved with ( mine is in a 12 x 20ft room & has 85 turnouts) , with turnout operation varied from all manual, solenoids, Tortoise & servos. But then here in Australia we do tend to have more space for a layout.
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