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  1. Even simpler is the arrangement EWS used at Acton Mainline, just some hard standing and the occasional 2 axle road tanker fuelling the locos directly.
  2. The one on my EM layout Barber's Bridge is broadly similar to the Knightwing offering with the angled roof, but is a whitemetal kit of unknown origin. Wouldn't be that difficult to scratchbuild in plastic if you fancied a modeling challenge?
  3. The through route was converted at the last major reworking of Liverpool St Underground station in the 1980s - it was part used for comms and signal cabling, plus some staff accommodation. I do need to take up the LU's station manager's offer to have a look down there at some point (I work for LU, so it would be a 'legit'(ish) visit!)
  4. The Model Railway Club's own Minories EM layout has been converted to a through station - it was at GETS last October sporting a new (and large) round-roundy fiddle yard feeling the scenic bit from both ends. https://www.themodelrailwayclub.org/layouts/minories/ Must confess I wasn't convinced, as it's moving away from the whole point of Cyril's Minories, that of an intensively-worked urban terminus and the challenges that gives the operator. That said... what you're proposing is more a model of a station throat, rather than a terminus (arguably). I'm planning something similar, albeit set in East Germany, circa 1980 - ends of platforms, the start of an overall roof, station throat fed from a fiddle at each end (which could equally be a roundy-roundy fiddle)
  5. Spent much of the weekend frantically painting, decalling and weathering stock ready for next Saturday (Kenavon show, East Reading) and doing a bit more scenic titivation.
  6. As the recipient of Richard's spare 04 body, I agree wholeheartedly with him on the quality and fine detail of the 3d print. Basic dimensions are all spot-on (using the 7mm drawing in the May 1981 Railway Modeller) As supplied, the body is closest to the 'middle' Version of the 04, D2215 to around D2280 with the large window cab and the lack of cut-outs over the shunter's steps at the front end. All the handrails are very well done, with small supports to just nip away (a set of sprue nippers are the ideal tool for this). Be careful around the cab footsteps, they are very delicate. 4 Sandboxes and 2 air tanks are present and correct and there is a short section of mainframe behind each buffer beam, which might be useful to align a chassis. The rest of the supporting structure in the cab and bonnet and under the footplate are straightforward to remove and clean up. The cab roof is separate to allow access to fit detail, a driver and glazing (the windows all have a recess inside to give a decent flush glazed look) For a true BR Drewry 204hp/Class 04 there are a couple of very minor mods required: 1. The L-shaped handrails on the top front corners of the footplate should come off and be replaced with a pair of blind handrail knobs set above the shunter's steps 2. The conical chimney should be reduced by a scale 6" (1.75mm) to match the 2'6" height of the prototype. 3. No marker lamps are present, so 4 (6 on SR 04s) lamps and associated conduits need adding at each end. These were small (c5" wide x 6" tall and 5" deep) with a clear lens centred on the front face and a lamp iron mounted on the top. Sections of suitable microstrip would do the job. 4. Replace the round buffer heads with ovals (or squared rounds) as appropriate. Our prints came from iMaterialise, it would be interesting to see how Shapeways (where the 04 and 58 are also avaliable, albeit at a higher price) compare.
  7. Apols if this has already been posted about (couldn't see it from a quick scan), the CLAG website has a page detailing the prototype info for all BR mainline diesel and electric classes, which might make finding a match easier. http://www.clag.org.uk/wheelbase.html The Athearn F7 chassis (9' wb bogies at 29'6" centres) is in the right ballpark for the Brum Bo-Bos and the NBL Diesel-Electric type 2 - close enough for me to use anyway!
  8. I do have a 3-aspect signal kit to build and plant, may see how that goes next weekend.
  9. Just about there with Nové Město na Nedostatku. Some minor scenic work to do (vehicles, people, detritus), but it's basically ready for its first outing at the Kenavon exhibition in East Reading, Saturday 22 Feb. I might revisit the backscene at some point in the future, I used a panoramic photo I took from the train at the real station (Nové Město pod Smrkem) on the railtour a few years back, but it'll suffice for now. I'll need to spend a couple of evenings fettling the stock
  10. Don't forget the good old Tenshodo 'SPUD' motor bogies, available in arrange of wheelbases from 24.5mm to 35mm I think the available range is something like 24mm, 26mm, 28.7mm, 31mm, 35mm. And a variety of wheel sizes (disc and spoked) including 10.5mm and 12mm. From previous experiments in EM-ing one, I know the SPUD uses a 2mm axle, so it would not be that difficult to swap out the axles/wheelsets - spare worms and axle gears can also be had. It might also be worth looking at Japanese tram mechanisms - I've used a 17.5mm wheelbase self-contained power bogie under a small H0 loco (albeit not a UK prototype) and there's even an axle-hung motor/wheelset combo if you fancy trying that! https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/list/3052/0/1
  11. The newer 4mm Parkside 12t van kits have separate door mouldings, so the planked side/ply door combo is easier to do. For the 8-shoe clasp chassis, Red Panda produce such in 4mm, certainly available from H&A models at Stafford last weekend. And in 7mm, it's possible to mix & match Slaters bodies and chassis. I think I did an 8-shoe clasp, ply door/plank side van using the planked van body with 10 thou plasticard overlays on the doors (having removed the diagonal strapping) and the chassis from either the shockvan (but using the original solebars) or the lowfit.
  12. The Tasmanian Derwent Valley Railway's Modelling arm have a couple of resin body kits which might be of interest to British H0 modellers, a Drewry 204hp 0-6-0 diesel mechanical and a BREL class 58 Co-Co. Look to be body-only kits in 3D printed resin. https://i.materialise.com/en/shop/item/british-rail-class-04-ho-sclae?designer=james-mcculloch&sortBy=mostResent&pageNumber=3&pageSize=9&index=14
  13. Things have been slowly progressing and the basic scenics are now pretty much there. The display 'box' of fascia, back board and end plates will go on next with the sockets for track and lighting feeds mounted through the right-hand end plate. LED strips (1 warm, 1 cool) across the top front to light the whole scene evenly. And some more stock has been acquired, including some laser cut timber wagons from Melá železnice. Debut outing is just over a month away at the Kenavon show in East Reading on Sat 22nd Feb.
  14. Checked my loaned copy of the BBBoNBL2DEs last night - there are photos of both sides of D6100 ex-works showing the early 2-piece grille on both sides. Not that it's relevant to me, I'm doing a Class 29 which all had the later grilles (plus the additionals).
  15. On my 'one day' list is the remains of a medium upban terminus (Broad St/Holborn Viaduct) with the bulk of the platforms disused, some track lifted, some clearly OOU and just running into 1 (2 at most) platforms. Almost a diorama with a hint of working railway.
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