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  1. It's now on the Wycombe club's website http://www.hwdmrs.org.uk/wycrail/
  2. A couple of pics of 1200 that have recently come into my possession from an old friend, Graham Clark: 1200 Falcon Class 53 @ Gloucester Horton Road by Alan Monk, on Flickr 1200 Falcon Class 53 @ Reading by Alan Monk, on Flickr
  3. Just had notification via the Wycombe Club's Facebook page that Wycrail on 7th November has been cancelled. https://m.facebook.com/events/2440630566190548?view=permalink&id=2533020636951540
  4. Sorting out a box of random chassis and bogies earlier, another option for re-powering the Lima 33 (or derivatves, especially if, like me, you have put it on a diet to get a scale width), is one of the various RTR OO 8'6" bogies, which scales to just under 10' in H0. (Interestingly, the Lima 33 bogies measure to 34mm exactly, so they are a scale 3" short in the wheelbase. No doubt to use an existing pancake bogie. I've found a Heljan 17 chassis, a pair of Bachmann 25 bogies and a Bachmann 158 bogie, all of which could be married to a suitable motor on a scratchbuilt chassis.. The 17 and 158 bogies in particular are quite low profile and would easily fit within the 33 shell. The RTR sideframes are easily cut away to allow mounting of the Lima sideframes. I'll have a go at fabricating new chassis for the 26 I'm working on using the 158 bogie and a suitable motor I have to hand.
  5. Mirrored in what sense? The individual structure elements could be used separately, there are a couple of examples on the Scalescenes Facebook group, so you can use them on a larger layout. One thing to bear in mind is that some parts (the front left/front right parts use the boxfile itself for 1 or 2 walls, which would need adding in away from a boxfile.
  6. All the platform surfaces are now down and the station overall roof is started. The next stage is prime all the stone walling and make a start on ballasting. The wee HR signal cabin is complete, scratchbuilt in Evergreen car siding and microstrip, plus a Slaters corrugated roof. I've also set up a couple of wagon bodies (2 different 16t mins and GW van) ready to take 2-part moulds for quantity resin casting.
  7. In the end I roughly worked out dimensions from number of planks and the rest by 'if it looks right' So my H0 version is now done, Evergreen car siding and microstrip (lots and lots of microstrip). It might not be as detailed and 100% accurate, but it looks the part. It'll get planted on Dounreay (my FNoS micro terminus) in due course.
  8. Loddon's Hocus Pocus Old Ale. Free delivery within 10 miles of the brewery on orders £20 or over. A 5l cask of the excellent Hocus Pocus was £22
  9. CloggyDog

    John Farrow

    Very sad news, did plenty of his tours back in the day. RIP 'Fat Man'
  10. Colour me interested, as I've just done some H0 masters for resin cast 16t bodies with and without top flaps. Hope to get the moulds done later this week and some test casts done.
  11. Just checked my 1974 RCTS coaching stock book, which shows W1803/M1805/E1808-10/M1811/2 as still being 48-seat. Bogie-wise, 1801/2/4/5/8-12 all shown as BR1, 1803/6/7 on B4s All were 48-seat by the 1978 issue. I'm about to start SC1829 (44 seat, BR1s) in H0 from a pair of Lima BSKs (which will also yield me another BG)
  12. CloggyDog

    Dapol 08

    Goes across between the bottom of the front steps, I think.
  13. Some proper progress at last. Over the weekend I prepped the Lack shelf, glued the 2mm eva foam trackbed down, then the track fixed in place (Gorilla wood glue... it ain't coming up again!) with the 2 wire-in-tube point rods carefully aligned and affixed *before* the track went down. Track all tested and okay, so now looking at the main structures - platform, overall roof, road overbridge, Highland Railway wooden goods shed and platform-mounted signal cabin. Oh... And the disused loading Dock. I've cut the basic parts for the roof (Slaters embossed sheets of coarse stone and corrugated iron and some Evergreen 'car siding' planking) will need a couple more sheets of the stone, on order and should arrive within the next week. I've also been working on some stock, adapting some long Oop kits for resin casting, 2 types of 16 tonner, an SR 12t van, a Lima BR 12t van modified with GW ends. Once a new batch of plasticine arrives next week, I'll create the 2-part moulds for these and do some test casts.
  14. Could anyone with the Peco kit take some basic measurements for me please, I'm looking to do one in H0 scale for my HR micro layout as its perfect for what I need. Width, height, depth, height to windows and window height if possible, please, I can then convert from 4mm to 3.5mm and have a go at scratchbuilding one. TIA
  15. An alternative to shelling out for the etched walkways might be to see if the moulded ones can be thinned - I know I had a go at one before buying some etches. I think I glued the walkway in place and let the glue properly set, then razor-sawed the walkway bit off flush with the underside, leaving the supports on the tank. I then sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded until the moulded walkway was, if not wafer-thin, then probably not far off. The thinned walkway was then glued to the supports.
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