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  1. I've just done some hinge-location scoring (which were 1.5mm x 1mm) on some coach sides and my Portrait did those without any problem. This is a Ferry CCT side overlay in 10 thou plasticard. I would expect that the Portait would cut though, if needed. The hinge locations are visible along the 2 outer door seams, 3 along each. I've also successfully cut some H0 Mk1 sides, again in 10 thou, drafted by a friend and with the top light bars about 0.5mm thick, though they are fragile and probably at the limit of what can be cut without distortion.
  2. This might help, an extract from the German Signalling Guide Vol1, published by the German Railway Society. It's available to buy from the GRS website and covers semaphore signalling. Subsequent volumes cover colour-light, auxiliary and historic signalling practice. Regards, Alan GRS Committee Member.
  3. In the case of my club, lockdown (#1) started just after the start of the 'club year', so most members had already paid their annual subs. With most of our members falling into the vulnerable bracket, we've not met since March - we were exploring ways to restart meetings safely when lockdown #2 kicked in and put everything on hold again. We rent the space for our own cabin, along with use of the other buildings, power, etc., from a charity organisation, who obviously have their own outgoings and are pretty much shut down themselves. However, they did agree to a halving of our mont
  4. I used a simple strip of copper-clad, drilled through and a couple of plastic pins to hold the wagons together.
  5. I picked up a couple of the 13t Single Bolster kits at the Reading show a year or two back - these have been built as a permanently-coupled 26t Twin Bolster pair. Still a WIP, the fine detail to add, then paint/decals/weathering/load. 7mm Twin Bolster set conversion from J&M Hughes single bolster kits. by Alan Monk, on Flickr A straightforward build with no issues
  6. And very good they are too, ordered both MDV sets as soon as Steve tipped me the nod they were available, arrived within a few days and I've bumped the part-finished Chivers kits to the top of the pile for finishing this weekend.
  7. Thanks John, but I'm mainly interested in the later period (post-64 'boxed' style) and TOPS lettering for these. As Steve kindly pointed out in a pm, the early style is now in the Railtec range with the later to follow.
  8. With the very welcome re-release of the Chivers MDV (21t vacuum brake mineral) in 4mm, any chance of the pair of 7mm decal sheets (6941 and 6943) for them being reduced to 4mm, please?
  9. I've corrected my erroneous post... should have waited until after my morning coffee to post, sorry!
  10. Yes, those are the motor connections. As RedgateModels said, grey and orange wires to those, red and black to the bogie pick-up contacts. The wire coils, rods and the capacitor atop the motor can all go. Done a fair few if these myself, quite straightforward.
  11. One thing to watch on these Thompson 6-wheelers is that the leaf springs were behind the w-irons. Looks good so far!
  12. Interesting news indeed. Any chance the Gunpowder Van project of a couple of years back will be dusted off and finally brought to market?
  13. Hi Simon Appreciate this might be a little too niche, but any chance the Class 24/25 bogie sideframes seen (much) earlier in the thread could be made available in H0 (1/87) scale please? Likewise the 24/1 cab, though that would be a lower priority as I could more easily scratchbuild that than those complex-looking sideframes. I'd be after at leat 2-locos worth (4 bogies, 4 cabs), possibly another couple. TIA!
  14. Off the top of my head... Ixion by the mighty Blyth Power (albeit it's not about the RTC 46, however...) 47484 gets a mention in Blyth's 'Some of Shelley's Hang-ups' while all fifty Fifties (in number order) get named in 'Land, Sea & Sky' and there's also their song 'Farewell to Forties' in which Lusitania and Aureol get a mention, while 50026 Indomitable and another 50 are heard thrashing away at the start of 'Me and Mr Absolutely'. Turning now to the equally mighty railpunks Eastfield, they have the storming 'Class 20s of the Apocalypse' and '47002'
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