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  1. The cranes do slightly overhang the deck, based on the photos on Paul Bartlett's site: https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/p737727572/h24cb414e I'll dig out my unbuilt Salmon and compare it to the dimensions on the weight diagram, but I don't recall the Cambrian kit being out by very much at all. Edit: Cambrian Salmon measures 31mm across the deck (over the outer face of the solebars) or 7' 9" in 4mm. BR weight diagram says 8' 1.75" overall width, though its not clear as to what that is, it could be the brake wheels or over the outer edge. So potentially the Cambri
  2. Here's one on another of my layouts, with the fiddlestick plugged into the diverging road. I hope you can see how the rails are cut to be square across each road.
  3. Some 30 years ago, a friend (who does post on here, so I shall spare his blushes) built an small EM Gauge exhibition layout, which I helped operate and provide some extra stock. We occasionally had wagons with the finer wheels sets drop into the four-foot, but it was only occasional and so we didn't investigate too deeply. I subsequently acquired said layout and ran it for a time, before stripping it back to bare boards sometime later. Upon doing so, I realised that some of the SMP flexi was actually marked '83'...
  4. Hi John, Yes, Ian has made his H0 buffers (48 per set, 12 each of 1'6" spindle, 1'8" Dowty ribbed and unribbed and 1'8" Oleo, all with the 13" head) and 5'6" Gloucester bogies available through his Shapeways shop: https://www.shapeways.com/product/LM6X2FHA7/br-huo-hopper-wagon-buffers-in-ho-scale?optionId=191062682&li=shops https://www.shapeways.com/product/M8X8TF88G/gloucester-5ft6in-bogies-in-ho-scale?optionId=159123089&li=shops Having ordered both in both Smooth and Smoothest Fine Detail, I'd say the cheaper option is just as crisp an
  5. I had a Peco elecrofrog code 75 short Rad point where the tiebar had either snapped, or one blade had come adrift, so no loss to try cutting it down. Saved about 4" I haven't altered the wiring at all, the fiddlestick just plugs into whichever road I want to use via fishplates with the power leads to the controller soldered to the underside.
  6. I've been working my way through a number of the wagon types I need for Dounreay (my FNoS micro terminus). Being H0, of course it's a mix of scratchbuilding and utilising ancient Lima and Jouef/Playcraft RTR. Lima Vans and Brake Vans are pretty much usable as is, just new wheelsets, Kadee couplings, minor titivation and a decent paintjob. The Lima chassis are also useful under the resin cast bodies I've produced (16t mins, 13t opens, other types of 12t van) The Playcraft stuff is generally junk, body-wise (though the big min can be hacked down to make a very passable 21t min),
  7. The GE and Woodhead routes were both electrified in the early 1950s...
  8. Based on the list on Tower Models http://www.tower-models.com/towermodels/ogauge/Dapol/dapolwagons/brakevans/index.htm 003 and 005 definitely suit 1952-1960 002 and 006 are technically the post-64 style, but could be backdated fairly easily with some small modelling effort.
  9. I had similar with the Hobbycraft-sourced 5mm foamcore sheet on an H0 micro about 3' x 1'. Annoying, it warped badly enough that I junked the layout after less than 6 months. I'd used pva and hot glue (to tack things in place while the pva went off). I also sealed all surfaces (both faces of the foamcore) - I think my mistake was using a water-based paint as it warped after painting. I've seen Keith give a talk/demo on his foamcore boards at a show (CMRA skills day, most likely) and his boards were very well engineered from a higher quality sheet than the Hobbycraft st
  10. A little more progress to report, a set of scratchbuilt platform lamps, signage and the backscene now in place. The lamps used the Chris Nevard method, a length of 3mm bamboo rod, a nail and some plastic tube. The backscene used a panorama taken from Google Street View, played around with in MS Paint and printed across 6 landscape A4 sheets which were pritted together and trimmed to shape.
  11. Here's the H0 ones I did to retrofit Lima Mk1s. Cut in 10 thou.
  12. IIRC, the Mk1 Pullman used the standard Mk1 rubbing plate. I drew my H0 one up using the drawing in the Parkin Mk1 book, can rescale and ping it over if you want, pm me an email address.
  13. It used to be the case that certain magazines' reviews included comparison data against the prototype's key dimensions.
  14. Any chance of a link, please? Always interested in late-60s and early-70s FNoS pics to help with inspiration and detail for my little micro terminus Dounreay (sorry, sulzer71, I 'baggsied' that a while back )
  15. Most of my TT stock is modern ready to run. DCC ready, decent couplers, fine wheel profile running well on excellent track. Even the kits are as good as (or better than) Parkside. But then, I am modelling Ceske Drahy
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