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  1. There's a reason its not done and not recommended......
  2. Very nice video - soundwise the real ones emitted a Hymek like growl up and down the rev range, curious mix of EMD and MetroVick. Another game changer here and a preview for other IRM/Accurascale locos
  3. Would not be left waiting many years for starters...
  4. Initially D400/1 came with them fitted from the factory, the other 48 followed without and had them added later, as you can see the plating where the MW jumpers will be fitted when 2 locos became standard on Crewe to Glasgow runs up to 1974 when the WCML was fully electrified
  5. Surprised given the UK Games expo was held recently at the NEC, but I'm guessing the average age of attendees was a little lower Just how it is, take nothing for granted anymore
  6. Ill wait and see what the retailers will sell them at But people will give out no matter what. The bar has been raised in RTR Diesel and Electric locos, Bachmann have reacted accordingly and people are still moaning. The way some people go on, its like saying development of the motorcar should have stopped when the Ford Model T came out and we should have stuck with them...... Cant win, even if they were half the price, or double. Same old
  7. Therein lies the problem, KMS just arent pushing this as hard as they should be. All of the stock they have that other retailers and manufacturers have sold out of attests to this
  8. More facebook spin. Not the first time they have said that
  9. Saves them having to make the earlier version of the silencer as initially fitted to 59001-4
  10. Until the containers are unloaded at their respective destinations I'd not be getting excited.
  11. Was meant to be model rail, many years ago. Lets get the initial model to market first, fed up waiting now - The real ones took less time to be ordered, designed and built.....
  12. Ploy to build up their preoders, that they can honour of course for a change
  13. They must have made a few changes in their operational department
  14. Anyone else seeing it like the above at this rate. 17 paragraphs when 1 will do?
  15. All opinions are equal, except some are more equal than others judging by how much you type and not what you say.....
  16. You obviously are unaware of who Mr R Death is........
  17. They have been working on this for a while, they didnt just decide on the spur of the moment to do it today. Takes time to produce models, covid would have had no bearing on it
  18. I guess a HAA and CDA isn’t a core Hornby model?
  19. They are at 3 completely different levels , so you cant compare them equally aside from the fact they are 16.5mm OO scale 66's, all available and DCC ready - nothing more.
  20. Yeah, how fast does it go and how high is the score of its top trupms card
  21. But the Hornby 66 dates back 20 years, the Bachmann one 10 years and the Hattons one is quite recent - which is the comparison you are making. Not me, you. Who was being silly again??
  22. Ok so lets compare a 20 year old Ford Mondeo, a 10 year old Vauxhall Insignia and a brand new BMW 3 series.... Which one will the magazine think is the best one. They all fit on the track and pull a train ok, but after that where do you go. Seems people like both misery and going around in ever decreasing circles.......
  23. So where do the youtubers that work for the company they 'influence' fit in??
  24. One in particular doesn't actually do any modelling or give tips, they go off the comments people are making on the live stream, nothing more, and yet people are happy to contribute financially. Playing trains and not model railways. Like a little commune, I'd rather pull my fingernails out with a pliers than engage again
  25. The only time I've contributed directly to someone elses layout was for Market Deeping, but that was a totally different set of circumstances Ye may well jest, but watch people willingly give money to the youtube 'celebrities/influencers'........
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