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  1. What are the general thoughts on Heljan's Baby Deltic? I learnt about them yesterday and am considering hunting one down, but there doesn't seem to be many reviews on them in order to gain a better option before purchasing.
  2. I think my current plan is to focus around the Blackpool North and Fleetwood lines, with emphasis on local trains rather than excursion traffic.
  3. Would you have seen "Porthole" type coach stock in the area, or were they reserved for work elsewhere?
  4. That is certainly a surprise to know that LNER coach stock was run locally on an LMS line.
  5. Oh whoops, I should have said! I'm after stuff from 1957-66. That being said, I managed to locate some pictures on another site that show at least one member of the Class 25, 31/1, 40, 45 and 47 frequented Blackpool alongside this unidentifiable DMU model. https://rcts.zenfolio.com/diesel/br/other/ea8747aad
  6. Both of those pages seem to have the same issue: they helpfully describe the steam fleet roster, but leave no mention of diesel or electric locos.
  7. Is anyone familiar with the locomotive fleet that was stationed or ran to these three sites and what they consisted of? I've been struggling to find much information.
  8. The area I intend to model is the North West, particularly around the Blackpool, Preston and Fleetwood region. As for train service... I'm not sure.
  9. I am hoping that someone will help me out. I have a layout in the works depicting a small branchline terminus during the period of transition when BR introduced diesels and branchlines were getting the axe. For this, some of the rolling stock I will need is some MK1 coaches, but I am unsure what type, between Corridor and Open versions, were used. Can anyone clarify?
  10. I have to wonder if the OO/HO Thomas line will show up in this year's catalogue?
  11. Really? Why did Bachmann do a model of it then?
  12. Looking for a Bachmann Mk1 Restuarant Miniature Buffet coach in Crimson and Cream livery in new or like new condition. If you have one that you are willing to part with or know where one can be found for sale, send me a message.
  13. What modelling software did you use to design the layout? I know this question is a bit off-topic, but the information would be helpful to myself and others when it comes to designing and planning out track lengths.
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