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  1. Thats very good modelling do like your weathered loco’s and stock.
  2. Thats a great way to make corrugated sheets never thought of that lol
  3. Hi is the layout still going to be at the portsmouth show this year. cheers
  4. Well i changed the wires over on the motor and its all fine now thank you all for your help much appreciated. cheers
  5. Yes think you could be right so just swap the wires on the motor terminals?
  6. Hi yes checked that turn it the other way loco moves but no lights at all. cheers
  7. Ive changed the direction now but the lights are still the wrong way round can i change the lights so they work in the right direction also found two wires not connected anywhere see picture not sure where these go.
  8. Hi ive checked the decoder id its 099 so i gather thats a lenz decoder version 051 ive had a play still cant sort it out so i put the cv’s back to what they were its so annoying cv 29 should change direction it dont do anything when i change it used a calculator online and it said cv29 set to 7 is that right
  9. Hi john i use my nce powercab for changing cv's the loco is the same when i put a blanking plug in and run it on dc so i suspect it could be a wiring issue like you said i will see what decoder is fitted later today thanks for your reply. colin
  10. Hi ok will have a look tomorrow cheers
  11. Hi yes tried that and was still the same i also tried 2 other decoders they were the same has well.
  12. Hi i have purchased an Heljan oo gauge class 33 when i turn the lights on they are on in the wrong direction to which the locos moving so the centre window with destination blind is lit at the rear end not the front ie direction of travel i looked at cv29 its set at 34 is that correct i played with different values but it stayed the same is there a cv for changing the direction of the lights im not sure what decoder is fitted. cheers
  13. Very nice layout what is the size of the scenic section please. cheers
  14. Hope it does i would of loved to have brought it one of my all time favourite layouts.
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