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  1. I recall reading in O S Nocks BGreat locomotives of the 20th Century vol 3 about the Glasgow Blue Trains lowering their pantographs. It seems odd and as is meintioend above would have an adverse effect of in-train-systems as well as the greater risk of damaging the overhead knitting.
  2. Many thanks to you both. I presume that the practice of lowering the pantograph once at normal maximum speed and gliding is no longer done?
  3. Hi, I notice recently when watching trains on the drive to work that there is a constant white light/ flash where the pantograph has contact with the catenary on the 380 ScotRail units. When I recall the 303 Blue train units or the 318 units I did not see this at all. I do recall an occassional flash/arcing when electric hauled in a sleeper, and of course the third rail on Sothern region emus could be dazzling. Is this a new thing? Is it weather related - frost perhaps.
  4. I think I recall a fruit shop - yes in Glasgow QS. Didn't say they sold much but ...
  5. There was a feature on the BRM dvd on resurrecting old locos, how to clean them, the right (sewing machine) oil to lubricate and how to gently fettle them back into operation. If you can get thisdisc it may help a bit.
  6. Zulu - Class 42 Warship class - oh yes please - better still class 43 in O gauge.
  7. Fair comment Steamport - I'm sure Connoisseur have taken a knock on their 3Fs since Dapols came out, and likewise anyone selling GWR Pannier tanks. Regrettably there are some tank engines, and indeed locomotives that will never come out in rtr O gauge (I bet someone said that in the 1970s about OO gauge). I will be delighted to dine on my hat with brown sauce when a rtr Barlcay pug and something Glasgow and South Western comes out in rtr O.
  8. Looking at models of the 3F, the 57XX, the 08 and the Terrier a price of £200 for an O gauge tank engine is a good entry level ready to run loco. £500 for a two bogie diesel from Heljan. The planned A3 and A4 look like they will be for sale at around £800, and will be in plastic afaik. Under £1000 for ametal 460 and tender is not bad. Of course if you can kitbuild then you can save quite a bit.
  9. Leerie, leerie, licht the lamps, lang legged and crooked shanks! The Glasgow that I used to ken. Well, not quite but the Glasgow I would like to have kent.
  10. The response by the club and the officials to this dreadful event has been fantastic and it shows that whatever life throws at you, its how you react (with, it must be admitted some luck) what is what matters. To have an effective media campaign, been if it is speaking to the local news and it escalates, is truly admirable, and of course to be able to get a foot in with one of the nationals is very good. So often clubs shirk from the limelight - it's hard to say any publicity is good publicity, but just like the shows such as the model railway building series, carriage restoration, Fort William to Inverness, all go a long way to keen the idea of model railways in the collective mind. I look forward to the fund growing and growing. JG
  11. Hi Ian, The Massey Ferguson factory is shown as being in built in Troon Road Kilmarnock, which in Old-maps.co.uk looks like it was near the site of the Hillhouse Quarry between Barassie and Drybridge - no evidence of a siding on the OS 1958 map. Another source puts the factory at Moorfield between Gatehead and Kilmarnock and no sign of a private siding there in 1958. There were plenty of sidings though where a train could have been loaded. Given the proximity to the Barassie to Kilmarnock line the route through Dreghorn would suggest an interesting route for transporting equipment, but if the facory was at Crosshouse then a more likely reason for shipping over the Dreghorn line. Shipping them north or south would have been over the Sou'west main line, so heading west would suggest Ireland or perhaps Galloway? Re-creating in model form sounds good though and I'd love to see photos when you have managed to do this.
  12. The Middleton Press - Galashiels to Edinburgh covers with an OS map and a number of photos. Worth a look. Stewart
  13. A model which was exhibited by a Glasgow club - based on Elderslie, Greenock Princes Pier in 4mm, with model steamers and ferries as well as steam locos. I recall it when I were a lad at the Galsgow model rail exhibition when it was in the McLellan Galleries in Sauchiehall street. Also the layout in the Glasgow transport museum when at the old tramway depot at Pollockshields - based on Carlisle in pre grouping days with locos (probably GEM ones) in the LNWR and Caley livery, a few G&SWR and even the NER and M And C got a look in. How could you resist either one? Any photos or further recollections? JG
  14. I'm currently working or getting some Hornby dublo 1960s locos back to working condition, and am still astonished in the improvements in locos and rolling stock from the early 1970s when I started muddling to the present day. Solid wheels, moulded handrails, motors, and the one size fits all chassis. Cost (and value) will no doubt feature, but the advances to date are still amazing. The future beckons.... JG
  15. After a brief look at a few photographs it looks more like the piers are perpendicular to the curve. They appear to the same at each end.
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