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  1. But these locos have nice happy smiling faces... Perhaps there's a market for "Jellies," the manic depressive tank engine.
  2. Hi tubs,. Can I draw your attention to "what loco have I bought" in Modelling questions... Thread. The writer has bought an ancient 060tank, southern R1 which is ...dated and cheap but has reconstructed it to look a great deal better. A number of the 040and 060s at budget prices are of good interesting prototypes and if small locos are your thing then a lot of variety. Your work on the GWR Holden tank shows this. Good luck!
  3. Work on Tweeniehills, or Houston and Crosslee. Well, done between shifts at Inverclyde royal hospital, the covid centre, etc etc.
  4. What is the scenery like either side of the bridge? If you have a forest, then trees, or half trees stick to the visible side of the bridge may work. Or how about a girder bridge or just on the visible side, such as the Dapol old airfix one. Or depending on period modelled, contemporary posters or adverts such as some bridges had.
  5. It might be a thought for manufacturers to put a minimum radius in the specifications for kits they are building, or in the reviews on here, in magazines or Guild publications. I appreciate not all manufacturers may wish to create a series of test radii of course. Perhaps the Guild could see if there is a market for tighter radii, or an other group.
  6. Yes to an extent. In some larger club or group layouts you have a signalman and possibly bell codes. Even they though are not role play, they are signalling or driving the trains. With roleplay you are a personality, whereas in model railways you may be driving the trains, so one minute you are controling the passenger local, next the freight and next a light engine. Overall you are the Control. Dungeons and dragons, I can see a similarity, specially if you use cards for say shunting operations. This could be extended to other operations, "derailment off site
  7. This was a concern for me when I took up 0 gauge a few years ago. This was before the RTR 040 and 060s so I was thinking of either kit building or commissioning a kit builder. I did find the DJh website useful as recommended minimum radius curves (6 foot in most cases). Talking to other gauge 0 modellers it was agreed that minimum curves is a difficult topic to nail down. A 040 will go round quite tight curves, but wagons will need lengthened chains on their couplings. 060s with enough lateral movement will go round tighter curves than ones with tighter axle movement. Add a bogie
  8. What they said. Also, we are living in a technocracy, and knowledge of a more technical subject is not seen as a weakness. Who would have predicted prime minister and First ministers appearing with scientists, technical experts on daily briefings? TV shows where "geeks" prevail without being mocked or in self deprecating humour is now very popular. The humour (sic) of the 80s and 90s was basically bullying wrapped in a "Yo trendy cutting edge hardcore" No it was bullying easy targets. Fortunately that seems to be mostly dead now.
  9. An excellent show. The videos were excellent, the sponsors features were great - Connoisseurs new presenter has a great future! Tempered to deviate to the GWR with the new models. Great to put faces to names. Well done to all for thinking this up.
  10. Rule one applies. Many layouts featured in magazines, and at shows (remember them?) Show the absolute correct locos, coaches and wagons for the visualised layout. A good way to replicate s real scene indeed. Respected modellers in books recommend the "stick to what you are modelling". When watching Jon Snows railway, where he set out to create a train of restored carriages, from 1860 to 1960, I was forced to admire his mixed trains, but after consideration - why not? As said above if you can afford it, store it then do what you are happy to do.
  11. Congrats to Minerva for unveiling the new O gauge wooden Minks at the virtual Gauge O show today.
  12. A nice surprise. Although not a GWR enthusiast (Infidel!) the sleek streamlined lines of the 1930s appeal. Well done Dapol on such fast progress.
  13. It is refreshing to see that the magazine printed both the article on CF without editorial censoring, and the letter from the gentleman expressing a view. So often it seems that dissent, or controversy is avoided, swept away or censored. I appreciate noone benefits from handbags at 20 paces but informed debate is healthy
  14. Interesting the Dunoon to Struchur narrow gauge line. The NB had proposed a standard gauge line much earlier and had it approved. This was Dunoon to Struchur, ferry to Lochgilphead and rail from lochgilphead to Crimson, alongside the canal. It would have been interesting... For as long as it lasted.
  15. If the government needed to use mail/courier firms for the delivery of essential goods they would do so, likewise if the situation escalated thet dramatically we would be made aware. The NHS has an internal delivery service and the military are not averse to being called on if it is deemed necessary. Otherwise keep ordering from the preferred outlet - still a way to help the local or as near to local stores. The benefits on mental health by having a good distracting hobby are well known. Just be extra careful with these knives and drills!
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