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  1. If the government needed to use mail/courier firms for the delivery of essential goods they would do so, likewise if the situation escalated thet dramatically we would be made aware. The NHS has an internal delivery service and the military are not averse to being called on if it is deemed necessary. Otherwise keep ordering from the preferred outlet - still a way to help the local or as near to local stores. The benefits on mental health by having a good distracting hobby are well known. Just be extra careful with these knives and drills!
  2. I think modern thinking is that there was a significant pneumonic compoment to the "Black Death" as well as the traditional direct contact - but certainly seemed to be not just bubonic.
  3. I'm sure I heard of that name for a set of sidings in Glasgow as well. Perhaps an appropriate name in the town of James Watt for running an train full of Orangemen through Port Glasgow !
  4. Hi, In view of the current state, I was wondering what the impact on railways of the Spanish Flu in 1919 was? I dont recall reading anything about it in any of the recollections and reminiscances from that era. Perhaps the fact that the railways were still on a war footing and perhaps restrictions on "unnnecessary journeys" (although Quintinshill suggested not) did not lead to as much of an impact as the current emergency. Perhaps the information is out there waithing to be dug up. Has anyone come across any information?
  5. I recall a very nice 2mm model in Railway Modeller - Midland terminus in Derbyshire, the station building was very inflluenced by the Midland Buxton, thit the very fancy stone gable. Photos reatured a very Kirtly looking 044T and 060 tender loco. Can anyone remember the name of the layout?
  6. Hi, I'm working on a layout in the loft based on Houston and Crosslee, on th erstwhile Glasgow and South Western Railway line to Greenock Princes Pier. A bar-bell with a 90 degree turn and a village over one of the big curves, and a exposed fiddle/storage yard and pssisbly a raised industriial line. Photos will follow. Based aroudn the 1960s era with steam and diesel it is a slow work in progress, in OO with mostly proprietery off the shelf but a possibility for some kit built locos. Of course if I win the lottery or when I tretire it will become an O gauge Fairlie Pier model.
  7. Hornby or Rails terrier around £80 - £100 in OO Dapol terrier in O - £190 - £200 The growth in O ready to run over the last 20 years is huge. As other said £10 OO wagon versus £40 O gauge wagon but you dont need as many of them. Even if you wnat to have large locos, £750 for RAils A3 or A4 in O versus £170ish for the same in OO. Its up to you - (iron) horses for courses.
  8. Argyle Model Dockyard, unbder the Heilen'mans Umbrella, in Argyll Street in Glasgow. When they had model kits on the ground floor and railways in the basement. Sadly it flooded when the Clyde rose. They relcoated into a bland ground level place in a similar location, but it was nothing like the old place. Whaur is the Glasgae that I used to know?
  9. It will be interesting to see what happens to any rolling stock in the sidings above the washing machine when it goes into fast spin cycle.
  10. Impressive and a wonderful way to celebrate 100 years.
  11. Thank you all for the links and the photos - very helpful, and thanks in anticipation for future details. Stewart
  12. Hi, I'm interested in Ardler Junction and possibly Ardler station. From nls maps the track layout looks quite simple at both locations. Are there any good photos of the signal cabins and the station at Ardler? Was it a level crossing or a bridge at the station? There is a building by the road/railway crossing - was taht the stationmaster house? Thanks Stewart
  13. Hi, Does anyone know who or where have the rights to Derek Cross's photographs, particulalry the ones he took on the former G&SWR lines? I'm looking for a good copy of the last journey of Royal Scot The Lancer and rebuilt Patriot Southport passing Auchinleck, on their way to Troon. Thanks JG
  14. Hi, I'm the Treasurer of said G&SWRA - if you pm me I'll get back to you after work. Stewart
  15. I recall reading in O S Nocks BGreat locomotives of the 20th Century vol 3 about the Glasgow Blue Trains lowering their pantographs. It seems odd and as is meintioend above would have an adverse effect of in-train-systems as well as the greater risk of damaging the overhead knitting.
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