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  1. NYMR has a four car dining set which in past years has brought in c. £240,000 per year. It is staffed by some volunteers and some paid staff. Since the early days the diner has provided a valuable base income stream for the NYMR. The QB was doing something similar for the WSR. It seems the QB made a profit until things were changed and it was taken over by the Plc. I have read more about the Plc in recent days and little of it is pleasant. The value of the QB set is in it's future income potential to the the railway. The value of the 4 carriages at auction may not be much at
  2. I would be careful of the 1:40 gradient. Going up should be just about OK for powerful locos with traction tyres at speed, but coming down may present problems with couplings overriding especially on a helix. Many recommend 1:30 to 33 max.
  3. The previous crossing had the flashing white light in the up direction but in the down direction, possibly uniquely, the flashing white was incorporated into the signal using a three aspect signal head. The Stationmaster may know of similar arrangements elsewhere. What started out as a fairly routine upgrade paid for by the council has become a fiasco endangering the future of the line. As late as October 2019 the Plc seemed to be discussing using semaphore signals and even relocating the signal box (!) despite being warned in an inspection in February 2018 that the c
  4. YouTube is a good thing. It helps to see other modellers at all levels and some layouts are an inspiration. I've spent many an hour on dark winter days watching layout videos especially as I can now put them on my TV. One of the earliest channels I watched was @Jenny Emily and found I was looking back every few days to see what was running in and out of the shed. With YouTube you can share your layout the joys and tribulations.
  5. The latest newsletter is here: https://www.west-somerset-railway.co.uk/news/detail/platform-newsletter-june-2021 A not entirely honest explanation of the crossing situation. Also, direct criticism of the Plc by the WSRA. Others will be better placed to comment on the staffing changes. At least the WSR has some stunning views and there are some excellent pictures here and on the WSRA website. The 33 looks well, a credit to the guys at Williton.
  6. Minehead is the centre piece of the WSR. A spacious track layout, ideal for crowds a few steps from the sea with stunning views. The town is well kept and the people are friendly. It certainly is a town worth visiting with Exmoor nearby and stunning beach walks to Dunster. It's a perfect place for families, it's not Padstein but there are reasonable restaurants and sensible prices. I spent a few days there around 2015 and met quite a few volunteers. One took me to a concert of the local orchestra where the audience was over 800. I'd half expected to find a town in decline like many seasid
  7. I haven't been keeping track of the WSR situation for a while and I read the latest news from the WSR with astonishment. That Minehead, the principal destination, will lose the entire summer due to the level crossing issue demonstrates how badly run the WSR really is. To have this happen after all the ill-feeling over the S&DR business and the earlier feuds must be heartbreaking for so many volunteers and staff. The particular signal arrangements had served the railway well and for the management to indulge themselves on a whim about semaphore signals and historical authenticity after
  8. Andrew Haines is the anointed one. He's the obvious choice as he will be able to shape and manage the transition. It's why he was appointed at NR as the DfT has been preparing this for some years.
  9. uDr your plans inspired me to start in US HO. It's a box car trainset which, so far, I'm really enjoying working on. A simple track plan and lots of shunting. The track is down and scenery is just beginning
  10. Superb footage of the Hiwassee Loop in Tennessee
  11. Indeed, the specification was the problem - even Hitachi told them that. At least the Japanese ambassador got a comfortable chair in Phil Hammond's office, and our man in Tokyo went on to lead Hitachi Europe.
  12. With the implications into the worrying collision and derailment at Marsh Lane in Leeds still being investigated and modelled, Hitachi may have more problems to contend with. If trains need to be taken out out of use and stripped down it may be wise to refit the dreary interior with better seats, sensible lighting and more luggage space. A buffet would be nice too. The entire passenger environment could be enhanced whilst sets were away for repair. Meanwhile the railway is paying Jaguar prices for a Honda Accord.
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