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  1. Help !!! Why is the photo loading upside down ?!!!!
  2. View down the Quay from under one of the two cranes….
  3. The Nar bridge with one of the internal user wagons awaiting collection for movement to the Muck Works
  4. Do you know when the crane is due to reach the Tyne ? (I live in the north east and might go and watch !). thanks
  5. DGO - bless you, that’s very kind. best wishes Dave
  6. DGO -‘many thanks - luck not good judgement I suspect !
  7. So, positively the last building to add to the Mill complex. I had originally decided not to build it, partly because I wasn’t sure there was space for it and partly because six months ago or so I’d lost my motivation to do anything more. Six months on, and I’m bored of decorating and fancied cutting some plasticard and smelling that glue and paint again. I’m not quite sure what this building (or indeed any of the others in the Mill complex) did, my guess is some sort of powerhouse / generator. The couple of photos I have of it show quite a distinct architectural style, lovely arched windows, and a distinctive skylight. Usual plasticard and brick-embossed plasticard construction, with the arched windows again from Stoneybridge Strcutures.
  8. I used LEDs both to illuminate the layout ‘box’ and also on various of the buildings / yard lamps. For layout illumination I brought a LED string from if I remember correctly B&Q. It’s about four feet long, and I attached it to the pelmet of my layout (Bole Quay). I’ve been very pleased with the quality of the light and it seems to photograph well too - you can judge for yourself. The ‘chain’ came with its own mains power pack and transformer all in one, and though I haven’t tried I guess you could run the mains input though a dimmer if I wanted a ‘setting sun’ type idea for the layout ? The building lamp / yard lamp LEDs come from eBay (from china inevitably). The building ones are tiny LED cells mounted to what seems to be a white metal lamp shade / housing. The recommended from memory 3v input (they work with two batteries in series) but I brought a cheap adjustable power pack again off eBay and have them all running through that. They came with resistors but I haven’t used them so thinking about it the power pack must (?) be giving a DC current ? The only issue with them is how harsh and bright they are, so I put yellow enamel over them to varying thickness which gives a much better sense of an old fashioned sodium bulb rather than the modern bright white street lamps etc ? photos on Bole Quay thread if you want to look at what I did / didn’t achieve? regards Dave J
  9. Hi be very interested in one of these if you make them available ? ps - is there somewhere I can find out about the LH&JC locos? cheers Dave
  10. Latest addition to the ‘family’. A Bachman 04 in BR green off eBay. It has the older split frame chassis but for me at least they always run reasonably well ( at least until the quartering of the jackshaft goes awry!). It’s not super-finescale but I’m happy with it! Put some separate handrails on to replace the rather thick plastic ones, and put a mesh into the radiator grill with a suggestion of a radiator behind. I’d have flush glazed it like I have my other 04s, but I couldn’t detach the cab from the body and whilst I contemplated breaking the glazing from the outside, discretion seemed the better part of valour !! Knowing my luck I’d break the glazing and then be unable to remove it from the cab, or it wouldn’t break cleanly or …….. Then dirtied it a bit and now I have another loco to run trains with.
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