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  1. Tortoise and hare ? Slow and steady is good ! Your layout is looking great and I look forward to seeing more. Keep on keeping on !
  2. Wow!! Can you tell us a bit about how / what materials etc ?
  3. David : thank you, you’re very kind. I’m not sure about what’s next to be honest! Probably a break, a lot of new home diy to do. I’d love to build a model of the RAE Farnborough railway ( was a kid in and around Fleet and Farnborough) and would combine my love of trains and aircraft. Or maybe Forcett Goods Station on the old Darlington - Barnard Castle route. Thanks again for the comment Dave J
  4. A concluding update on work on Bole Quay. I think I’ve taken it about as far as I can, and indeed as I am motivated to. I’ve made a clamshell bucket, shown In photographs on the quayside when not attached to the crane to unload phosphates from visiting local coasters. It uses a 1:48 3D printed excavator bucket for the actual clamshells, which were then cut up and attached to some frames for the grab from plasticard, fine chain, and other bits and pieces. Also some ‘clutter’ added, around the garage, and the East Coast Shipping warehouse. And lastly some crates and merchandise awaiting loading to the coaster on the quay.
  5. After Simon aka Heacham so kindly shared photos of wagons on Boal Quay, I decided to try and model them. Photos of work in progress. It’s never easy for me to do a colour model of a black and white photo, but hopefully they’re not too far out. Still to await delivery of some waterslide number transfers. A question - does anyone know of a supplier of bespoke transfers - so I can get the ‘internal user Kings Lynn Harbour’ text blocks developed? Dave
  6. That’s very helpful specialist knowledge - thank you. I fear my curves may be even tighter than that !!!
  7. Many thanks Steve. I like that industrial / run-down look too. If I’m honest I think the curve might be too tight to be realistic - though I guess some docks did have amazingly right curves! It was necessary to make things fit - compromises, compromises ! All the best Dave
  8. In the odd position of having few large jobs to do on the layout. Finished off the quayside, and added some disguise to the mirror/ quay join. Still to build the clamshell grab, and to model the phosphate wagons shown in Simon’s / Heacham’s brilliant photos he was kind enough to share. A few pics of the quayside, including one of my 03 placing a grain hopper under the silo.
  9. Looks really good. You’re a master at the cut / shut / filling process. Very impressed! I trust it’s just model locos you cut & shut?!!!
  10. Wow! They are totally brilliant. I’ve looked at them on a phone - have to try on a much bigger screen and pore over the details. They are hugely helpful - thank you so much ! Dave
  11. Heacham: many thanks for your kind words. I’ve used quite a lot of modellers licence to fit the site and buildings into my available space, but I’m really glad you are able to recognise at least some similarity to the real place. I’m also conscious that I’ve no photos of locos on the quay, and indeed that the bridges across the Nar and Millfleet probably couldn’t support them. There are pictures of the Fordson tractor, and I wonder at its workload given the number of vans and phosphate wagons you see in photos on the quay. But it struck me as such an atmospheric place that I just had to model it, based on a Bylines article, and some great pictures on the Kings Lynn local history forum. I’d be fascinated to be able to see any picture you may have, and thanks so much for your interest. Dave.
  12. Looks good ! I love the Lambton engines - live just up the road and it never fails to amaze me that all that was there, and that some of the Fencehouses and Philadelphia buildings remain. Your engine’s great - nice one.
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