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  1. SteveDee68 - thanks for the comments. I agree that a kit would be great - I guess it’s a limited market, and even my version which is under size is pretty big!!
  2. Hi Keith sorry for delay - website didn’t prompt me about your question. The dock wall are Wills random stone sheets. I cut them to the required height, then glue them together having filed the ends etc so the butt joint between each sheet is as unobtrusive as possible. I then spray them with grey primer, and then use a very dilute polyfilla / dab of white glue / water mix to ‘wash’ over the grey sheets. I then used enamels to colour the individual stones in a random but relatively limited palate. The wood is wood strip off eBay intended for ship modelling, glued / jointed etc and then weathered with a white enamel wash. Glad you like like it and thanks for the question. I’ll resume modelling when I’ve finished moving house
  3. In your photo above I’m very impressed with the concrete on which the point lever is mounted. How did you get that crazed / weathered effect ? Really good .....
  4. The words ‘look’, ‘gift-horse’ and ‘mouth’ come to mind. Applaud Hattons.......
  5. Further picture of the new Stothert & Pitt signs attached to the Boal Quay crane
  6. A very small (literally!) update. Some lovely signs for the crane from Stoneybridge Structures. Ordered Thursday, received Saturday. Excellent service and excellent reproduction. No link obviously just very pleased with outcome. Will post further picture when they’re stuck to crane.
  7. Any good ? It’s on the Tanfield Railway in North East England.
  8. Wow - they’re lovely! if you ever decide to sell the body as some form of kit please let me know - I think I recognise the chassis and would love to put one of those bodies on it. regards Dave
  9. Hi Luke- just found your thread and love the layout. Can I ask a question - the stay alive unit in the Peckett : I’ve heard mention of these but know nothing about them - do they only work with DCC or do they also work on old fashioned dc? Thanks
  10. Titanius/ SB67 Steve / 37114 : thank you for your kind words. On holidays at moment and when get back got to pack this up as am hoping (?!!) to move house at the end of September. But will resume thereafter all being well. Best wishes dave
  11. Latest pics of crane placed on quayside. It is an utter nightmare to move as with the slightest provocation the cable jumps from the wheels, and I then spend half and hour guiding it back over one roller, to find its off another roller, which you fix and then find a third roller is off, so you fix it ......and go back to the start . Ugh. Anyway, looks good on the quay, as does my newly acquired and still in the process of repainting and weathering bargain AW&S Janus. Looks lovely, but very intolerant of anything other than surgically clean track - my Heljan 07 runs without a murmur in the same track. Ah well, another thing sent to try us........
  12. Hi folks. Latest pic of my dockside crane - an attempt to replicate a Stothert & Pitt crane on Boal Quay in Kings Lynn. Still some work to do and tidying up to do, but getting there. My thread Bole Quay has details of what a total faff this has been to get it to work !
  13. Latest on the crane. This has been more hassle, and more faff, than the whole of the rest of the layout put together. Spent four hours on it today and am stopping for a rest ( for a year maybe ?!) or else it will get chucked at the wall. Amazingly it slews rather well. Amazingly too it is almost level luffing - pure fluke. But the lifting and luffing have too much friction in the process : the cables have to run in tiny eyelets within the machine room to navigate around three electric motors and associated gearboxes and to get the cable to wind neatly on the drums. The luffing bit is ok, having restrung it three times, changed the cord I was using because it was too stiff and wouldn’t run properly, and generally got properly cross. The cable runs around the three pulleys for the lift / lower loads is very friction sensitive, and any hitch sees the gib move when you lift - which is wrong. Am wondering if there’s enough weight in the gib - will try weighting it a bit more - maybe. Regularly thought it will be a static exhibit, but not inclined to give up just yet. .......
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