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  1. Simon’s (‘Heacham’) lovely colour photos of the quay cranes (above) prompted me to go back and look again at my model. I think I recorded at the time I felt the jib was too thick to be that good a model, and these photos only confirmed that view. So I’ve constructed a new jib of much finer profile plastistruct. TBH it’s probably still too thick, but at least a lot better than mark 1 version. Still a little fettling to do - pivot bar at the bottom and the thread at the hook, but definitely an improvement I think…..
  2. Their beaks look way too sharp to me !
  3. So, I have Colin the Cormorant standing on his post, and now Harry the Herring Gull surveying the Quay from the animal feed factory! I think I’m living in a fantasy world !!!
  4. A few more pics of J70 now it’s weathered. I’m a bit of a Wisbech & Upwell nut, so always loved these, especially in their later scruffy BR guise.
  5. so so grateful Simon - they’re brilliant to see ! dave
  6. Hi Johna don’t know if this at all helpful but this is how I used Wills sheets in my layout Bole Quay - See attached - The dock wall are Wills random stone sheets. I cut them to the required height, then glue them together having filed the ends etc so the butt joint between each sheet is as unobtrusive as possible. I then spray them with grey primer, and then use a very dilute polyfilla / dab of white glue / water mix to ‘wash’ over the grey sheets. I then used enamels to colour the individual stones in a random but relatively limited palate. The wood is wood strip off eBay intended for ship modelling, glued / jointed etc and then weathered with a white enamel wash. hope this is helpful Dave J
  7. Finally got chance to weather my J70. Bit more to do so still a work in progress, but looks less toy- like than when pristine. Slightly reminiscent of the Wisbech Harbour Branch ?
  8. Workboat number two. Sounds like an old REM song ?! Still a bit to do -‘add a tiller, a folded up cover for the boat, some lines to moor it etc. It’s not going to be moored to this bit of quayside, but as a work in progress ….
  9. Any chance of a Hunslet / Hudswell Clark 0-6-0 Manchester Ship Canal short tank ?!!
  10. A little bit more fiddling - two resin rowing boats acquired from ‘e-market’. One painted as old rowing boat with a wizened old guy in the bow looking to his land- based mate to tie up. The other still work in progress - going to have an inboard engine in a box and an exhaust out through the stern as some of the old wooden clinker boats were converted when motors were available - after WW2 at a guess ? Will moor that off the quay by the grain silo - the River Nar, and it’s reflection in the mirror will give two for the price of one!
  11. Don’t know if it’s any help / too late but my method is to spray the Wills sheet with white primer as you suggest, then use humbrol 80 and humbrol 83. The exact mix depends a bit on what you’re after - 80 straight from the tin is very orange indeed, but the white undercoat helps. Also I don’t ‘paint’ it on but use a ‘dry-brush / scumble’ approach where I just try and pick up the brick detail but leave the mortar courses clear. You can then flood these with a mortar colour which also dulls the orange / buff 83 mix. Once really dry, pick out as many bricks as you can bothered with slightly lighter / darker hues of the base colour, plus if your brickwork requires it some near black bricks - but only a few. As always work from a colour photo of what you’re after if you can ? I then let dry really hard, then weather with washes of thinned humbrol dark brown and black. Photo of a warehouse on my layout attached so you can see the result -if that’s of any use and what you’re looking for ?
  12. I enjoyed the programme, but like a few others comments, I’d rather hoped for a bit more about the challenges and process of creating what looked to be a lovely metal model of the Merchant Navy ?
  13. Thanks Steve . Look forward to seeing your backscene - mine was a bit of an experiment, but I’m happy how it tuned out. I think you’ve immediately identified what it’s taken me a while to understand - that having low relief colour buildings in front of the black and white photo is key to it working. I’ve started to try something similar at the other end of the layout, where in reality the bridge crossed into an open grass area with sidings, but with a row of terraced houses in the distance and a series of warehouses on the left. The transition from 3D colour to black and white photo doesn’t work as well there on my first attempt on the model, and I think it’s because I need a low relief, colour element before I go to the black and white. So I’ll have more of a play !! all the best Dave
  14. Thanks again David, but the modelling isn’t that good trust me !!
  15. Been doing a slight update on the backscene : a paintshopped photo of St. Margaret’s Church, added to the existing backscene I already had. The combination of painted backscene profile and photo of the Church seems to have worked well…..
  16. Between the showers on Boal Quay.
  17. Hi Tom just come across your thread - amazing stuff. I zoomed in on the photos and still wasn’t completely convinced Ed they weren’t of real life !! The landscape and trees are just stunning and the railway looks hugely impressive too. Really good stuff.
  18. Morning Rob and everyone. Could I ask for some advice please - how do you remove the body of a Hornby Peckett B2 ? I can see two screws fore and aft that seem to be body retention screws not keeper plate screws, but removing the two still doesn’t seem to free the body ? Am I missing something ? Any help gratefully received - sorry for the digression Rob - you and yours readership seem knowledgeable in such matters ( I hope !) Dave
  19. Rob just catching up on this wonderful thread. It took me a while to find out I didn’t have to start at page 1 each time I came back to it but could specify a start page number - I’m a bear of very little brain! Just getting to the bits where you’re contemplating a W&U influenced layout - can’t wait to see how that goes as the W&U is a real love of mine. Only ever made two layouts in 30 years (makes me look lazy compared to you !), the first one being Outwell Village Depot, the other my current layout. Was lucky enough to visit Outwell Village in February 1997 just before they built the new houses on the Depot site. Even 30 odd years after closure it still had a ‘secret’, forgotten, ‘lost in time’ sense to it. Wonderful stuff. Back to page - 330 I think I’ve got to !! Keep up the amazing work, and love the thread for the sense of mutual support and help, as much as the amazing modelling. regards Dave J
  20. So the visitor from earlier, the P Class, has now had some weathering. Still cute, but now dirty and cute ! The Modelu figures are so good to swear they are about to move !
  21. Thank you, that’s very kind. RMweb is such an amazing site for inspiration and guidance. Dave
  22. Much appreciated David, thank you.
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