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  1. Hi tark61, yes they were packed on end, one layer of models, in a very large box, with a bin bag’s worth of small polystyrene shapes packed on top. Heavy and unwieldy. Thought it was an unusual way to pack when I opened it, and I’ve certainly never had a problem on the scale of 19 broken models with a courier delivery before. Thanks Ben A I have emailed you as per instructions on 3rd March (in addition to 18 Feb notification to Revolution). An acknowledgment of this would be appreciated, takes 1 minute to acknowledge my email. 3 years waiting for the order, 3 months
  2. Was very excited to receive a very large box containing a bumper crop of TEA models. Looking forward to running some big, iconic, colourful trains on my layout, and pleased to find a role for the excessive number of Hornby class 60s in my collection. On opening the box and checking the models I had a bit of a shock. 19 damaged models (11 with broken underframes and side parts, 8 with just damaged side parts). Good news that a further 15 have survived fully intact and very nice they are too. Next problem is how to sort this out. Contacted Revolution well over a week
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