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  1. OK, Thank you for responding, I will use the usual combination of modified FB75 turnouts with BH plain track. StaySafe
  2. Hi, Has Peco made an announcement to expand the range of BH 00 turnouts, if so, is there a forecast for release? Thank you
  3. Hi, According to a response from OOworks, the final plain black SR versions will not be ready until 2022 StaySafe
  4. Well, was it worth a punt? I think the answer is an emphatic YES. The other side is even better! StaySafe
  5. Jack Benson

    Surplus books

    Time Left: 26 days and 21 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - boxed, complete and unmodified

    Just clearing the numerous industrial themed books with some interesting NG titles and other stuff thrown in for good measure. Some brand new, all in excellent condition. Industrial Railways of the South West - Michael Messenger- Twelveheads Good Condition £4.00 Industrial Railways in Colour by Michael Poulter - Irwell Press - As new £5.00 Rail and Road Transport on the Isle of Portland - B L Jackson - Oakwood - VGC £4.00 The Railways of Purbeck - R W Kidner - B Kidner - As new £5.00 Fayle's Tramways Clay Minining in Purbeck - Chris Legg- Twelveheads-Brand New £7.50 The Salisbury and Dorset Junction Railway - Nigel Bray- Kestel Press - As new £4.00 Painting and Lining in the smaller scales - Steve Barnfield-Irwell Press- SOLD Railway Bylines Annual Number 2 - Various authors- Lots of odd lines including South Western potteries- As new SOLD Haywards Heath to Seaford - Vic Mitchell -Middleton Press £4.00 As new PENDING Branchlines around Wimborne - Vic Mitchell-Middleton Press £4.00 As new Southern Locomotives to Scale - Ian Beattie- Bradford Barton SOLD Southern National Omnibus Company -Colin Morris- SOLD All books £2.25 2nd class tracked postage


  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • AS NEW - as purchased (unused)

    4mm-12" A few items of late '40-'50s Army stuff, an unopened packet of Merit personnel in uniform and two vehicles - a Tilly and a Bedford, the vehicles are unboxed but otherwise perfect. Also included are some resin castings from Milcast - ACC086 ammo boxes. All these were intended as part of a scene portraying a part of an lineside Army depot in the '50s. The items will be sent, carefully wrapped in bubbly stuff in one of those new indestructible postal by first class, tracked Royal Mail


  7. Try this link to the Southern Electric Group - Click here The station buildings are reminiscent of Gomshall and Shere on the Reading - Redhill line Click here Stay Safe
  8. Hi, A bit more gardening duty, although there is loads more to do, no garden is finished until it is absolutely crammed full of plants. Stay Safe
  9. RNAD Broadoak? Sufficiently remote to make road access difficult and the locals would have welcomed the employment. I might purloin the idea as my own, thank you. StaySafe
  10. Hi, Having considered the gradient profile of the D&E, the eastward climb to Dorchester would have been challenging rising some 200’ from Bridport whilst the westward climb out of Bridport towards Broadoak and the Marshwood Vale would have been equally difficult. Perhaps justification for a helper allocated to Dorchester 71C, maybe a couple of Charlies in the late ‘40s-early ‘50s? StaySafe
  11. This old Crownline Q1 looks to be rather suitable, it is a nicely built of etched construction with an RG4 motordrive. Worth a punt? Q1s strayed westward, a couple were noted at Dorchester in the late '40s, Gerry Beale uploaded a couple of images of them nearby, if the D&E had existed, then why not? StaySafe
  12. A big more progress on the T9 wide cab. The lovely front buffer beam resplendent with Markit buffers and the cab has a lost wax backhead from Jim Smellie at Caley Models, lovely aftermarket details. StaySafe and Thank You
  13. Rich, Apart from 30382 none of the K10s carried the BR number, ironically 389 outlasted 30382. As my timeframe runs ‘49-51, many of the locos and stock wear a variety of liveries, some locos are still in all-black utility livery carrying BR numbers (SR sunshine) and SOUTHERN on the tender, others with BR sans gill numbers. All these are careworn after almost decade of hardwork and minimal workshop time. By contrast, there are a couple of full mixed traffic liveries, absolutely brand new and minimal weathering, finally two in BR goods black, resplendent with unicycling lion and smokebox door plates. The overall effect is a few small black locos (only the Ruston 48DS is green) the exception is the hulking brute of an H15 which illustrates the huge change in LSWR motive power during the first twenty years of the 20th century. That’s it, StaySafe
  14. For those interested in the movement of goods on the Southern, this link to Southern Goods may be of interest as it features some classes of motive power not normally associated with goods. StaySafe
  15. Hi Jack, Please, share the methods for weathering your GBL, I also own this excellent model and am much impressed. And, where do you source SOUTHERN decals for tenders…….? Thanks and StaySafe
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