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  1. James, Just wanted to add my congratulations for a very neat micro. The concept has become very popular but this is one of the best examples, thank you for sharing. Cheers and StaySafe
  2. Houston, we have a problem :-( Some of the 2d ultra low flats have warped considerably, it took a great deal of patience to capture this image of them in place. However some tiny 2x1/2" csk screws plus a generous smear of PVA will hold them in place. The 3D printed aircon units are truly superb and there is a radically modified Ratio steel chimney to further enhace their fascias. Recycled drinking straws and bits of old sprues will be used to provide those mysterious bits of pipework that seem to grace industrial scenes. Finally, the sky will be filled with suitably dirty white clouds and that will complete the backscene. Cheers and Stay Safe
  3. Hi, An application of the same sky paint in use since 1999 has transformed the dowdy look of the layout. Should I add some grey clouds, the sun always seemed to shining on field trips, even Hamburghafen was a pleasure to visit. Cheers and Stay Safe
  4. The 1km spur to the army camp at Ryall is receiving attention, a couple of suitable obsolete army vehicles have been acquired for the Territorial Army unit based at Ryall army training camp. Tilley utility vehicle Bedford OY Both are WW2 vintage, suitable only for limited transport use, delivering stores and personnel. Soon Ryall will be closed, the spur lifted and all trace of the training camp will be gone as it returns to agricultural land. Cheers and Stay Safe
  5. What a shame that SAG faltered. As a native of Dorset but born as a Man of Kent, I have no connection with anything further West, a SAG would be a welcome adjunct to RMweb. Cheers and Stay Safe
  6. Nearholmer, It began simply as a set of simple requirements rather than a copy of anything:- 1. Platform 2. Run round+loco release 3. Lock-up on platform. 4. Cartage track. 5. Storage siding. 6. Loco shed with fuel+water The subtle curve, big wye and kink are all tricks to please the eye and get the exit as near to the operator as possible. For the station building, we tried cricket pavillions (one was a laser-cut kit from Oz), the lock-up was Peco and the loco shed was Airfix with a corrugated plain roof. It looked perfect for a Colonel Stephens affair or something in the North of Scotland, just nice and gentle to waste some time. I implore folk to play around with the idea, it can be flipped horizontally but operating from the front needs a bit more though so that the exit is always next to the operator. Cheers and Stay Safe
  7. Many years ago, I was searching for a simple solution to build a BLT that would fit in a Mk2 Golf, be transportable by two shifters and require a minimum amount of stock. ‘Minories’ was always an option but I am right handed therefore fiddleyard on my right side and rural rather than suburban - a loop seemed essential, so did a ‘kink’ in the track to bring the exit road as close as possible to the near edge but a feeling of space was also priority. The plan is so simple but subtle, a gently curving platform and large radius ‘wye’ on the local release are essential as they distract attention from the size of the layout. Enough for an 02 and two 58’ Maunsell rebuilds or whatever else takes your fancy. We ran two passenger trains and two goods, it was enough to keep both the public and operator amused. So, there It is, no attempt to fix a location or period, the choice is yours. Cheers and Stay Safe
  8. Hi Jim, I have a permanent layout 'Beaminster Road' and recently was forced to abandon exhibiting due to COPD, eight hours a day standing on concrete plus driving/shifting takes it toll, however a Christmas Tree storage box layout was lurking in the garage. A pre-lockdown outing to a local Narrow Gauge 'salon' where the exhibitors sat and chatted to punters was a revelation, I got the green light to continue just as long as I 'take it easy'. A return to German outline was not inevitable but I wanted something left field rather than another rural idyll, a set of industrial sidings seems to work and I can spend the day just chatting to the punters. Cheers and Stay Safe
  9. Hi Jim, Thanks for your suggestion about textures.com, the internet is such a useful tool for research. What prompted your decision to make a micro, I ask because I am going through a similar process with the Micro Plank. Thanks and Stay Safe
  10. Hi, I began looking at past threads in RMweb and searched the internet for fuelling points in Germany, Kibri 39932 certainly looks the part, it just needs trimming away the front track bed, an appropriate paint job and a guy in hi-viz. At the other end of the scale, I watched a loco in Paderborn being refuelled using a Zwicky-type pump and nozzle from 45 gallon drums, a scene that would have been typical for anyone in the services. The Trix DHG500 is exceeding expectations, such a smooth model on DC and the diorama is rather satisfying despite its tiny dimensions. I note that Phil Parker also used a simple crossover for the wharf diorama over the weekend online event, more entertaining than the inglenook even if it has less potential as a shunting puzzle. Cheers and Stay Safe
  11. This is a cheap but useful kit for topping up the Henschel DHG500, once the base has been trimmed back. It has great potential for excessive weathering and a Kadee ramp will be useful. Cheers and Stay Safe
  12. To add to the list of buildings for the plank, a version of this little beauty has appeared on every micro layout that I have exhibited moreover the MiniArt loco shed is rather oversized for such a small diorama. Maybe just the platelayer's hut and another similar structure is all that are needed? None of the structures are stuck down but at least the track is functioning perfectly, at the moment, we are just trying out what needs to be used and where. Smaller details are needed and suddenly it will be finished. Cheers and Stay Safe
  13. Ian, Please upload images of your Brighton B4, what kit was used? Cheers and Stay Safe
  14. The Sunday Engineering train - 2 After almost a year some progress with the rake, the Herring is complete and lettered, the Dogfish has been re-lettered whilst both will be weathered. The etched Herring was a challenging build, only finescale wheels will fit, no allowance for autocouplings and no space for hidden weight. Neither was it a particularly free runner however tweaking solved the problems. My thanks to Mike and Neil. Cheers and Stay Safe
  15. Before we get serious with this model, may we ask if anyone knows the origin of the model, what is the prototype? Is there a common UIC type? Thank you Cheers and Stay Safe
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