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  1. A few years ago, I bought an APA blanket box as an ideal home for the forthcoming Peckett, all good intentions except the APA box is actually serving as a bedroom storage box and the Peckett was homeless. Then I saw an article (I think in BRM) about a simple layout from SMS for a Really Useful christmas box and the penny dropped....bigger than the APA box and a sealable protective box. At the same time Chris Nevard said it was OK to plagarise his Brew Street design for my Chandlers Row project and we were in business. Chandlers Row, is based on the Chapel Tramway and Dibles in the St.Mary's area In Southampton, right next to Southampton FC's stadium near the Itchen docksides. The most iconic image of the tramway crossing Britannia Road is beyond my grasp but some of the street running near Belvidere Road look interesting. The Chapel Tramway went bust in 1967 and it served warehouses, light industries and wharfages. The system even had a locomotive repair works which looked after George Jennings from Parkstone, so lots of local connections. more info> Click here for the fun stuff It will be fun JB
  2. Gordon, Look carefully, has its position changed? And this building was just down the road, note the gasometer. JB
  3. Further progress on the P.W. Depot can be followed on the original blog that started when the first timbers were being cut for the layout. Therefore progress will continue if you just > click here. Thanks for support and past comment, the Artistic Director is taking a break after the chronicling of the progress and he has decided to concentrate on building a tiny SMS 'layout in a box' diorama inspired by the former railways that ran through the streets of St.Mary's in Southampton - now home to Southampton FC's stadium. The blog is called Chandlers Row and is worth a look > Click here Cheers JB
  4. TBG, Good for you, none of the platforms that were in my care are in service today. The Hawk was never really a FAA type as it was/is a FRADU type and civilian operated. Apologies for forgetting the Hawk and to a lesser extent the Gnat, training aircraft were never under my care, unfortunately the 'duds' seemed to have outnumbered the 'stars' by an inordinate amount. In terms of how and why I disliked the duds, it was a mixture of maintenance man hours per flying hour and attrition rates. As previously mentioned, the Scimitar managed to accrue a thousand to one flying hour and over half of the airframes were lost to accidents. That level of intensity can be compared with the Lynx Mk3 that managed just double figures in the late 80s when deployed (I didn't have any qualms transiting in a Lynx) Anyway, that's enough nostalgia. JB
  5. No one is insulting you, you are merely wrong. Hawkers also made aircraft batteries, was there any connection? JB (45year FAA veteran)
  6. Utter tosh- Firebrand was a Blackburn design not a Hawker product. No connection with the Typhoon design process. However the Sea Fury was a Hawker product. JB
  7. The Scimitar did not actually 'carry' the WE177, it was merely 'capable of' such was the level of confidence. The list of 'duff' aircraft procured post-war is not limited to Supermarine. The 'Firebrand' went straight from production to reserve deployment and the Gloster Javelin as a Fighter All Weather was something of an embarassment. Apart from the Canberra Lightning, Harrier and Bucc 2 were there any truly successful post-war smaller British military aircraft? *The Hunter was not successful until the mk4 JB
  8. The posters were photographed and reduced for 1:45 The next images are our friend with his parents in 1959, father was seconded to Walker Barracks, Bamberg. The scene was made possible by Ian Robinson and Mike Hitchin. Unfortunately, there are only a few images of the layout but it is does indicate that not all 1:45 layouts have to be clones of each other JB Dorset not SWAG
  9. This was a vignette for a 1:45 project, none of the vegetables are Busch products but the birdhouse is a recurring theme on all layouts irrespective of scale. Jb In Dorset not SWAG
  10. Hopefully you will tackle the dreadful Scimitar at some point, one of the worst post-war platforms procured by FAA. It held the uneviable record for man hours per flying hour as well as a tragically high accident rate. It constantly leaked fuel and only found favour as a tanker (replaced by NA39) before well deserved retirement to FRU. JB
  11. And there is a reasonably informative article about the SDJR in the same issue of Hornby magazine. JB
  12. Hi Guys, I hope to fund/find a reasonably costed source of pigeon carriers in 4mm for the purpose of replicating their railway use. If Hourby can source excellent wicker baskets (thanks Mikkel) then pigeon carriers can be next? An email to whoever regulates pigeon racing should result in dimensions of a standard realease carrier. JB
  13. Hi, I had just started a tour at Gatow, it was to be my last and happiest. Went back last August and enjoyed every minute with a chum from BRIXMIS taking a guided wander around Wünsdorf. JB
  14. Jonathan, As an NE ignoramus, what is the origin of that lovely model? And thanks JB
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