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  1. First thing I did was check the running gear in case a preserved line was having a giggle! I had sworn no passenger stock, and the Millwall plan has clearly defined requirements so no excuses there, but... Small and old, but clerestory and 12W like a proper carriage. Glorious. Could there be any circumstance in which a carriage was taken to its tail traffic then returned to the station? I'd love an excuse to get it on the wharf, at 54' it would fit well as a 'double-wagon' for puzzle purposes. Rule One only, or might there be plausible alternatives? That's w
  2. Just a little further and we'll emerge within shouting distance of the almost on-topic PLA No's 1, 2 and 3. @Nearholmer, thank you. She's perfect, and available*. The locos of Gloucester docks and of the Nailsworth branch are high on the list of things to look into. The pre-Deeley "motley collection of small locomotives"? Yes please Cheers all *I was intending to reference a quote (Wilde?) along the lines of "there is nothing so attractive as availability"...but Google tells me it's not a thing. Ring any bells?
  3. Motive power for Ingleford With thinking-time at a premium recently, there's not been much progress on anything useful or interesting. I have been wondering how I'm likely to use the layout, and what that means for desired/required stock and motive power (a smaller, easier topic). I'm leaning towards the scheme below, based on a three-decade working life for locos (the decades told through stock) but would appreciate feedback, and advice for likely Midland candidates. 1880s: Private - Beyer Peacock 0-6-0T (00 Works LSWR 330); Manning Wardle 'F' (modifie
  4. Yes ma'am, wouldn't miss your updates here if it was the last bandwidth I had! Much cheered by the continual stream of lovely, and very fine, modelling. Thank you for continuing to share
  5. Without doubt, they're much more informative (and evocative) than the results of dedicated trackplanning software. Ah! I spent a lot of time scratching my head and wondering how you got the geometry so smooth, but failed to make the leap to the truth! Makes sense, and works well. My ideas to a tee! I might have some grand plans, but I'm actually building an Inglenook after all... Oh, I completely agree (and intend to do the same on a future project), just suggesting that what was lost on the swings could be regained on the roundabout!*
  6. Perhaps it will be welcomed by other gauge communities, but for 00 a loco lift that cannot hold a loco isn't something which raises a smile. For six months I've had orders with two retailers with for the old SL-43 model, and I'm disappointed these are now cancelled. Did PECO deem it necessary to totally expend existing stock before unveiling their new version? Looks like it... We now have no choice* but to buy a lot of vertical plastic when we're after a useful length of horizontal. Could someone point out the silver lining? Okay, off to try getting out of t
  7. It does look good (honestly, the whole thing looks marvellous!), but as to whether it looks right only your excellent judgement and comparison with the engine shed can tell. I suspect you'll find it bob on Cracking stuff as ever Chris, Warren continues to be an inspiration - thank you!
  8. Oh bravo! Bravissimo! That's made my day, and I've had bloody good day! Thank you for sharing, I wish you joy of it
  9. Another lovely plan (I've thoroughly enjoyed playing trains on it whilst marshalling thoughts over the past couple of days), beautifully presented. Those thoughts seemed small but lead to significant changes which suit my biases but won't suit all (or indeed any) others. They're offered below not as suggested improvements but...well, just cos really One of the things that made Hampton Malstead really click for me was the long loop - the first points a train met when approaching the station. The shorter loop as at Bucklecombe risks looking more trainset than model railw
  10. Given that's the Monkton Combe 1st XI pavilion, at the base of the Camerton Branch, we're still firmly in Thunderbolt territory. We'll find out if there's more to the lyrics in a little under three hours. Woop woop!
  11. ...to D299? I should've bloody known! Sorry for the slow acknowledgment of useful and interesting replies (apart from @Nearholmer, but thanks for the laugh!), bit on at the mo*. Will do better next week hopefully. Till then, why might 120 tons of coal have been brought to "Bristol Road" (presumably the tranship dock and siding seen in the photo above, hard by the Midland station of the same name) in four narrow boats (uncertain if as one consignment, or a regular service of c. a boat a month) as per the tonnage notices previously linked, covering Spring 1881?
  12. More presumptuous than kind - my apologies. I couldn't imagine there are too many people on this forum with a copy (understandably!). @figworthy I'll have a look when I'm next able and report back. A bit of coal traffic for the inspiration folder, from Frank Gegg and Co. of Cirencester: I think the boat would have come down to Gloucester, and then along the Stroudwater Navigation and Thames and Severn Canal before taking the branch up to Cirencester. The curved stem is distinctive of...something which I now can't recall, a particular builder I think, but which would be
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