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  1. It definitely looks like you need one in wartime black!
  2. Give it a couple of years and they will probably be released as an EFE model.
  3. For anyone who is tempted by a Lord Nelson, Rails now have Sir Francis Drake in SR green at £129.50. No connection etc. I'm surprised that they haven't sold out like a lot of Hornby's new offerings of late it's one of the few occasions where I've not bought on release and managed to pick up cheaper later. Nik
  4. I wouldn't want to see a release list like this every year as new models are the lifeblood of the hobby, but I for one am happy to see a year of consolidation. As a Southern modeller we have been fortunate to have been inundated with superb models from many sources, so a gap to catch up with purchases is an opportune chance as far as I am concerned. Nik
  5. These days some expert would probably tell Leonardo Da Vinci he hadn't got the Mona Lisa's smile right. Like that painting LLS is also a masterpiece.
  6. Fair point. Thanks for the swift reply. Nik
  7. I don't know if this is a permanent change or a trial but I personally preferred the separate topics for each magazine as it used to be complete with sub headings. It certainly made it easier to navigate and track topics. Any chance of a change back? Nik
  8. Apparently, if you listen some, it'll all be coming back after Brexit
  9. The policemen are fantastic although a tad early for me but it set me thinking, would it be worth your time taking your scanning equipment to one of the many 1940s themed events at a heritage railway. I'm aware that not all the outfits are correct but some of the people do go to an extreme effort to get things correct. Just a thought. AT Nik
  10. Great photo. This is only speculation but if the yellow paint end faded due to the quite harsh chemicals put into the automatic washing plants of the time, a black surround would give a clearer outline to the disc. Obviously on what looks like an ex works paint job fading isn't yet an issue. Nik
  11. If you think Norwich to London is bad you should try travelling east or west either by road or rail both are horrendous! Nik
  12. Received one from Hattons last week only too find I'd mistakenly ordered the BR version doh. Visited the Bure Valley Railway yesterday and found the SR version for £35 so snapped that up. Now what to do with the BR one? Nik
  13. Basic translation "It lives!" Now for lots of playing trains/in depth testing. Nik
  14. Unless you are purchasing an APT or 92 which are crowd funded ie you have a vested interest, isn't this thread little more than trolling of DJM?
  15. Well this looks interesting, but just one suggestion. Would it be possible to make the returning loop going into the parcels siding go into the two main platform roads, similar to Waverly west on here, so you could get a continuous run. The layout could still look like a terminus by having an overall roof to disguise the circular nature of the layout. I think this would allow to keep a train circling whilst shunting sidings etc. Also sometimes it's nice to watch the trains go by. All the best Nik
  16. Eurgh! Whatever is that tram looking thing at Doncaster? Does it scare small children? Nik
  17. Dapol certainly seem to have a problem with the packaging not being up to the job. Great model but arrived with a sandbox and rear lamp iron floating around inside. Still nothing that can't be glued on. Nik
  18. Looking at this announcement it seems we'll soon be resurrecting Zero 1? Personally this smacks of a last throw of the dice with Simon Kohler sticking to what he knows. I hope all goes well with Hornby but this seems a backwards step from where they were 18-24 months ago with good releases and a well presented engine shed. Nik
  19. We passed that a while ago, would think we are fubar by now.
  20. Do I Look Like I Give A Fxxx Dilligaf. Maybe Hornby are releasing a Jay-Z cover: I've got 29 problem's but a Peckett ain't one. Hat coat gone
  21. They have managed to find the tooling for the APT-P and are going to produce a railroad version, having realised the potential of DJM''s. Nik
  22. I'd just like to be first with a pre-emptive Nothing here for me It's how much! That green/blue doesn't look quite right. Think of it as a kind of announcement bingo. Nik
  23. When looking at the index..... ooh a post ooh a post, new pictures? Release date's. Opens post: Oh a whinge about no news. Sigh. Hurrumph. No news. Nik
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