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  1. Importantly they have one in Markham. I had wondered above whether this would work, but I know with my Barclays account (personal) in the UK I still have to present myself in person for certain changes/updates.
  2. Don't tell me they lost ~15,000 orders because they have an old version of excel?!
  3. Did you try Transferwise and some of the others that offer business accounts across different jurisdictions? I don't know how they navigate the requirement to present onesself to the bank...
  4. This is a tough one, because if I remember correctly for a non-resident director to set up a bank account the director (signatory) has to present themselves at the bank with ID. That's a difficult one in a COVID-19 world. In the old days one went to somewhere like HSBC, which has branches in Canada as well as the UK. Very little presence in Canada of UK retail banks and vice versa, but HSBC is an exception. In the brave new world companies such as transferwise have business accounts and can set up bank accounts in multiple locations through their service. I don't know t
  5. I get the argument, it's just depressing that there's been a steady, targeted decline of service since the early 90s, including the shocking state of some of the class 1 railroad in the maritimes. Check out the CN cap-ex plan, $30 for NS and NB combined for this year, out of $2.7bn. It's embarrassing, and we'll see whether it's dangerous or not too. Then VIA is stuck using tracks it doesn't own, ancient rolling stock, stations that are devoid of any character greater than an industrial estate, servicing communities that aren't connected by other means (eg. rail/bus/intercity bus interconnects
  6. I thought the reason it needed to be turned was the observation car (s) needed to be at the back? Or do they plan to run one at the front and one at the back? Dropping many of the renaissance cars seems like a step back in service quality - I know they're small for the loading gauge available here (and had corrosion issues), but they're strong, well insulated, quiet and, as you note, accessible. The chronic under investment in rail infrastructure and service, especially passenger, east of Mont Saint-Hilaire is depressing.
  7. Noticed yesterday that Via's "The Ocean" is now cancelled through November, with bookings suspended for December. Others in a similar boat, although they state some services are returning. I've not heard word on a fix yet for the need to turn The Ocean after its arrival in Halifax and before departure, but I also have poor networks here and have very little clue in general!
  8. Someone really should have a word with them about the unrealistic gap between the body and the bogies
  9. Needs to be white, "Aspen" spec, steel wheels with most of the hubcaps fallen off, a 1.8D badge on the back, and it must be permanently attached to the bumper of the car infront by a too-short braking distance. If there's anyway you can get a middle-management sales type in a crumpled suit folded into the front of the kit talking on a large Erikson mobile that'd be perfect.
  10. That's actually a really interesting thought re. HMCS Sackville. I've been on a few times as a tourist, in a work capacity and one extremely odd invitation event. Not a chance you're getting me to the US right now, even without COVID-19 it's not a place I want to be, which is a shame. However if I do end up going I spend much of my time in New Brunswick only an hour from the border (so only 4 1/2 hours away). The New Brunswick Train Museum in Hillsborough had/has lots of potential and some interesting rolling stock (the stuff kept inside at least, anything outside is rotting very q
  11. I grew up in Reading and seeing this photo (before the caption) immediately brought back vivid memories of walking along that glass footbridge, stopping when something came in, running down the escalators so as not to miss a fast train to London etc. I had to double take on the photo to make sure that wasn't my father on the platform.
  12. Going to channel the "youth" here; "Pics or it didn't happen". I found the Wrenn Adam's Radial online as it seems to have gone to auction at some time recently. But let's see some of the 70s-90s artwork
  13. At this point if they cancel your orders again they could probably run afoul of trading standards. Refusing to sell once because an item was mis-priced is fine, but doing that repeatedly is a problem. And sharing a bargain, of sorts, a Western Pullman for 780 GBP. Cheaper than any of the other retailers I could find it at within three pages of google searching http://www.burevalleymodels.com/p/11218/30-420---Western-Pullman---Ultima-Digital-Sound-Train-Set No affiliation with them, but have regularly shared some of their gems and my father is a happy customer of theirs.
  14. Your modelling plans are incompatible with my rmweb enjoyment. Please reconsider
  15. Every year I bring my kids over and we go on steam somewhere. Often Swanage, but we've also spent money at the Bluebell railway (near family), Pecorama, Vale of Rheidol, Ffestiniog and others. For this summer I had planned on at least the NRM York, the North Norfolk Railway, and possibly (if we ended up doing both coasts) the West Somerset Railway. I've promised them York next year if we can travel. I'm not overly hopeful, my parents are aging and I'm not going to be the one to kill them by travelling internationally. We have so few decent railway heritage sites left h
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