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  1. Thank God - I exclaimed "oh no" when I saw the title, clicked, then read out the thread title to my partner as I waited for it to load. She also said "oh no" - and then the relief when the image loaded! P.S you may also want to check the back-to-backs...
  2. Mind me asking what would cause damage like that to the front of the 60?
  3. I had the same issues with fragile bogies - I ended up layering/laminating with some plasticard where it couldn't be seen to make them more rigid, and included a couple of extra stretchers too. Can't see the reinforcement when coupled up and running normally, so was happy with the trade-off. Was likely my fault the first time for being thick fingered (snapped one), but after that I proactively reinforced as I built. Good luck - they look great!
  4. Another loco thread ruined by the never-ending circular arguments on the bloody opinions of Sam's Trains. Can we please just give it a break? I feel for those that have something arrive after so long, after spending so much, and it's broken - especially if it's the Christmas gift to yourself. Or those opening something on Christmas (possibly infront of the person who bought it for you) and bits falling off it. There will be a point where the cost (pain) to the manufacturer, distributors, couriers etc is high enough that they change their standards. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case yet. Have always had a bit of a thing for the W1, but due to buying two houses in the last two years, new dog on the way, etc, there's no way I'll be ordering one this time around. I have been enjoying living vicariously through the pictures and videos of others. With the wheelbase relatively fixed and rigid (driving wheels), could the trailing two axles be more true to type? Trim down the first to allow significantly more sideplay (and you don't need a self-centering as the wheelbase stops the wobble/waddle) to act more like a cartizzi axle. The last one is more challenging and could be left flangeless? I don't see how to engineer a bissel that has enough range of motion in that tight space - so maybe an SEF type bogie hidden underneath is an option?
  5. Bachmann "Whiskies Galore" - trainset which may put people off if they're already heavily invested in DCC etc, but as a starter pack for someone Derails have one at 260GBP, down from 330GBP and the cheapest I can find them. Link here: https://www.derails.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=3640 No affiliation with them. Apparently they're pretty good on ordering if out of stock.
  6. Time for videos everyone - pulling prototypical rakes, filthy wagons - and at least one person running theirs on carpet on radius 2 up a 1/25 with a non-prototypical rake complaining about the motor. Really looking forward to seeing them all, apart from the latter...
  7. This was my father's experience with this product, the Dublo Merchant Navy and other product recently. Three times in less than a year for preorders to be unfulfilled - and reports by many others. It makes me wonder if it's Hornby, the retailers, or both. It's not reflecting well on either currently...
  8. Only just found myself in the right province and with an evening spare to check the kit out. It seems in excellent condition; my worry about coupling rods was unfounded (the entire etch is there, there's just a spare one in the box for reasons unknown), the castings look pretty good, boiler and tender brass all good. The footplate is almost free of any twists or bends, unfortunately the etch with the valances etc does have some bending and I'll work to straighten it out. I *think* everything is there, including crankpins, spacers etc. I didn't see any bearings, and may either invest in some hornblocks or some good brass bearings. All romford wheelsets in beautiful condition. Shockingly, the motor is an untouched, unused Romford Bulldog that cost 20+ quid whenever it was initially purchased. These appear to be hens teeth now - do I put it on ebay to partially fund a highlevel gearbox/motor combo, or build as it was originally intentioned? I'm very inexperienced on valvegear, so I'm feeling quite intimidated, but once I still down and start methodically working through it I hope to feel more confident. Will try and post photos in December if anyone's interested.
  9. Almost as much body filler on that as I packed into the gaping rust holes of our '89 Metro!
  10. My father ordered the Winston Churchill funeral one after watching it (he has the NRM BoB Class and the right pullman coaches already) - was very disappointed that the retailer he purchased from (well known) took the order, then said they couldn't fulfill and cancelled the order. By the time they did this it was out of stock at Hornby, but he managed to get one from another retailer. The model looks excellent (as does the weathering!)
  11. Again, thank you all. Looks like I might want to make a list of replacement parts, especially for when I screw it up and need something a little more robust! Will post updates.
  12. This is wonderful information, thank you all.
  13. I have the option to purchase an unmade kit at a decent price - and it includes romford wheels plus a can motor + worm (though I'm thinking I'd splash out on a highlevel gearbox). Are these any good? The castings look decent, the rolled brass boiler doesn't look like it needs much work, and I'm pretty sure it's all there (the coupling rods might be missing, but I can fabricate those myself if needs be). Any experience with this kit? Yay or nay? I don't want to get so angry a misshapen lump of whitemetal is launched across the room.
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