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  1. Where I think we can get this thread back on track (my fault, but the pun is good ) is that the reason the 69 can be manufactured was the availability of spare engines ordered for the 66s. My understanding is that you can retrofit engine spares that were delivered under a previous emissions regime. Therefore it's not *just* about the fact they're 56s, it's also about having the engines on hand. Are there are any other engine supplies lying around unused to re-engine any other class? If not, one can see this being a very limited class run, but if there are oodles of engines lyi
  2. I would love to see a class 20/37/73 replacement - a jack of all trades with low axle loading. So Co-Co or Bo-Bo-Bo. 2500hp-3000hp would be more than enough, which should give them room to fit all the emissions equipment in too. Or perhaps its a lightweight Bo-Bo with 1500hp-2000hp that can run the West Highland Line, permanent way trains etc. Anyway, I think there's a gap in new build, but a small one. It won't be filled by a US product, 30-32tonnes per axle isn't going to work. Which isn't really the point of the bodysnatchers thread...
  3. I searched through multiple times in multiple ways and don't see this on rmweb anywhere... but that also surprises me so I may have missed it? BBC article: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-56902528 All quotes below from article: "Six trains, part of a new high-speed fleet, have been taken out of service after hairline cracks were discovered. Great Western Railway (GWR) said the cracks were found during routine maintenance of two of its Hitachi 800 trains." "GWR said the hairline cracks were "in areas where the suspension system attaches to the vehicle
  4. Not against Hornby securing their future by producing toys, new lines etc. The Bassett-Lowke name for this "Brickpunk" range is disappointing, even more so than the Steampunk usage.
  5. I'm not sure their dedicated engineer has the temperament to see this project through.
  6. A full European range of locos and rolling stock gauged to 18.83mm.
  7. Better than getting a puncture on 37421... does it even come with a jack to change a tyre trackside?
  8. That Hunslet looks absolutely beautiful - I've come back to this thread three times now seen it there and spent minutes gazing at it.
  9. I assumed the lister didn't want to put a price. GBP 111,111 appears very much as a placeholder. 123,456, but mashing the 1 key a little more...
  10. Air freight is incredibly expensive currently. With fewer passenger flights there's less extra cargo room from those flights, and the cargo lines are full moving time-sensitive goods, especially so for the UK where the ports are still so congested.
  11. I noticed today that Artemis was purchased by a Danish company; Danfoss, who have stated they plan to use the technology for off-highway equipment. Wonder what that means for the Class 19?
  12. Bure Valley sent out an email today, I can’t find a way to post a link though. Hornby Princesses at 145GBP seemed like good pricing. Late BR J15 at 60GBP, but only one left http://www.burevalleymodels.com/p/8743/R3416---BR-J15-65464-BR-Black-Late-Crest
  13. The earlier poster had managed to splice multiple memories together and has been set right
  14. Curving the track slightly gives me 4cm more track length, just under half a fish van... I had to break out some pi to work that one out!
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