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    Brining model trains to market that hasn't been seen in model format before.

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  1. Fixed it now, honestly have no idea how they came out skew-wiff like this now. They were correct as of a week ago.
  2. And we should have more to follow too.
  3. What "mdvle" said above is what stands to be the case for us, we simply cant afford to fund the entire project off our own backs, especially if the project is completed and we don't even break even. We need to be able to minimize the risk we take on when it comes to starting a project and the EOI's achieve this by showing us how may customers/models we are likely to have/sell. As for the prospect of an N gauge GT3 or Fell, right now it is looking very unlikely. And don't beat yourself up, it definitely isn't the worst thing I've read about us on here.
  4. We wouldn't have let it get that far if we weren't confident we could finish the project. If we were to cancel the project, it would have been in the early stages, much like the flask wagon. Thankfully, we had a lot of people willing to put their faith in us, and for that we are eternally grateful.
  5. I'm going to take your refusal to answer the question as a 0 then. You're right, our original flyer (Warley 2018) had a predicted date of December 2019 that also stated that it was subject to change. 2 very inexperienced men trying to start out in an industry at probably the worst time for us. However that date very quickly changed as time went on and we learned more. No one starts a business with a wealth of knowledge already at their fingertips, and I'm almost certain you didn't start your business with hundreds of thousands of capital behind you. We started with nothing, we a
  6. And out of those many years, how many of them did you have to deal with a global pandemic for?
  7. I should also add, if anyone wants to email me personally at any time of the day, you are always welcome to. I reply to every email that comes into my inbox, and I take every question and query seriously. [email protected] I don't check RMWeb as much as I should, since both me and my father are always busy as all hell, and we would rather focus our time into more productive ventures as opposed to arguing and debating people on a web forum. So if you do ever have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to shoot me a message.
  8. With the model itself? So far, nothing, but we are waiting to see a post-production model to be delivered to us so that we can say they're ready for customers. What is going wrong is that we are in month 7 of a global pandemic, and import/export is still a logistical nightmare. Getting supplies to the factory to be able to make the parts was an uphill battle when production started. 1 product on the brink of delivery, and another still taking payments for. But sure, lets go with several. I'm assuming you are referring to the IQA flask wagon, which if memory
  9. Tooling is underway, not finished. We can still change issues and errors.
  10. Correct, and in that time a global pandemic hit us, so forgive us for a couple of delays.
  11. We want to deliver the first run before we think about opening up the payments on the second run. Hopefully, that's sooner rather than later.
  12. Do you have any drawings or photos of the underside?
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