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  1. People told us that the GT3 wouldn't be commercially viable either, and yet it is in production as we speak now. People told us we were fools to take on the Fell too, no one would buy such an ugly beast. Alas, that is now being tooled now. We aren't as stupid as my father looks. If the interest is there, then the EOI will show that. If there isnt, then there isnt and we haven't lost much. - Michael
  2. Then the locomotive wouldn't move. We want the model to work.
  3. I said you aren't the first to suggest it, I don't want to be misunderstood here. However, I do take every suggestion and recommendation seriously, so if anyone else has any locos they would like to see, email me personally at [email protected] - Michael
  4. Its an expression of interest, this is to gauge whether it will be a success or not.
  5. Thank you for pointing that out, that was my error. - Michael
  6. These CADs are not set in stone, things are still subject to change. We just don't want to release 15 different variations of a model and overwhelm ourselves with the work that follows. If its viable for us to offer the chimney option, then we can try.
  7. Id like to state that we have only released the EOI's for these products. That doesn't mean that these models will be out in the next year, or even 2 or 3 years, it doesn't mean they will receive sufficient interest. Its essentially market research, just how much demand is there. We have no intentions on moving forward with a project unless we are comfortable we can fund, tool, and produce a product completely and efficiently. We will still stick to our guns of 2 active projects at a time. Bare in mind also, the GT3 was meant to be in peoples hands by now, but due to complications with the pandemic it hasn't been entirely smooth to say the least. So, we have been working on these to keep us busy, and in my opinion its better than staying idle and waiting around. - Michael
  8. Just like my father, we here love the weird and wonderful. - Michael
  9. The Bulleid Leader, a desperately sought after model, finally coming to life. The Leader was a class of experimental 0-6-0+0-6-0 articulated steam locomotive, 5 were planned but only one was completed, and was produced in the United Kingdom. It looked like a ‘new’ generation of diesel but was actually a steam powered loco. The Leader project was part of Bulleid's desire to modernise the steam locomotive based on experience gained with the Southern Railway's fleet of electric stock. https://krmodels.co.uk/collections/oo-gauge/products/bulleid-leader
  10. We here at KR Models are proud to announce that we intend to produce the Clayton DHP1! It was a demonstrator ordered by Rolls Royce to showcase their engines and hydraulic transmission, with help from Col Fell of 10100 Fell Loco fame. Clayton modified the Class 17 drawings to suit the requirement as they were designed around the same time, although the 17 was about 4 feet longer but the general layout was identical, testing didn't go to plan and it was soon relegated to works shunter for the final 2 Class 17's being built (the 2 with Rolls Royce engines). https://krmodels.co.uk/collections/oo-gauge/products/clayton-dhp1
  11. Oh boy, this is a fun one to disect. So to start off, we deemed the project a success due to the fact that the project has been entirely funded from start to finish, and the overwhelming response from people seeing the EP sample and running production sample and the subsequently those people wanting one. We made the decision to start actively advertising the GT3 while the model is in production and assembly. As stated above, we are not asking for a monetary commitment right now for the second run as the first one has not been delivered yet. Once the expressions reach a sufficient number and the first run has been delivered, then we can make plans to move forward with the second run. The adverts we placed were to come out now because we had planned to have the model in peoples hands by next week, giving people ample to decide if they want one, but clearly that didn't pan out in our favour due to the pandemic. We were on track for a Late July/Early August delivery with the fist run, but due to material shortages brought on by the pandemic, that has been pushed back to the middle of August at the earliest. Some production is underway with what we have, but assembly is yet to take place. We are working as hard as we can to bring this model to those who bought one, and I hope you can forgive us for the delays. If you have any further questions, I would be happy to answer them to the best of my ability - Michael
  12. This is why we announced the Shark Brake van first, If, for whatever reason, the Shark van doesn't receive enough orders after the EOI met its target goal for us, then refunding the money wouldn't be too much hassle, If we do meet the orders, then the project wouldn't take too long to actually make, cleaning up the CADs would be an easy task, and by the point production finishes the current pandemic situation should have eased up substantially by then. - Michael
  13. An expression of interest is just that. You have expressed an interest in a certain model. There is no point producing a model that isn't going to sell. Therefore, we set up EOI to test the market, if no interest, then that's where it stays. It is business suicide to produce a model, invest all the time and money, if there is no market. Our business model is working fine right now.
  14. As we have announced expressions for multiple project, that does not mean they are in active development. The only two that are is the GT3 and the Fell, once the GT3 is in peoples hands, we will start moving towards another model to push into active development, and we have a few candidates for that. Expressions are to gauge interest, they aren't indicative of when a model is going to start development or even if it will at all. We just want to see how many people would be interested in one if we were to make one. Thats all.
  15. The issue with offering different variations, is that most require extra tools to produce the differences. This adds to the cost of the project. DJM offered 15 different variations, we will not be doing the same. We have had it confirmed that these drawings cover 6002 - 6019.
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