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    Brining model trains to market that hasn't been seen in model format before.

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  1. It's pre order in advance. We are only making enough to cover orders, so we won't be holding stock.
  2. It's working fine now, just shear volume of traffic.
  3. It's working fine now. Just shear volume of traffic
  4. This is all part of the design process.
  5. Sure, I can answer your questions for you. The numbering available will be 36001 with all the available liveries. Prototype Grey no crests will be the lined livery, the others will not be.
  6. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the website. We are working tirelessly to fix them. Unfortunately, this means that we cant go live with the Leader at this moment, but as soon as we can we will be sending out an email.
  7. We are experiencing some teething issues with our migration to the new platform. All of your orders and accounts are safe. Any issues, feel free to email me at [email protected]
  8. Yes, you will. We currently don't have an ETA on that, but hopefully it won't be too far away.
  9. They should be in the country by the end of the month, hoping nothing goes wrong. Once they are, we will be sending out a general email, as well as tracking information for each customer.
  10. We don't, which is why we didnt expect one to begin with. But common decency, admitting when you're wrong, and basic integrity should be a given. Except for those who have received it. And videos from customers, and reviews from magazines, and the video from Hornby.....but those dont fit into your narrative, do they? Do you have the faintest idea how hard it is to get a model like this 100% right with no existing schematics, blueprints, or functional examples out in the world? We did the best that we could with what we had, and yes, we did have to
  11. Neither of us really expect an apology, but we at least expected some dignity from those who slated us from the very conception of the project, some integrity. Regardless, it isnt going to slow us down, we are going to continue to make models, and we are going to continue to enjoy doing it.
  12. Its definitely been an uphill battle with trying to deal with being painted by the same brush as them, trying to break away and prove to people that we are not anything like him, we have no ambitions to be anything like him, and we will always strive to be better than him. We had plenty of doubters along the way, we had people who believed in us but were understandably critical, and we had people who trusted us from the very beginning. And from both of us at KR Models, we would like to thank everyone who supported and trusted us to get us this far. We really could not have done it
  13. Put your name down for the 2nd production run. It is going ahead. We'll delivery the 1st run, then open the order book.
  14. We have noticed that all the negative comments and false accusations that we have got on here, we have actually managed to produce what we set out to do. It's so strange that those people and you know who you are as the comments are still here, have not apologised or said even "well done, we were wrong".
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