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    Brining model trains to market that hasn't been seen in model format before.

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  1. Howdy, Mike here The wheels are in fact 11.02mm after taking the model apart and checking what size they are. My fathers email is what he thought the wheels size were, he was obviously mistaken. Now everyone has the correct information. Our apologies for the misinformation and confusion.
  2. There is no error with the wheels. 2' 9" converted into mm and scale is 11.02mm, which is what the are. Keith
  3. Actually it's step 5 and the bottom option.
  4. Send us an email at [email protected] and we'll look into it for you.
  5. We know there hasn't been much news about the Fell, but we can now show you the decorated samples, in both black and green.
  6. That is the claim, with comparable pulling power. It is classed as a Class 18.
  7. On the outside there is very little difference between the CBD80 and 90. We are fully endorsed by Clayton, so no issues with design challenges.
  8. Please bare in mind that bits of this information is poor at best and sketchy at worst. Its not been easy to find said information, but we have worked with what we have got. The interior cab lighting, this has been confirmed to be red. The GT3 when it was alive and kicking did have red cab lighting. Lighting while engine is moving backwards - The GT3 does have directional lighting (and this is now fixed on the 2nd run), but the GT3 never ran backwards. It never had that ability to do so, it only ever moved forwards. At the time, we had no data to confirm or deny that the GT3 had directional lighting, nor was it easy to find any such information at all. Lighting while engine is moving forward - The headcodes lights are meant to be white, obviously. The lights underneath the headcodes currently are white, while the lights on the tender buffer beam is red. We haven't found any information informing us otherwise. If any concrete documentation does come out confirming that they are in fact meant to be red, then we will happily correct our mistake. If you have any questions regarding the matter, feel free to ask them and i'll do my best so answer them. - Michael
  9. No white cab light as this is correct. Yes the tender buffers will be round.
  10. because the 2nd production hasn't been made yet.
  11. I'm just gonna put this out there. According to Clayton, the DHP1 never had a D number or a TOPS classification. So what do you think it could have been for both locos? We don't just want to pluck one out of thin air, but they still will need one.
  12. For all those wondering about the wrong bogie frame. You will be getting a full new replacement bogie and buffer beam in a few weeks when we can get them produced and dispatched. It was right during testing and design, the tool was made wrong. But all fixed now.
  13. We would really like to know !!!
  14. To clarify, remaining units left are very low. Sales for this have been amazing.
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