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  1. DB968001/D8233 lurking in the background in the 4th picture, I see!
  2. Ah yes, the "temporary" metal flyover, which turned out to be less temporary than the gyratory system that replaced it...
  3. Literally nothing, unless you count the short (few hundred yards) of track that used to lead into the depot, opposite what is currently platform 13 at Temple Meads. There's still a couple of decrepit points in it, I guess...
  4. Lawrence Hill was still handling bagged cement up into the mid-80's, along with the more usual presflo bulk traffic and I think possibly still handling the occasional 16t mineral to be tripped up the branch to Avonside?
  5. The Midland Bristol - Bath line. It basically became a (very) long siding all the way from the junction at Bristol Temple Meads to Bath Gas Works
  6. 2+2 seems like a lot of engine for the weight. Unless you dragged the trailing power car with the engine off, and just used it like some sort of overly-large DMU, I guess.
  7. I'm not an expert on steamers by any stretch of the imagination, but if the frames are from Rocket then it's Rocket. The frames have always been the "identity" of the loco, which is why Flying Scotsman is a bit more tricky...
  8. RM letters tend to be people noting things in the magazine, rather than an exchange of information, or at least the majority appear to fit that mould.
  9. Of course we know it would be possible to keep the station open during the work: but of course we also know it would cost "too much" money...
  10. I suspect that biggest changes have, mostly, been in the materials we use & the electronics we have access to. Aside from that, many of the basic techniques remain the same, just perhaps with higher fidelity?
  11. Are these the final changes required to close & demolish Bristol Power Box (and re-open access to the old train shed)? Is that even still the plan, anyway?
  12. "Packing Problems" are an entire class of mathematical problems, it's that difficult. The thing, the Royal Mail somehow manage to process & deliver thousands of small (and weirdly shaped) items every day. eBay items tend to be particularly poorly packed. I fail to believe that any postal service or courier would be incapable of handling a few hundred small boxes a week.
  13. That looks fabulous! How did you do the ivy, in the end?
  14. I can only fully respect anybody who puts this amount of thought into the construction of something as seemingly as simple as a waste pipe. Excellent work!
  15. Perhaps, but it would also seem to indicate that they need one or two smaller standard sizes.
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