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  1. Hi, I am about to order a 3d UV resin printer. What resin do I need to go with it? For models I.E. Which resin type and colour is best in terms of being painted? Any that I should avoid?
  2. If the kit has been in storage for a while. It is worth cleaning the etches with Cillit Bang or Stainless sinks before starting.
  3. I think this model is one of the ex LMS 3MT, not the 2MT. I have seen one of these motorized by Mike Shakespare with one of the farish chassis's.
  4. Not looked recently but is the HAMO range still available from Marklin (12v dc versions of its range)?
  5. Does anyone have any experience with the Phrozen Sonic. I am considering purchasing one as it has a slightly better xy resolution. Previous experience with 3D printers is with FDM. Cheers
  6. I have just seen this thread. One Railway I could not see in the above Colne Valley and Halstead Railway 3 District Railway carriages purchased in 1903. These were half of the Joint experimental Metropitan and District Electric Train of 1900. Very modern and comfortable, compared to most minor railways.
  7. Ten Dean Goods Locomotives were actually fitted with Pannier Tanks and Condensing Gear by the War Department in WW2
  8. Hi, Is the trouble you are having with the Stroudley Brake simply that the axles are too long. Alan Gibson will supply wheels on shorter axles to fit Lima HO scale stock on request. Thought you might like to know
  9. The reason Trix models were to 1:80 scale was because that was the scale that trix (germany) was using at the time. It was also in use by others e.g. Rivarossi and Fleischmann. As models became more accurate over time, continental manufactures brought out 1:87 models.
  10. I always thought the body was based on the locomotives of the Oberammergau line. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Falchetron.com%2FAmmergau-Railway&psig=AOvVaw39y2dvHC6yNY6YnH7Z1NMP&ust=1605027214358000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCMDP-cb29ewCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAO
  11. When you use servos did you try using an omega loop in the wire connecting to the tie bar?
  12. I believe that Fleischman used to make a 10" radius curve (H0), for use in sidings or industrial lines. Some of their bogie vehicles go round tight curves better than the longer 4 wheelers. I do not know whether their six wheel coaches would, but these have genuine cleminson type flexible chassis so might. These six wheel chassis may be useful as the basis for some special wagons?
  13. There were a couple of firms which converted steam lorries into these locomotives. There was an order from the Czech Army for Skoda Sentinels to be equiped with railway wheels. It was the success of these together with the other conversions that prompted the development of the Sentinel Locomotives. Hauler Models make a model of these wagons. http://www.hauler.cz/e-shop/1-87-(h0)-construction-kits-4/sentinel-railway-1078
  14. Being Pedantic, but Slightly Off topic. Mr Edge is wrong in stating that only Hush-Hush and some A4's were the only grey painted locomotives to have been in normal service on the LNER. The Great Eastern used Grey as a "Utility Livery" during WW1 and for some years after. This included the B12's. Some were lined out, others had a single red line at the edge of cabs, tanks etc. The most humble had none. Some of these ex GER engines retained this livery until withdrawal in the 1930's. Clive
  15. There was a 7mm scale model cardboard kit of the locomotive and a couple of the carriages produced by Alphagraphix. It may still be available.
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