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  1. The wheelbase on Sentinel locomotives was not a fixed dimension. The Axle box's were attached to radius rods. These were used to adjust the tension on the drive chains by moving the axles. Clive
  2. You also asked if there was an Airfix Magazine for Modellers. Airfix Magazine was a seperate magazine and ran from about 1964 to 1993.
  3. Hi, I am thinking about purchasing a Resin DLP printer in the next few weeks. Will be using this for mostly HO and 4mm scale models. Are there any makes I should avoid? What features and accessories should I be looking out for? I have looked at the Anycubic Photon printer what is the difference to the model S? The other slightly more general question. Is there any way to produce glazing for a window with these , with compoud curves in both direction. i.e. Is there a suitable clear resin available? Clive
  4. There was the R216 Rocket Launching Wagon, which appeared very early on. http://www.tri-ang.co.uk/rocketA.html. This also appeared in the Battle Space series R216K. http://www.tri-ang.co.uk/battlerock.html. The Rocket Projector had first appeared on the Minic Push and Go Low Loader M328 Mechanical Horse with Rocket Projector Clive
  5. One of the reasons there is a market for them is DCC. This enables them to be able to draw enough current even when stationery through the use of an auxiliary output on the locomotive's Chip. If my memory is correct, there was a similar facility with Zero One, and other systems around at the same time. The series of four Grouping 4-4-0's, which appeared at about the same time had a smoke generator (this may have been optional).
  6. IIRC that was 141 002 and it was actually in the then new Network Rail livery. Some of these railbuses were not funded by WYPTE and were intended for other services hence the Blue/Grey. I believe these were the last new units to enter service in this livery. Clive
  7. I was looking for something else and this turned up. I think I actually bought this new. I would probably complete it in the not quite blue/grey, Leyland actually used the closest match they had, which was Accrington Coporation Bus Blue, A few photos of the kit.
  8. The class 140 was a BR built prototype, which used cabs more akin to a class 455 emu, or the class 210 DEMU prototype. It was more rigidly attached to the chassis and by all accounts rode worse than the Leyland Railbus. I used to (may still) have a brass cast kit for the class 141 two car railbus. As I recall the brass sides seemed to be reasonable.
  9. When you say no bigger than A4, do you mean total area eg two joined A5 pieces, or an A4 dimensioned rectangle
  10. Actually forgot about this one. I know this is a bit late but Dyserth means something like deserted place, so what about "No Place"!. There is an actual village of this name between Stanley and Beamish in County Durham.
  11. One locomotive to avoid is Hornby's class 06 diesel shunter, it is terrible. It is considerably over width, and an indifferent runner.
  12. Nearest I can think of is Monkton, just south of Jarrow. It is reputedly the birth place of the venerable Bede. There is also a Bedes Hill which also claims this.
  13. One thing about plywood, I would advise against the use of interior plywood. The glue and often inner layers do not cope well with any moisture or low temperatures (sheds, garages etc.). One of our layouts in the club had problems with mdf distorting slightly as well. Baseboards had risen 2-5mm in places and fallen in others. WE found this out at an exhibition. Try using the delayed uncoupling feature of Kadees on other than level track. Previously well behaved locomotives jerked at slower speeds for no apparent reason. The cars would uncouple completely on the slight dips and then couple up while being propelled. It took a while to realise what had occured. Clive
  14. A question as I have some MTK's to build. How exactly did you attach the ends to the bodies? Cheers Clive
  15. Regarding Cereal Packets etc. The main difference between now and years ago is in the ink used for printed. Ages ago it used to flow into the card. Modern printing inks tend to just adhere to the surface. In order to get a good surface for gluing on the printed surface it is necessary to lightly roughen this with sandpaper. Just enough to take some of the printing off. Some of the discount chains which sell food are still open, and their stationery section has photograph have photo paper which are essentially thin cardboard.
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