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  1. Maybe you should try something with a bit more alcohol content! The brake fluid is now kind of loosening the black gungy paint that's been put on a gunpowder van I'm trying to clean up, probably an 'immerse it for a week' job but looks like it'll work, eventually... Brake fluid certainly takes old vehicle paint off if you're a bit careless with the Gunsons Eezibleed, ask me how I know....
  2. Maybe a bit late to contribute to this, but I've found isopropyl alcohol completely removes the matt paint they use on Lima coaches very easily, i was in fact only wanting to remove the lettering but it strips the paint before it touches the printed on 'decals' which needed some further rubbing to get them all off...I now have a very clean black plastic shell , ( it hasnt attacked the plastic btw)...as it happens its not too tragic as I was going to change the colour anyway! I've got another wagon soaking overnight in Dot 4 brake fluid, the ipa wouldn't touch this one ( someone else's diy paint job, who knows what paint they used)
  3. I treated myself to a set of Moore & Wright digi calipers, ( I was putting an old morris gearbox back together at the time!)...these have been great, but the battery doesn't last long even when sitting in a drawer turned off, I always just pop the battery out now.
  4. An amazing photo, incredible that the plane didn't plough up the track and bring a load of the steelwork down! Anyway as a first post on here, just to say how much I've appreciated, enjoyed and learned from this parcels train thread, I particularly like the piecemeal nature of these workings, an of course their sheer 'filthyness!..I am incidentally collecting together some wagons myself for just such an enterprise!
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