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  1. Is going German when you roll up in a tank, and shoot everyone..? ( Only kiddin'..honest..)
  2. Having travelled those tracks and the surrounding area many times thru the late 70s / 80s myself, i love this layout, its so evocative...absolutely spot on !
  3. ..you never know..it might take two stacked together like an old Chinon camera... ( i thought it looked like a No Entry sign meself..)
  4. Of course if aliens eventually turn up in something similar, among the welcoming committee will be a Lawyer to serve them a summons for copywrite infringement....
  5. Of course good old BR not to be outdone, in 1970 took out a patent for a flying saucer...
  6. You can get an 0 gauge model of the Yank version, with jet engine sound apparently...
  7. I see some oiks lobbed a stone thru the window of the crane then...
  8. ^Some excellent and fascinating info there...plus the 50 years on book mentioned earlier has a very comprehensive account of the accident and it's aftermath...
  9. I've doubtless said this before but...This layout is absolutely spot on..I used to go through London bridge, Waterloo East (to and from) Charing X during the 80s and I can picture a section that is a dead ringer for this, obviously it was all 3rd rail EMUs in my day.. but it's uncanny how right he's got the look and feel of the place...just outstanding!
  10. It's a locomotive... Yep that's right, a (vertical boiler) loco..
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