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  1. Hmm..so we'd best not enquire as to what actually occurrs in the little wooden hut..eh..
  2. The Brit ones will certainly be having a fag and a cup of tea after the deed is done....
  3. Which sets me thinking .. what would be the soundtrack for the British toad porn..?
  4. Get your air rifles out and knock a few down...free dogfood !!!
  5. Looks just like "black Mac" Makarios....many of you probably won't remember him!
  6. I love this thread, I appreciate seeing all the photos, there's much to admire and learn from, and be inspired by.. I wouldn't like to have missed ANY of them..
  7. Thats great!... The first one has a sort of effect that makes it look very realistic compared to the original.. (Which is also excellent btw !)
  8. That's great thanks! I'll see what I can find, (or manufacture.)
  9. Acquired a Hornby no2 special tank 4-4-2 minus wheels and bogies, wondering if anyone who has one can tell me the diameter ( rolling and flange od) measurements for these, both main drivers and bogie wheels, so I can source or more likely bodge something..!
  10. She looks exactly like my step dad's old mother, circa mid 1960s ! Where is the pic supposed to be taken?
  11. I've been kind of doing that, but tend to "borrow from myself" for something I particularly want! That said I don't buy posh expensive stuff, mainly job lots of tat! Another plus being that I've on occasion , sold unwanted items from a job lot I've bought, which has effectively paid for the bits I do want.
  12. I was toying with creating a battery powered electric drive for one of the scrappers as an experiment.... the professional done jobs, whilst I'm sure are great, are somewhat beyond my budget!
  13. Great stuff..Very stylish designs ! ... some of the UK made so called streamline clockwork locos looked very clumsy..
  14. Certainly the ones I've got ( 50s, 101s, 40 ) have a governor of sorts, that spins inside a small drum inside one of the side plates. Unfortunately winding one of them recently ( not over doing it) resulted in it going Bang!...the spring snapped right at the end, in the middle of the spring where it attaches to it's spindle. So a fun job will be annealing the busted end and attempt to re bend and install it....
  15. The furry finish on our stripped pine doors is due to the bloomin' cat scratching to be let in, and out..(repeatedy )....!
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