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  1. Looking fab, Jim. And you don't have to cross out "play"
  2. Hi Ray I'm afraid the demands of the 12-inches-to-the-foot life have got in the way over the summer. Things should quieten down soon (not much crofting gets done in the dark) so I'm hoping to get back into the 2mm-to-the-foot stuff soon! Richard
  3. Hi Ray. The last remaining building is the winding house (or winder house, depends who you ask!). It forms the central feature of an 'executive development' that's in the pipeline.
  4. This is the 15.4m of 2x1 that I bought to start framing up a baseboard... This is what I used it for... And these are the red deer that were watching me do it! No wonder I'm not making any progress.
  5. Hi Ray Progress has stuttered to a halt as real life intervenes. I've now got plenty of wagons, enough buildings to form the core of the colliery element of the layout, and a couple of turnouts built, but I'm at the stage where I have to draw everything together and actually make some decisions. Specifically: track plan, turnout operation, baseboard construction and overall layout 'geography'. I've also got to make the amendments to the RCH hopper, and I think I've decided to redo the coal processing plant (the tall 'office-block' building) after finding a side view that shows I've got the dimensions all wrong. It's a frustration after the hours spent building the first one. So, lots of stuff to make decisions on, and I'm happy to let my subconscious mull them over while the rest of me gets on with 12-inches-to-the-foot stuff! Richard
  6. Do you want to borrow a 2mmSA quartering tool? And I understand there's a pretty good detailing etch available too
  7. Cheers, David. It's quite sad to see her in bits like that, especially the rusting hulk outdoors, but at least she's getting some attention.
  8. Nice first attempt, Andreas, and certainly better than my first! I 'invested' (although I can't see me ever getting my money back!) in an ultrasonic bath, and I pop the etch in for its default three minutes every time I switch off the soldering iron (so bearings, clean, laminating solebars, clean, adding solebars, clean etc) then a longer zap at the end of a session. It has made an immeasurable difference, and it's much easier to find the wee bits that fall off
  9. They were originally numbered 1400-1600 according to Elliott & Charlton, but the three I can make out in the photo above say "1174", "1226" & "1527". The two photos I've seen of them in original Backworth livery show "1101" & "1417" so it could be - dare I suggest it - that E&C are mistaken! I've just gone for a 4-digit number, to be honest. And as you can see from the picture, some but not all have "Backworth Colliery" (Not "Collieries", my mistake), some but not all have a tare, and all have "Internal Use Only". Take your pick!
  10. And no doubt I'll have posted this view of Fenwick before, but it does show how busy the site was. A fairly eclectic mix of wagons, but the majority are the Chas Roberts 15 tonners, which is why I couldn't leave them out!
  11. Just realised I haven't put up any pics of the painted wagon. Can't say I'm a massive fan of the asymmetric lettering, but it's prototypical so who am I to argue? Lots of the wagons also have "Backworth Collieries" on their sides. I don't think I'll attempt to replicate that!
  12. Hi Ray I'll message you once I'm happy that the next test etch works (which I haven't sent yet, because I haven't drawn it yet!) R
  13. Yeah, yeah, I know! I'll correct (well, amend!) the hopper artwork and resubmit, so some replacement railings may well be added! The washery has similar railings which I might replace too. Mick's after some sheaves, so they'll be on the next one as well. Oh, and there's no access from ground level to the first set of ladders on the headstock... I'm going to end up with an A3 sheet just full of stuff to improve what I've already built. As for the origami, I'm pretty happy with how tightly one hopper's squeezed now, so working out the final (ha!) production run is just a question of tesselating rectangles. R
  14. Gosh, I got me a rake. There's no escaping it, I need to start laying track.
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