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  1. So *that's* where the expression "thumbnail picture" comes from...
  2. I'm beginning to think you're on commission Thanks for the pointer.
  3. I see what you mean, and the white paint highlighted every tiny blob of solder and associated modelling mank that I hadn't cleared off. As they're such a complicated arrangement, I stuck with the etch - it was already testing my skills just to complete the model. I've added grab rails to the ends of the wooden hoppers in 0.3mm ns wire, as they were a simple extended U-shape. To make them more robust they're drilled through and superglued in. I bottled adding any more (the sides should have two each according to the Dave Bartlett photos I've been able to find) but I wasn't sure I could prod
  4. Is it possible to re-wheel a Farish J94? Edit: I've just found @MrSimon's blog, so that's a yes!
  5. Add numbers to the wagons, they said. It'll be fun, they said. Having identified that the wagons at the Backworth Colliery system carried (mostly) 4-digit numbering, I set about creating a mosaic of numbers that looked the right size and font and applying them to the wagons. All the while wondering if this was the 2mmSA equivalent of sending the newbie for a long weight or to fetch some elbow grease. 24 hours later, as recommended by Fox Transfers, I followed up with a spray of matt varnish. That went well enough until I got to the last wagon when a quick squirt sent 3 of the 4 dig
  6. Dammit. @Caley Jim's given me the "why" and @Ian Morgan's given me the "how". Guess what I'm doing this evening. Thanks, guys.
  7. Decisions, decisions. The wooden hoppers are back from the paint shop (ok, my shed then my desk) and the lovely Fox Transfers applied, with less fuss that I anticipated. I know all the wagons were numbered, with what appears to be a 5-digit number, but I can't make any out from the many photos I have. I know if I hand-letter them, I'll spoil it, because at that size it's way beyond my fine motor skills. If I cut up some numbers from the FT sheet, the individual numerals will look better, but is it possible to get five in a row all perfectly aligned? And while the positioning will be proto
  8. Well, I've done it. Our very nice Moderator has moved this thread into the 2mm FS forum. When I first had a poke around the forum, I felt like a school kid sneaking into the staff room, except the grown-ups have been very welcoming rather than hurling blackboard rubbers at the cheeky wee interloper. To celebrate, here's a photo of my first completed wagon, a 21t hopper from Bob Jones' stable. (The mineral wagon taster kit doesn't count, as that was practising!) I've four wooden-bodied hoppers in the paint shop, with the rattle-can red oxide still drying, but they're not complete
  9. There's also reference to/discussion of joggles in the Track book (Ch 5) and methods to shaping them and the blades.
  10. Having struggled attaching the droppers to my first attempt at DG couplings, and with a batch of eight to do this evening, I've spent today chewing on the problem: what is exactly the same size of the coupling loop that could hold it dead still while I fixed the dropper to it? The facepalm moment came eventually...
  11. A good thread to have, thank you. The hopper wagons on my chosen system (Backworth) were bespoke and quite distinctive, so I'll be dipping into the thread regularly.
  12. Thanks to all for the soldering advice. I've found the instructions which made me grin. I've a vague sense that point 3 is relevant, but I might have to wash it through Google Translate a couple of times...
  13. Thanks all. I've recently been soldering against a small block of wood rather than the ceramic tile I had been using, so I wonder if that's what's manked it up. R.
  14. I'm using damp sponge between (nearly) every touch, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. The tip is pretty manky now, no shine to it at all. Would it be wrong to buff it up with the fibreglass pen?
  15. I'm using damp sponge between (nearly) every touch, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. The tip is pretty manky now, no shine to it at all. Would it be wrong to buff it up with the fibreglass pen?
  16. Soldering question from a first-time solderer. My iron's been working nicely for me, but in the last couple of days has stopped picking up solder. I cut small amounts off the roll, and touch the tip to each when I need them. All it's doing is burning off the central flux core and converting the solder lump into a very shiny ball. Is it time for a new bit or does it need cleaning (if so how?)? *Edit: follow-up question: have I done something to abuse the bit (I haven't filed it, apparently that's a no-no) that I shouldn't do with the next one? Richard
  17. Halfway(ish) through a rake of 4 10'6" wooden hoppers for Fenwick Pit from Shop 2. Making the wagons is successfully distracting me from having to make a decision about which track system they're eventually going to trundle on.
  18. On a positive note, my micro-layout is nearly finished
  19. Hmm. Is it time to make a decision about track? It's suddenly crowded.
  20. It's been a while since I posted any progress. The buildings are pretty much unchanged, but I've been looking at a track plan, and at the most suitable way of building that track in 2mmFS. And while toying with the options, I've also doubled the rolling stock fleet. From 1 to 2. This is the beautifully detailed 21t hopper from Fencehouses: fiddly indeed for a beginner like me, but immensely satisfying to build, and actually prototypical for the pit. Just need a hundred or so more, of various types. Including the signature wagon for which I guess the only rea
  21. @Caledonian, @doilum - I've just found a Flickr album with another 70 photos of the various rolling stock at Fenwick - here - and interestingly, the first two photos show the same loco (probably taken within minutes of each other looking at the location and the set it's pulling) as either green or blue! I'm obviously going to have to be careful.
  22. Happened to pick up a rattle can of red oxide primer today, as I've a few wagons in the pipeline. Saying that, the first batch are likely to be the 21t hoppers that only ever turn up on the photos as various shades of grey!
  23. Where's the kit from? The 'interior' detail is great, and worth saving for a rake of empties just to show it off.
  24. Going to be watching this thread with interest as a 2mmFS newbie. As my layout is (ok, will be) a colliery, I think there's enough track/ground mank to get away with almost invisible sleepers. From what I've been reading soldered PCB sleepers are more forgiving when it comes to pointwork, so I think I'm heading down that route. For the less grimy runs, Easitrac gives the sleeper detail and the daylight below the rails, and I'll just have to deal with the height difference when I get to it.
  25. I hadn't thought of the photographic process enhancing the colour. Although I've got umpteen different image sources, they're all taken very late 60s and early 70s, so it's possible (probable? likely?) they've been through a similar production process. Red oxide it is!
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