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  1. Hullo! Are there any modelmakers that create and paint fairly detailed custom figures for OO gauge, please? Hand-crafted based on supplied photos rather than 3D scanning is necessary for this project. Any leads greatly appreciated. Not sure if this is the right forum subsection - I think it slips between a few cracks! Cheers! tim dunn
  2. I do enjoy this thread very much indeed! The Trieste system is pretty special. As people have been so kind with comments over this last year (and two past series) I thought I'd post some more of what's coming up. Apologies if I don't post as much this time round; with lockdowns ending and my day-job ramping up I really do have to try to get some time away from the screen to maintain a level of health. So: hese were all filmed during winter lockdowns, so you may notice a few unusual situations or times when we were restricted in what we wanted to do vs what we were able to do. So many people across the railways and heritage locations said "yes", because they were so keen to share the places they love. So - in addition to the two series (20 eps total) here come 10 hour-long episodes featuring: 1. Monday 13 Sept - now online to watch on UKTV play Newcastle: Newcastle Central*, Water Tower, High Level Bridge. Ayrshire, Scotland: Ballochmyle Viaduct (Britain’s tallest) and Laigh Milton Viaduct Oberweißbacher Bergbahn in Germany *Someone has already taken me to task over saying something whilst out in the field about railway cities, then including Swindon in a spur-of-moment list, when clearly it's a town! Alas my geography degree is no use when I've already said something and your train of thought is being recorded! Also you may be pleased to know that we have subsequently sorted the retrieval of the historic NER signal box objects that I rediscovered, and more news on that in the future. 2. Monday 20 Sept, 8pm Wharncliffe Viaduct and “Three Bridges” in West London (Brunel’s first and last), plus Brentford Docks of the GWR Ballater Station in Royal Deeside, Scotland Rossio Station, Portugal 3. Monday 27 Sept Charing Cross Station and Hungerford Bridge in London Ordsall Chord in Manchester Boras, Southwest Sweden 4. Monday 4 Oct Bramhope Tunnel in West Yorkshire (inc sighting tower, shaft, night track trip on a track-rat, memorial in churchyard) Fawley Hill in Henley-on-Thames, Buckinghamshire Dresden Station in Dresden, Germany 5. Monday 11 Oct Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire (lots of buildings, inc funicular opened up especially during covid for maintenance and us) Brislington tram depot, Bristol Aleksandrow Kujawski, Poland 6. Monday 18 Oct Bishopstone, Sussex (both stations and pill-boxes exploration on roof) Selby Diversion, North Yorkshire Stockholm, Sweden 7. Monday 25 Oct Deptford Viaduct, London (various structures inc some beer tasting with an old friend) Alnwick, Northumberland The Zampach Viaduct in the Czech Republic 8. Monday 1 Nov Stoke Station and various structures of the North Staffs RLy, Staffordshire Byker Viaduct, Newcastle Elblag Canal in Poland 9. Monday 8 Nov Margate and Ramsgate in Kent (inc Ramsgate TMD) Mail Rail in London Porto, Portugal 10. Monday 15 Nov Curzon Street Station, Birmingham Copenhagen Bekonscot Model Village and Railway, Buckinghamshire - a very personal series end.
  3. We NEARLY got to King William St, but Covid restrictions meant that filming underground in certain places is less than optimal. Best leave things to be done well, than rush them just because you can. I and the team have really appreciated the comments in this thread btw - please be assured that they are all read. This is TV that is made by people who care to be enjoyed by people who care. Incidentally, RAIL mag printed my "how we made..." feature on it. Obv it simplifies the zillion processes that were completed, but I hope this gives a bit of an idea. Stef and Paul at RAIL decided to put it online so that anyone can read it - because it's the sort of thing that people enjoy long-term. Cheers, Tim. https://www.railmagazine.com/news/rail-features/2021/08/04/how-we-made-secrets-of-the-london-underground Incidentally, tonight we did two (TWO!) features on block signalling. On national telly! Never thought I'd be doing THAT, and esp not with such a great explainer as Jarley from TfL. Am quietly content.
  4. I have no idea if any more is planned or what the contents might be - but I have always considered the Brill and Verney Junction routes as being part of the "lost" London Underground; and it's a railway close to my heart. And the 2023 date hadn't escaped my notice either...
  5. I have nowt to do with the broad editorial of the series - that is not my remit - but I would note that the programmes must cater for both knowledgeable enthusiast and those who have just flicked on to the channel. personally, I have hope that the content satisfies both; i want the former to feel they have something comfortingly familiar yet see some new features or viewpoints on it - whilst the latter should be inspired to seek out more and eventually become enthusiasts (ie the former) later. therefore - to all (I presume) enthusiasts reading this - I ask that you remember that whilst YOU know of something, there will be literally hundreds of thousands of people watching along with you on their TVs, laptops and phones live or the days after, for whom this is all new news. It is a delight and a privilege to be able to take the years of rail-related things that I and others have learned and loved to a genuinely massive audience. The editorial balance will not appeal to all (I saw the comment re tiles - yet there are Facebook forums with design enthusiasts very very happy about this aspect… remember this is a series about the underground, not just “trains”…) - but gosh, I can tell you that (a) we are proud of the team and (b) the team - much of the same lot which makes The Architecture The Railways Built - will always read and listen to constructive feedback. Because we want to make stuff that people enjoy. cheers! Tim
  6. Ta for the feedback - the team is quite chuffed that it seems to have landed well with both the "general audience" and a lot of Underground "experts" too. Tricky line to tread; often what experts want is a textbook on TV - but there really isn't the scope for that these days. That is what textbooks and Youtube are for! But I think this series does a jolly good job of bringing the casual observer further in, and furthers their interest and understanding. Cheers! tim
  7. That's a wrap for series 2! (And as above, we've just finished filming series 3. All 20 episodes aired so far are now free to watch on the UKTV Play app and website, available in the UK. Cheers for the previous feedback and suggestions too - we did read it all. https://uktvplay.uktv.co.uk/shows/the-architecture-the-railways-built/watch-online Before that airs though, there'll be "Secrets of the London Underground" on the Yesterday channel, dates TBC. That features stuff often that most people won't have seen before too. Cheers!
  8. Alas - filming in the pandemic meant that only one of the pubs was open - and that was only serving briefly. So I'll have to return some time - oh well!
  9. There's a false-floor going in, effectively - the scaffolding is going up as we speak. support all along the platforms right now - but IIRC there are no planned further major closures of running lines for significant periods after they go up.
  10. Yes! It's mentioned in the ep - and I've had drinks in there in years past - but like a few other places in Series 2 and 3 it was limited to outdoor chats. Sometimes this happens because of covid-related restrictions, or access difficulties because it's not right to ask staff/owners etc to travel to a closed location during lockdowns. So we've done our best - but there are def places where we'd have had more of a wander around inside if we'd have been able to get inside. It has been a logistical 3D chess game, and the production team has been incredible.
  11. Yes, we'd wanted to included the B&E offices - as well as the Midland extension and the later 1930s platforms, the rest of the vaults and even more of the Brunel building (indeed we filmed them all) but there's only so much you can cram into a 25-min TV story before it becomes too dense. Remember, these aren't exhaustive histories - there are excellent books for those - but these are carefully crafted to bring out the best bits, tell the most interesting stories to a wide audience and hopefully help the most seasoned of enthusiasts see a place in a different light, or for them to even find a new feature. BTW I am the one who asks to go up on most of the tall bits - and whilst I am slightly concerned, I know it is a privilege to get access and I'd rather go up there so that we can share it on telly for others to enjoy, than not. I do have my limits though Next week is the Midland Hotel at Morecambe, Huddersfield station and Hohenzollern bridge, Cologne.
  12. Yup - others have been to Lynton & Lynmouth - (I quite enjoyed the segue between Mr Portillo finishing at the Valley of the Rocks at 19:58pm last night and us starting at Lynmouth at 20:01pm... clever bit of scheduling there ) but obv diff production companies and channels don't know what the other is doing esp when we're all doing it at the same time. And perhaps we all offer a slightly different narrative. On the continental bits - indeed, I'm not actually there (blame covid and the fact that I also have a day job so can't get everywhere in a 12 week period to film ~35 buildings) - but I do see all the research and input to the scripts. I'm not a v/o shoe-in here! Thanks for the feedback above. I can't remember if I've said it before but it was viewer feedback that led the team to change the sequence of stories in this series from series 1 so that each one stands alone (apart from the "biggest" locations), so whilst I have no input on the production style, the producers do monitor social channels etc because we all want to make something enjoyable. (BTW the continuity of stock etc is harder than you might think. But the team tries its best and there are several enthusiasts across it so we do start from a good place)
  13. It makes an excellent sets of rooms for seating - the bar are is technically in the adjoining structure. The fabric of the building has been carefully restored and maintained - it ensures constant use - and that a wide variety of people get to have hospitality in a once-exclusive building. Former railway buildings often make terrific bars and restaurants - and this one happens to be in a perfect place too.
  14. I have a feeling that it was one a series of images used to depict various worldwide rail network sizes - referencing the US, Europe etc. It may be that in a very rapid editing process to get everything to fit the US bit was cut but the image remained. I don't know without investigating, sorry!
  15. The replica loco is still there - the tender was cut up but the wheels from it made their way to the Bluebell eventually as part of a new-build project based there.
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