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  1. Slater's do not have pictures of their buffers, which is inconvenient to put it mildly. They list one type of GWR buffer which I am guessing isnt the same as the one used on this wagon, being a 20 ton bogie wagon and all. Invertrain lists "GWR/BR heavy duty self contained" buffers that look the ticket, but the castings aren't any better really than those in the Connoisseur kit, which are quite nice. The drilling thing is just hard on the poor fingers! Amanda
  2. Thanks much for the likes and responses! It is quick to build - as brass kits go - quite simply because it is a very good kit. By far the most time consuming bit is simply folding the etched bits. Once they're folded up, soldering is quite rapid - I mean, we don't need to wait hours or days for solder to dry! The buffers are most of the way drilled, but a tad undersize - which makes sense, given that they are castings. They're nice enough that I want to use them, and besides - I don't know where I could get a set of replacements for this sort of buffer if I did wish to swap them! The
  3. White metal stanchions and pockets added, and the bogie mounts folded up and installed. The buffers are the worst bit of the kit in my opinion, not that they're undetailed or badly cast - far from! But simply that the holes through them need to be drilled and drilling said holes is "touchy". I think they will be worth the effort, however!
  4. Construction has begun on the Connoisseur Models Macaw A. This is a delightful kit! The worst part is the long bends in etched bits, but a family of clamps and some pieces of steel bar stock took care of those. Just about done with the brass, next to begin attaching all the white metal and deciding what details on the underframe I may add!
  5. The beam you speak of is a pivot which rides against the axle?
  6. I have just gotten a copy of both the Rice chassis book and the white metal loco book, and am reading them in bed nights before sleep!
  7. Hi folks. I have a conversion pack from the EMGS store of Gibson wheels for a Bachmann 45xx/4575 small prairie. The drivers also work for 57xx panniers or 56xx tanks, and the pony wheels fit large prairies as well. The packs contain EM axles, with the pony wheel packs also containing 00 axles, as well as axles for external or inside bearing trucks. See picture! I'd like to trade for a set (3 pairs + axles) of similar wheels for a Jinty build. These are PN 4855 from Gibson, 18.5mm scale diameter with 15 spokes. So... any interest? If not the Prairie wheels will head to the
  8. If the wait for Ultrascale wheels wasn't prohibitively long I would use them. However, it is, so I won't. I do want to try a brass chassis, and all the work it entails, so I can have the experience of doing it. I plan to make my own spacers from some EMGS spacer stock brass, as the chassis kit I have has OO spacers (I got it from ebay in a lot of bits awhile ago, it's an older kit). The Bachmann chassis runs quite nicely - not great, even by Bachmann's standards, but well - and I sort of want to see what a brass replacement is like compared to the original! Not sure what Flexichas is...?
  9. I am lucky enough to have gotten a handful of 10 series Mashima can motors when I was doing American N scale brass repairs a lot, and still have a few. I also have a small Mashima open frame thing - I am unsure what model it is, but it runs a treat, strong little thing - and would like to use them for something, if I can. I have a small flywheel for my 1020 too, which I figure will do no harm if it does no good!
  10. I have a Comet chassis kit, Brassmasters detailing kit, and the aforementioned 1020 motor. I need to get the gearbox and wheels yet. I have a set of wheels for a 45xx, perhaps i will see if anyone in the Wanted area would like a trade! Looking forward to finally building an EM engine. I am going to just spring the center axle and leave the others rigid; should run at least as well as the Bachmann system, which is to say... pretty well indeed.
  11. I was certain I was in the motors forum - ack! Sorry about that! Thanks for the responses and for moving the thread... whoops.
  12. Hi all. I mean, the title says it. Is a Mashima 1020 - linked to a decent gearbox from High Level - sufficient for a 4mm scale Jinty in a Comet chassis? My first EM gauge engine is born! Amanda
  13. Oh! This is certainly welcome news!
  14. Put the finishing touches on a batch of LBSC coaches I have been finishing for a friend for a few months now. Two roofs to be glued on, a few last minute tweaks, and to the post office Tuesday they go - then I can attack the benchwork upstairs with a vengeance! Amanda
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