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  1. It has been a pleasure to work alongside one of the frequent contributors to the LBSCR Digest, and to learn a good deal more about the Brighton by doing so. They're a first class organization with great people, and they produce an amazing publication. That Brighton bug bites hard, too, particularly for those of us who truly enjoy scratchbuilding wagons... ...i wonder if there's a 7mm E class radial tank available....? Amanda
  2. Thanks all for the input. I'm leaning toward the MM kit, but am still unsure. Regardless, the cost of applying for my Dutch citizenship has drained the bank somewhat for now. Soon! Amanda
  3. The build is now complete! The brake hoses came today, and I installed them and the couplers. I did the decals a few days ago. This has been a lot of fun, and I learned a ton of stuff doing this. Thank you so much to everyone who took part in this thread for all your help. Eeee!!
  4. I'd like to get one of the BR lorries. Look good in a small goods yard!
  5. Pre grouping wagons are a fascinating subject, and enough to make someone look at the LBSCR around 1920 or so...
  6. Ah. It seems the Shephard kit doesn't have the half etched dots, and the Mitchell one does. That's probably my choice made.
  7. Rivets etched in might clinch it! I dont like the idea of pressing rivet detail on my 1St loco
  8. Does the Mm come with all the castings and bits like the Shephard kit does? My choice seems to be between these two, and as they're the same price, I guess it just comes down to which makes a better model? Amanda
  9. I don't think it's lazy at all. I just like building kits. Not everyone does. I admit being tempted to just get an rtr one, as if the Prairie is as nice as the pannier model, it will be hard to beat.
  10. I didn't know about the Warren Shephard one! So it seems the better MM isn't available anymore and the Springside kit is not for me. A 4575 is also just fine, and I think more of them were painted green with the early BR logo than were the 4500s?
  11. That is looking the part! How did you make the window framing? Little strips of balsa or something else? Amanda
  12. Hi folks. I'd like to add a 45xx to my stable of locomotives (along with an Ivatt Class 2 mogul... next perhaps) and have been looking at a couple of kits. Has anyone got any experience with either the Malcolm Mitchell kit, or the Springside kit? The springside kit is more than 100 pounds more, but a good kit would be worth it if it produces a better result and all. Are there any other options? I know there is an RtR 45xx planned, but I'd like to try and build a couple of my own if i can. Pondering prairies, Amanda
  13. HI John, Those wagons turned out great! You also have to like the price. Whose couplings are you using on the two fitted ones? Amanda
  14. Hi Hal, That's ok. I am sure at least ONE got through with black end stanchions =D And if not, mine did! It adds a bit of variety to my fleet. I plan to add some more steel-rust color here and there to strapping and hinges to look a bit worn - maybe like it was painted two or three years previous, and some of the paint has started to come off the steel bits here and there. Thank you for the info. Would the whole stanchion be bauxite, or just above the headstock level? Amanda
  15. A week has passed, and it's been painted! Still awaiting vacuum hoses (I may order some wheels for the next scratchbuild - watch this space!) and decals, but it's complete save some final dusting after decals are applied. I want this one to look fairly recently repainted so havent gone too nuts with weathering.
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