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  1. Hi all. I need a motor for a Bachmann 32 series Pannier tank. One of my 8750s' motors started cogging really badly and seizing while running. If anyone's got one they don't need, I'd love to give it a home! Amanda
  2. Hi all! I have a Bachmann Pannier tank in the first BR scheme, no 9736. The loco runs wonderfully and was DCC equipped when I got it for a very reasonable 40 pounds. I'd like to repaint it in the wartime black GWR scheme, however, and the only issue is the "number plate" on the smokebox front. This is cast on, and I am not sure if I am good enough with a hobby knife and filler putty to make a good job of removing it. I add smokebox darts to my engines, but the molded bits involved there are much smaller (and somewhat hidden behind the new darts!) Any advice?
  3. WM183

    Mainline 43XX

    Is the Dapol 43xx still planned?
  4. I didn't realize the white metal ones in the kit were overscale. I dislike the supplied couplings most, at least for a fitted wagon.
  5. Thank you! This will help me a lot. I have the Tatlow LNER book, but the drawing of the LNER clasp underframe in there is a bit "busy" to clearly see some things. Are those Dapol couplings?
  6. I will probably try to build my own boards, in whatever gauge I choose, though I confess I'm not exactly sure how.
  7. Thanks guys! It's pivoting on a piece of .8mm nickel silver wire I bent up to provide a pivot. I think maybe the brake shoes are grabbing it a bit?
  8. Hi folks. I went ahead and did a 3-wheel compensation type modification as this seemed simplest and easiest to conceal with a minimum of fuss. The pivoting axle doesnt roll quite as nicely as I believe I'd like, but some more fettling here and there can likely solve that. Now I need to figure out how to do the safety loops under all the brake bits while still permitting disassembly to work on axles and such if required, and do some more weathering. It was preshaded, painted with Vallejo model air acrylics, and then given an oil wash so far. Criticisms welcome! Amanda
  9. Huh... there's a prairie kit in 3mm, eh? What about panniers by chance?
  10. Hello all! My question today concerns the various 4 wheel coaching stock as modeled by Ratio; I know it saw use into the 1950s as workmen's trains stock in Wales, but when did these sort of coaches leave standard scheduled passenger service? They sure are nice for small BLT style layouts given their size, after all...! Amanda
  11. Perhaps I will have a go anyway. I've got a set of wheels now, I should probably build a turnout or two to see what I think. EM can give better running? EDIT: So GWR would be 2 bolt chairs and 2 bolt slide chairs, I believe? I'll order a couple C&L sleeper and chair kits and some rail and have a go.
  12. I like the idea of a correct gauge and all, but I think I'd just go with P4 if I do it.
  13. The Peco bullhead track has sleepers in proportion to the gauge though; they're shorter than the EM sleepers, which I guess is to maintain the relationship?
  14. Interestingly the wheels on my Bachmann 45xx are noticably a bit larger in diameter than the EM replacements, measuring across the tread. 18mm for the EM ones vs. 18.6mm for the Bachmann wheels.
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