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  1. Hi Penlan, It is only for personal use, so I would be very grateful for that scan, if it is no trouble! All the best, Amanda
  2. Hi Gilbert, I have contacted them asking about shipping to Holland. So far, no reply however. I contacted them long before I asked here =( Amanda
  3. Hi folks. Does anyone have a copy of MRJ 160 they'd not mind parting with? I have a Jinty build to EM ahead of me, but using the High Level chassis and Brassmasters detailing kit, the same as in the magazine article. I'd love to read it before I begin! All the best, Amanda
  4. Hi Fezza, That sounds like a great subject! A through station is more demanding of space, but I could always just have a smaller decorated bit with fiddles at each end...
  5. I do I do. Friends in the UK have been a godsend, as have some users on here, at getting things that are harder to get now, or from people who wanted cheques, etc as payment. I am thankful it's a smallish hobby! I am always happy to return the service the other way too! Amanda
  6. Yes, in the UK. I am in the Netherlands. I contacted that seller and was informed he has no desire in shipping outside the UK, sadly.
  7. Hi all. Thanks much for the recommendations. It helps a load! Jim, I have been pouring over the LNWR site in particular. I rather like it, and lots to be found there. I am a member of the Brighton Circle, and may well join a few other pre-group societies. It seems like a fun pond to swim in. John, I own all the books you recommended. The problem is, they either focus solely on LMS stock, or tend to cover only a bit of later stock that survived into LMS use, and in particular, 4 and 6 wheel carriages are absent. 33C, Thank you! I will hunt down that book, as well as look out for anything else by Talbot. As I work in 7mm scale, that book looks exceptionally handy to me. Paul, any work that gives me a glimpse of how the LNWR "was" as opposed to how I imagine it was is a godsend. Minutiae make or break 7mm layouts, I think. Regularity, Phillip Millard's books look to be exactly the ticket for me. I shall buy those ASAP. Scratchbuilding coaches is fun stuff... the undergubbins less fun, hehe. Clive, thanks much! I was wondering about the Essery / Jenkinson set on the MR's locos. Good drawings are paramount, as finding actual prints, GA drawings, and so on on 125+ year old engines in a different country isn't an easy prospect. I shall also grab the coach books, with an eye to the Lacy and Dow ones first. I will definitely grab the Jenkinson LNWR book also, as LNWR seems like it may be my primary focus. We'll see. The Midland wagon books, I luckily already have, and wonderful works they are. Brassey, I chose MR and LNWR because... well. Because to me they served the same areas, and a shared terminus is in fact my plan. I have modest space and work to 7mm, so smaller pre-grouping stock and engines appeal - I may have to keep my fascination with big 2-6-4Ts and Black 5s confined to 4mm. I will definitely make the Talbot engine book, and the Millard coaching stock books. If I had to pick one... well, I like the LNWR's scheme better, and I love their tank engines. Why both? Um... I like the color schemes... eep. Amanda
  8. Hi all. I am collecting some reference material for the Midland and the LNWR. Wagon books are very well catered for, and I already have the Midland Wagon books, one on L&Y, and will be buying the LNWR ones soon(tm). The drawings in these books will help me build wagons. However, I have no idea what to look for regarding locomotives and coaching stock! I know there is a 4 volume series on the Midland's engines, as well as 2 volumes on Midland coaches; do they contain any of the usual 4mm or 7mm drawings typical of these works? Also, are there works available for the LNWR's stock and locomotives? I am interested in the 19-teens, mostly, and suburban stock, 4 or 6 wheel or bogie types. Thanks much! Amanda
  9. Hi folks, Laurie Griffin's shop has lots of great bits, but they all appear to be too early for a 1366? I would definitely use a LG chimney, safety valve, and dome!
  10. Thanks guys. I was hoping to avoid having to buy too much stuff, as Brexit tends to double the cost of whatever I buy now. Rods are ok, but I do not have a lathe yet, so will probably buy a chimney. Sigh. If I have to spend 100 or more euros to make the kit work, why try to start with a kit?
  11. Hi all! So a while ago I purchased a Majestic Models 1366 Pannier Tank locomotive kit, complete with wheels and a motor, from a member here. I've hemmed and hawed over what to do with my 7mm modelling in our new, strange post - Brexit environment, but I have decided that I want to build the thing. I have the kit, I have virtually all the parts; oddly, the gearbox came with a motor, and a box... but no gears, and one set of wheels has had the flanges turned off. Easy to remedy with a new set of wheels and some gears. I have a good Hakko temp controlled soldering station, a load of tools, and a number of kit and scratch builds in brass under my belt. Here we go. This kit comes with uh... some caveats. It does not seem to be very highly thought of, and frankly, I can see why. The etches are plain, by any standard. Some of the white metal castings are rather... iffy. But, we will do our best to make a silk purse of it, or at least a red Naugahyde purse. The chassis etches are in nickel silver, but frankly... it's thinner than I'd like. I hope that once it's soldered up with spacers, it'll be workable enough. The connecting and coupling rods are solid, but as they're 3 layers I should be able to joint them. The chassis is designed for fixed axles, but at the very least, I want to spring the center axle. I have a set of Slater's hornblocks and guides, but have managed to misplace the spec sheet that came with them. Can anyone tell me how high above the axle C/L the hornguide cutout should go? Also, the thing came with these turned brass spacers for building the frame. I uh... am not convinced I like. I plan to make new spacers. How wide should the frame be, from face to face, for 7mm fine standards? Though this is a dock tank engine, I don't plan to run the thing through trainset curves. I know I need to order a reamer for my bushings (ordered) and I need some way to keep the chassis square while I solder it - I am not sure what to do on that front yet. I have contacted Jim at Connoisseur about gears, as I am all but certain the box is his design, and I need some other lovely brass bits for the next wagon scratchbuild - teaser. So, locomotive gurus, where does one begin? The instructions are, uh... how to put this nicely... hilariously, distressingly bad.
  12. The 4mm LMS brake coach continues, and will be a welcome addition to my 4mm parcels stock, which will be its own cameo layout. However, upon reflection... comet kits exist. The money and time on this build is, in retrospect, not worth it. For 7mm, such a build is 1) easier and 2) much more worthwhile! However, I will stick with existing kits I think when a kit for a type I want exists already. Even so I will finish this one and see how it compares... unfavorably, I think, but at least it'll be all mine!
  13. I do have Tatlow's LNER wagons book. It's by far my favorite wagon book of all! I wish a single volume were available for all the rest of the Big 4 which included both their own designs as well as acquired pre-grouping ones. The "RCH 4 Web" honestly look the closest, but I got a few different sets. I am sure I will use them! Amanda
  14. I think these are them? They look like the longer ones: https://invertrain.com/product/lner-4-web-standard/ Or https://invertrain.com/product/lner-rch-4-web/
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