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  1. This weekend's winter gala update Click Here
  2. All Charters on the GCR operate under the risk assesments of Timeline Events this is the sole operator of charters and will have an involvement of some kind with any other charter organiser. Our latest update Click Here
  3. This weeks update Click Here
  4. This week's update Click here
  5. This weeks update from QWW, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Click Here
  6. A brake at each end may look wrong but it is prototypical for the same reasons it's done today. Although during Charters when time is not an issue there is only a trailing brake van. Thank you for your kind comment it's our passion and we enjoy doing it.
  7. This weeks update from us at Quorn, including our new arrival Click Here
  8. This weeks update, including confirmation of our 2020 Mortons Media (Rail Express) Modern Traction Award for Test Car 2, which will be awarded at the 2020 Heritage Railway Association Awards night. Click Here
  9. This weeks update as the van trains brake overhauls continue Click here
  10. Thank you deltic17, The latest from us and to top it off we have been shortlisted for 2 Heritage Railway Association Awards Click Here
  11. Thank you This weeks update Click Here
  12. This weeks update Click here
  13. This weeks update Click Here
  14. This weeks update from QWW Click Here
  15. Thank you to all who visited us. This weeks update Click Here
  16. We have made it. Test Car 2 is complete and we are ready for our first public opening, 6th, 7th and 8th September. Quorn and Woodhouse Station, behind the signal box. Click Here
  17. This week's update Click here
  18. This weeks update, all about the roof. Click here
  19. G-BOAF, yes 268 if vacuum fitted only, both have 21" cylinders This weeks update Click here
  20. Yes B954546 is a CAW although this designation was not carried by the vehicle in service having been CAR. This is the main reason we do not apply the TOPS codes to the vehicles as what is should be and what it was realy tie together. It is vacuum fitted and Air Piped. although during its time as a CAR the cylinder may have been blanked off or removed. This weeks update Please Click
  21. This weeks update Click Here
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