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  1. It just needs ballasting, I built a Cornish clay layout after that and now I’m playing around with some British O gauge
  2. I’ve started a new project a couple of weeks ago called Tremoy Junction. Set in the late 80’s to mid 90s on a branch line close to St Blazey.
  3. WTF Wednesday. I was watching a YouTube clip called GWR Volume 3 Saltash to Penzance by GWR Yam Yam last night. There’s some very interesting stuff on there but at 1.40 these made me sit up and go Wait What Anyone shed any light on it.
  4. Morning all Interesting comments, I can already report that I’ve been politely told that Thumpers only ran east of Portsmouth or something like that, by a number of (former ) friends. Your right F-UnitMad rules have to be adhered to. One thing that never fails to amaze me, is the British modeller will complain if things don’t quite look right, from the curve on the nose of a class 37 to the idea of using the wrong class of loco in the wrong area. Yet will put up with poor standards of running, god awful coupling and narrow gauge track. The layout is at the ballasting st
  5. Good evening F-UnitMad how the devil are you? Long time no speak. Yes it’s British and no it’s not finished, this British malarkey takes a lot longer.
  6. Well that idea failed, so what next. I need to crack this BR modelling lark. I wonder if I can get Shortliner’s Box Street to work. Working signals and live frog points, it’s all new to me.
  7. Martin Its 15mm by 36mm soft wood from B&Q which just happens to fit inside the clips on the peco platform edges. More by luck than judgement. I need to add some mounting card to represent the top
  8. Hi Adam, Thanks for the clips, very inspiring. Regarding the home signal, yes it’s probably not required or prototypically correct but I quite like the feel of it plus it will add a little operational interest. It’s very early days at the moment, and once the other details start to be added it might look too crowded there, so it may well be moved.
  9. Here is Haston Green, a small project I started last weekend at the beginning of the lock down. It’s an imaginary branch line somewhere on the south coast of England between Poole and Exeter and set in the early 80s. The scenic part is four and a half feet long while the fiddle yard which is still to be built, will be three and a half feet long. The track plan is the same design as my North Haston layout from a few years ago, but I’ve removed the warehouse track from the rear and replaced it with a platform. The idea is to represent a branch line which is hanging on by the skin of
  10. If anyone is interested in we are holding a freemo meeting at Armitage village hall on the 4th and 5th of April. Opening times are 11.00 - 6.00 on the Saturday and 10.00 - 4.00 on the Sunday and the costs are £10 each day and that includes a light lunch. There is no need to bring anything as all rolling stock or locomotives as these are provided. If you wish to get on the call sheet and operate a train or two, you will be required to bring a smart phone. If you’re interested please email me at [email protected] Unfortunately because of insurance requiremen
  11. Skipepsi, Facebook is where most of my posts go now. There are plenty of useful Railroad groups on there and some interesting layouts on the Micro/Small Model RR group I know Facebook is not for everyone, and some of the stuff on there, is questionable to say the least, but it works for me.
  12. Wayne I’ve send you a PM. I don’t really do RMweb anymore, too many nah sayers for my liking. Chris
  13. Dear all I’m afraid I have some very sad news. I’ve just received a phone call from Lou Trollope the better half of Jack or Shortliner to most of us. Jack passed away in his bed on Wednesday morning. According to Lou, he had a massive heart attack and it was all over within a couple minutes. She said he went the way he wanted to go. In his bed and quickly. There will be no funeral, he will be cremated and his ashes returned to Lou. He will leave a massive hole in my life, and will be sorely missed. I’m not sure what
  14. Here’s the current proposed plan for the Midland Belt meeting in October being held at Armitage Village Hall Operationally, it won’t be much different to what we currently do, with trains starting away from the main yards and working their way back in, before returning with the outbound cars. Doing it this way allows seven trains to start working right from the start. If you are, interested heres the operating plan. Planned trains starting away from Trent L1-Blind River Job. - has couple extra industry of extra industries at Kipling. L2-Fairhope Job. - this mo
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