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  1. Hi Colin, When would this have been? Pre or post 1967? - LM
  2. Hi Kirley, An impressive project which I will study closely. A couple of questions. How did you remove the old sides from the Airfix carriage? Knife, saw or Dremel? If using WW brass sides, is it essential to retain the upper part of the old carriage 'frame'? Surely 550 rather than 555? Is the 'first class' coach a Brake/1st driving trailer? Good luck with your efforts. LM
  3. Impressive Colm. Please keep the photo's coming.
  4. They were the Hidden Sidings section on 2' wide boards. The 'front' section boards were 16" wide (a throw back to the "Lisburn North" project), but have now been widened to 20". Thank you Jon for all your above input. Yes, that rumour was doing the rounds up until about 1970. Of course one must also consider if such a version of the Antrim branch, running from a junction at Moria that faced south, would have survived until 1965. Surely the necessity for a passenger from Glenavy or Crumlin wishing to travel to Belfast and needing to travel first to
  5. Thank you Hunslet 102. I have in mind two options. The first would be to do a 'mirror' of Scarva, with the branch going off to the left rather than the right as it was with the prototype. But that would entail having several FACING crossovers on the main line and the GNR civil engineer hated facing points. The other would be something like Dromin Junction, but with a goods yard (and perhaps a small engine shed - derelict by the 1960's of course!) trailing back from the branch platform. Decisions, decisions...... As before, the period modeled would 1960's and if the Antrim branch h
  6. Another one bites the dust! This project has been abandoned due to a house move. We were to move the 2nd week in December. However on the eve of exchanging contracts it was discovered that the guy selling his house to us does not actually own it as he put the property "into trust" many years back. So here we sit on packed cases waiting for the solicitors to sort things out. Layout dismantled, but the hidden sidings section has been saved and the front baseboards rebuilt. They are wider and a foot longer (17' 5" in total length) as this is the width of the new garage. I
  7. Nice one Patrick. No run around facility needed, Gortnagallon terminus did not have one!
  8. Great work Andy, you are really capturing the late 1960's atmosphere of the place and the line. Lisburn station staff I recall from the mid-1960's were Albert Beckett (Foreman) and Bertie Lambert (Porter). At Lambeg the last "Station Master" (though in rank he was a Foreman) was Willie MacIntyre, a man my grandmother got on well with. The laurel bushes at the front of our house in Lambeg came from the embankment behind the down platform at Lambeg courtesy of Mr. MacIntyre. Tommy Morrison was later the porter there... Now to the Belfast Guards. Can anyone add to this lis
  9. I don't know about anyone else, but I for one would be very interested in any results of your inquiry Jon......
  10. I would entirely agree about the year being 1950. The photo was taken in the Diesel Shop at Dundalk Works as evidenced by Railcar 'C 1' and one of the triplet type behind it. Below is a Kelland Collection photograph dated May 1950 of No. 601 with no number on the front. It has been lifted from the revised Patterson GNR(I) book. Bear in mind that No. 601 was the second one delivered. JHB's photo may well be the first, No. 600. They were delivered with numbers on them. The following is from Rails Around Belfast. There is a Patterson p
  11. In April 1970 St. Malachy's College in Belfast played in the All-Ireland schools final at Croke Park (We lost). The school organised a special train from Belfast to Dublin for pupils to attend the game. The train was a hired in set of 11 CIE coaches and a couple of '141's. However the train guard was Alec 'Spitfire' Young, an NIR Guard. On the return journey I spent about 15 minutes with him in the 4-wheeled 'tin' van at the back of the train. The noise, the riding and the vibration once we got up speed after Howth Junction was absolutely incredible. Hence the reason I only spent 1
  12. Thanks for that Kirley. Yes, several "oh, I forgot I even had that" items surfaced. Took a break from electrics and scenery to get some rolling stock ready pending the arrival of the MM '121' baby GM. I want five carriages for it to haul as an early 1960's CIE 'Enterprise'. They will of course be in the CIE light green livery. First up a CIE composite hacked from an Airfix LMS 60' compo. A CIE 2nd class carriage. Another is due from the Works tomorrow. Not sure if these had a side corridor or an open seating layout. Hacked from t
  13. I am undertaking the conversion of a Hornby 'Schools' class locomotive to that of an Irish profile. I separated the body from the chassis and when I made to test the altered body against the chassis, a small green 'fitting' appeared on my work mat. I am not sure it fell from the body or the chassis. Can anyone identify the following part and where it fits on the locomotive. Many thanks in anticipation of assistance.
  14. Thanks for that Colm. Now the track is all down and cleaned, paused from installing the electrics to unpack some rolling stock. In the kick back sidings a 60 year old Triang 3F that has just returned from overhaul at Scalespeed. Wheels re-profiled and motor serviced. Nice quiet runner that may yet become a GNR 'UG'. Two mint Hornby Fowler 2-6-4T's awaiting a 'Flanagan' conversion to Jeeps. Then the Bachman CIE 'Woolwich' which you may surprised to know was the first engine preserved by the RPSI (which was actually founded in 1961!). I have acquired a proper smokeb
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