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  1. Slightly beyond my modelling era, but a superb effort all the same. Love the tight lining and visible passengers. The under floor detail looks extremely accurate. Well done sir.
  2. It is nice to see your effort at replicating the tardy plastic seating is visible from the exterior. Well done.
  3. More power to your elbow Colm.... Brilliant modelling... What was the source for your bridge abutments, the grey 'stonewall' sections?
  4. Many thanks for the kind compliment Kirley. Except of course the spacing between the access door and the windows either side.... It should be narrower to the left and broader to the right... Doooh!
  5. Brief update as the garden has taken priority over the last three or so weeks. Regarding a replacement Buffet car for my NIR BUT Railcar 'Enterprise' set, the donor was a Bachman 57' LMS open 3rd. The Donor.... The CUTS and the SHUTS.... Body ready for painting, but first to another matter.... When I looked at the photo of NIR No. 552 in 'Parting Shot' I noticed there was was a lot of white paint inside the end corridor gangway. I then realized something I had previously missed about BUT Railcars and in particular their "continental" corridor connections. On the power cars the rubber connections met directly onto the body work. However the middle front of the power cars extends out past the end of the main body as is the case with a BR Mk. 1. This protrusion of the corridor connections ensured a tight fit when the power cars were coupled to each other. However the trailers all had no such 'end protrusion', their ends being at complete right angles to the ends of their body sides. There was therefore a 'spacer' of noticeable depth fitted to the end of each trailer car to which the standard BUT rubber corridor connection was then fitted, giving the effect of a noticeably deeper/longer corridor gangway. In consequence the 'face' of the BUT corridor connection can be seen to be out level with the coach buffers. Therefore my next step is to work out a solution for the four BUT trailers I currently have.
  6. Hi JHB, Warrenpoint cabin in 1964 - Photo: R. Hendry
  7. Thank you Kirley for your response. You present a good case. I spent all day yesterday mulling over the issue with the Buffet car not having the correct window arrangement on one side. I have examined a replica of the donor vehicle (a Bachman LMS open Third) and discovered what may have been an original problem for Ivor. The donor carriage is a scale 57’, has two doors, two half (toilet) windows and seven full sized windows. The ‘B 8’ had two doors, one half window, but NINE full sized windows in a side 58’ long. The only way to accurately model this carriage is to reduce the spacing between ALL the window frames. This could be done either to a new coach body (which may be of more use for another project), or trying to adapt Ivor’s original sides. Both ideas sound very hard work. Reducing the window spacing on one side would involve doing the same to the other and then the interior tables/seats would need altering as well. I have been oblivious to the error for 25 years, I think I can manage another 25! My final decision is to paint the 'good' side in the 'Regional' blue and cream livery seen in the previous photograph and use it as a 'spare'. Besides, it was in real life the ‘reserve’ car, so my limited efforts will go into producing a reasonable model of the regular ‘B 6’ car. Other catering vehicles planned are the ‘B 4’ former Restaurant Car, NIR No. 554 (for the planned ’70 class’ set) and the ‘B 10’ Buffet Car which went to CIE and after refurbishment went into their ‘Enterprise’ set in the late 1960’s. Both vehicles were built on a 60’ chassis, so Airfix LMS compo’s will make excellent donor vehicles. The other only other ‘catering’ vehicle planned is the former ‘K 23’ Buffet Car, NIR No. 556, which ran as a ‘support trailer’ to No. 554 in the ’70 class’ Enterprise set. This vehicle had the Buffet fittings removed in 1966 when it then became an ‘open second’, basically similar to a ‘K 15’. The beauty of this vehicle to model is that it retained the original ‘K 23’ side profile of having only two doors on each side as opposed to the four doors that the contemporaneous ‘K 15’ carriages had, as shown in the following drawing. Side profile of ex-GNR 'K 23' carriage However in photographs of this set both No. 554 and No. 556 are noticeably wider than the UTA built ‘70 class’ power cars and trailers, so I may do them by way of overlays on donor coaches…
  8. Further to my previous post, may I remind readers that Ivor was working without drawings. I submit the following pictures of the interior Ivor made for the Buffet car as a testament to his modelling skills. The only problem with the Brake/First is the chassis built to accommodate the power bogie. Over the years it has become loose and fails to house correctly in the otherwise perfect (scratch built I believe) body. I think I will endeavor to replace it with the chassis of a Hornby 57' coach. Just got to work out how to locate the power bogie....
  9. Ever started something and then wish you hadn't? For years I have used 'Modelstrip' paint remover and always found it very effective at removing old paint with causing any damage to detail on the model. However when I put the four NIR liveried coaches through the process, 'Modelstrip' was not wholly effective as can be seen in the above photo. Too late now for a change of plan, I repeated the process with the following result. Still not wholly effective, but details were now starting to suffer. At least the power cars were a little better. Revised interiors were tackled first. As seen below, plastic floors were made in favour of the brass ones previously mentioned as I could get plastic to stick to the brass. Repainting into NIR livery will be the next activity. Slight problems with the two trailer cars, the Buffet and the Brake/First. The 'kitchen' side of the Buffet car is largely fine. It represents a 'B 9' GNR built vehicle. Unfortunately Ivor appears to have spent time removing the 'ribbing' from the roof of the donor carriage, when in fact No. 551 had a ribbed' roof. If one consults the photograph in "Parting Shot" of the real thing, it will be seen that the end door on the other side was panelled over at some point, probably by the UTA. So the end door (on the right of the photograph below) was probably treated the same. A bigger problem is the other side, seen in the next picture. On the real thing the correct window arrangement is seen in the following photograph. Believed to be a Richard Whitford photograph To hack or not to hack, that is the question. So the question is, do I try and amend Ivor's otherwise impeccable handiwork, or do I try and fashion a revised side from scratch? Or do I just leave as it is? Answer tomorrow..........
  10. Yes, before embarking on this current refurbishment exercise I of course looked back at all your tribulations when you built your BUT sets. Ivor did me a model of the 'B 8' including a very realistic interior, which as you say can't really be seen in all it's glory. However, in the absence of a drawing he got one side (the non-kitchen) slightly wrong. Besides, the 'B 8' was the reserve car for the 'Enterprise' set, hence the reason for wanting to build the 'B 6'.
  11. I am attempting to model the 1960's UTA/NIR catering vehicle No. 552 (ex-GNR No. 88 - classification 'B 6'). I have the following drawing of the interior as it would have been around 1957 when it became a BUT trailer. However in 1962 it paid a visit to Duncrue Street Works where it got a major overhaul. The fixed seating shown in the above drawing was removed and loose chairs were substituted. The end door on the left was panelled over. It was and remained the primary catering vehicle in the UTA/NIR "Enterprise" BUT railcar set until it was replaced with the 'Class 70' set in 1969. However, it was by now designated as a "Buffet Car" rather than as a "Restaurant Car", which it had been from when it was built. Original query regarding the revised interior answered. The above sketch by Ken Pullin was published in 'Five Foot Three' when No. 552 came too the RPSI. It appears no change was made to the kitchen area post 1962.
  12. Thank you for that Colin. Was the eventual 'NIR' maroon/grey livery exactly the same as the UTA's 'Northern Counties' regional livery or a variation on a theme? Above: A 1965 Richard Whitford photo shows an MPD set in a more 'brick red' than 'maroon' for the 'NC' regional livery.
  13. Many thanks for the helpful advice Kirley. I have one Black Beetle motor that I bought some years ago. Compared to the T/H DMU motor I found it lacked traction and power (skin and rice pudding come to mind!). It will go into my 3-car AEC set, releasing one T/H bogie for a '70 class' set. As to NIR 'maroon' I suppose one has to be careful when looking at photographs as the following pictures demonstrate: Above: Looks a deep 'maroon' here (Photo: J. Allen) Above: Looks much more pure 'red' here. Also what was officially 'light grey' looks very 'white (Photo: A. Dale) And then there is the one with the almost 'brown' tint in the previous post. I already have a 'maroon' paint that I have used previously that I thought came out alright, especially under florescent light.
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