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  1. Many thanks 37114. I have one or order and I am still going ahead with my purchase even if it happens to be a little distorted
  2. Same here. I hope that I don’t have to but if needs must...
  3. Does anyone know if the model of 03107 has the running plate issue?
  4. I believe that this is stored 91108 pictured inside the boundary fence of Wabtech Doncaster yesterday (Monday 3rd February), my picture taken using my iPhone. Notice the missing pantograph, cab nose section and removal of all identifiable numbers. I am led to believe that this is due to be scrapped. Informed by ground shunting staff who was out with one of the Wabtech Class 08’s.
  5. Ok many thanks Chris (Geep7). That is helpful to know
  6. Is there any difference between the sound of a Class 33/0, the Class 33/1 and the Class 33/2? The Legoman sound is advertised as Class 33 Push-Pull which I would assume that it was for the 33/1, whereas the Jamie Goodman and possibly overs are listed as Class 33.
  7. Some more excellent figures. Best wishes with the move. One question about the modern image figures if I may? Please excuse my ignorance but which figure is the Colas & Freightliner figures? I am not 100% sure which they are and require clarification please. I can tell which the EWS & DRS ones are, which are the polo shirted drivers.
  8. AeBor


    That's fine. It would have been clearer if you said that in the first place, so people don't have to try and work out what the issue may be. I wasn't having a go (sorry if it seemed that way). Just trying to understand the situation and logic which you have kindly explained. As NickL2008 has previously mentioned there has been too many repeat posts with regards "Is Shawplan still trading", or "Why doesn't Shawplan answer the phone or my emails". Almost as bad as all the Wishlist posts. Would it be a good idea if one of the Mods creates a pined post in the S
  9. AeBor


    Why is it not possible to ask someone to act on your behalf? There are a certain amount of Model Railway exhibitions each year which Brian (Shawplan) attends. I can't see how hard is it to ask who is going to those exhibitions and email them a shopping list? Even if you don't know anyone to ask, I have a feeling that certain moderators here will attend all the Major Shows Warley, Doncaster BRM, Scotland SCC. So, why not ask them and enquire at the next show and if what you want is not available I sure they could raise an order for you. I just don't see what the dif
  10. I too wish Dapol well with the Class 66. I will be following with interest despite the Class 66 being just outside my modelling period and I have no desire to purchase any (at present). One thing which I have noticed for anyone planning on modelling a FL example is that afaik no-one produces the correct transfers yet to correctly model a FL locomotive. Now I have looked into this in the past and any transfers currently available are ‘flat’ compared to the original and don’t have that glow in the dark appearance of the prototype. Surely with a model of t
  11. I think that there is a picture of the early 90’s one on the Tower Homepage
  12. Many thanks 47606odin. I think I will do the same with Rails as this is where I am likely to purchase these from being nearest to me.
  13. Much obliged. I have only seen 33008 listed on Hattons website, but I guess others should update soon
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