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  1. Great stuff @Jonnie! Lovely photos and the extension sounds exciting. Looking forward to seeing the layout in person at Spa Valley Railway later this year if possible too. Keep up the great work
  2. Before I forget, I've also made two videos of the layout. The first showing the trains in action... ...and the second just outlining the process of building the two new modules. They've gone down rather well on YouTube (with a combined 8,000 views between them already!) so though I'd post them here too in case anyone is interested. Enjoy
  3. I have to admit there's not been much progress lately as I've just been enjoying having a proper layout for the first time in my life. It's taken a few months to get to this stage and it's really nice to finally be able to run trains - all the name of testing of course. On that note, running is very consistent except for the Bachmann J72 and the Hornby Terrier, which do not like the double slip and the points either side of it. I suspect the points aren't completely flat which is causing the 0-6-0s to rock on the centre axle slightly while the Peckett and Ruston will happily crawl
  4. Hi everyone, I'll be doing a Live running session tonight over on my YouTube channel as "testing" continues on the modular layout. You don't need a YouTube account to watch along so feel free to tune in at 7:30pm if you fancy it. It's a very informal affair where we just watch some trains run and have a chat in the comments (and I try not to get too distracted!). Hope to see some of you there
  5. Evening all, after a busy few days working on the layout the track is now laid for the two stations modules! Everything except for the inspection pit that is, as I've decided to leave that for another time. I wired these two boards up as I went and for the first time ever I have been able to setup all 7 of the current modules to form an end to end U-shaped layout as seen below. The two new modules looking from the station end towards the sheds. And a reverse shot looking from the shed end towards the station. In the distance you can just see th
  6. An exciting delivery earlier this week has meant I've been able to start work on the two station modules. The baseboards are built and track laying has begun so fingers crossed I'll have some progress to share over the weekend!
  7. Thanks @Andrew D! I'm still surprised that such a large amount of people are interested in watching me play trains but if everyone enjoys it then I'm more than happy to keep on making videos.
  8. My YouTube channel recently hit 1,000 subscribers so to celebrate I wanted to make a bit of a special video. In the past I've limited my running session videos to just a few simple movements to keep them short and sweet. This time though I decided to film an entire operating session, running through one of the longer sequences I do when the camera's aren't on! It takes about 20 minutes to complete and roughly shows the course of a day on Pickwick Yard. I've added some basic sound to this one and I've found it's quite nice to have on the background just to observe the trains coming
  9. Hi there, just a clarify a couple of things quickly. I don’t think I ever said the teak finish was correct, just that I personally liked the way Hornby had done teak on previous coaches and that was why I opted for this version. Regarding the lining, I wasn’t referring to LNER practice of following the panels. Instead I was commenting on how Hornby have made a deliberate choice to go for square lining above and below the windows - apologies if that wasn’t clear in the video. Thanks for pointing out the missing colours in the numbers and l
  10. Hi everyone, my own set of the LNER 6 wheel coaches turned up yesterday so I've put together a video showing some closeups and a bit of them in action at the end. Pleased to report they ran very well even over the old dodgy setrack on my shunting layout. Posting here in case anyone finds it useful.
  11. And for those of you who like to see the process actually happening, here is the video that the stills were taken from:
  12. Hello everyone, hope you're all having a good weekend. Just realised I never posted my progress from over Christmas so here's a quick update for you all. Lately I've been working on the bufferstop module which will complete Phase 1 of the build. This isn't really a proper module, it's more of a diorama that just acts as an end stop for the moment. Eventually though it will be used as a headshunt for the station when the layout is setup in an end to end configuration. As a result this is the smallest and perhaps most uninteresting module on the entire layout. Firstly, a
  13. Hey everyone, just another quick from the layout for you all. Having added coal to lots of my wagons back before Christmas, I've been doing lots of delivery trains where the full wagons come in and empties leave. This adds another level to the running session but I have found it gets a bit tiresome trying to claw the coal inserts out of the wagons especially if you've got a whole train of them. To combat this I've gone for the tried and tested method of adding magnets to all the wagon loads which has made removal much easier and means I spend much more time running trains now! On t
  14. Well it's my first post of 2021 so I thought I'd share this photo I took the other day for a bit of fun. I don't yet have a backscene so the landscape has been extended with a little bit of dodgy work in photoshop but I was pleased with how it's turned out (as long as you don't look too closely!) given I was just messing around.
  15. Happy New Year everyone! Hope you were all able to celebrate in someway, if not as much as we would have liked too. Following on from my last post about the bufferstops, here's a video that shows the whole process in case anyone wants to do something similar on their own layouts.
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