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  1. Oh same old, same old. Had some health issues, managing them now. Decided that the Cost/Usefulness v Trolls/Lack of control of said, equation on FMi just didn't pan out and voted with my feet. Pity as there were some good chaps on there, but really couldn't be doing with the politics. Hey ho. Right, I should be getting ready to catch a train down to the New Forest, not watching two railcams (NS local on Roaknoke) & posting on here. Just hope Mother no longer has metered broadband, gotta run Fostoria & Roaknoke at the same time, although I have now discovered the Livestream app for the iPhone, so that's one dealt with. B)
  2. *Removes glasses & false mustache combo* It is I. How are you? Promise not to pepper my posts with alliteration on here. Cheers for the tip off regards the HO offerings. Have been trawling through the Model Junction website weighing up options. Regularly pick up Model Railroader & Trains (also Railfan & Railroad if I'm near the Victoria Smiffs) whilst commuting about south London for insight & inspiration. But found a few hours on the Fostoria railcam has been far more of a trigger to "get on with it". Will also have to look at GP38 & caboose options as well now.
  3. Long time Lurker, first time poster Have been dabbling in UK N gauge for awhile, but after a few visits "Over There", some of the layouts I've seen on here, & a house move on the cards, feel HO Shortline calling. Since the update the numbers on the NS lines are easier to read but on the CSX lines: that's another story. And I agree those High Hood Dash 2's in NS black have a certain something. Just have to work out who does the best model & sound. This webcam could prove expensive...
  4. A few moments ago there was a CSX GP38 shoving 4 covered hoppers, with a caboose at the head, sounding a WHISTLE as it went through the grade crossing. Now if that's not a model-able train I don't know what is. This webcam is a superb prototype resource, not to mention a tad addictive. And glad that you found my NS loco numbers information useful Trisonic
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