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  1. Can’t wait to see your build start Jerry.
  2. Hi James thanks for your nice comments. Yes the tarps and wagon will be weathered. It’s great what you can achieve with a small piece of plank. Im going to take better pictures preferably outdoors tomorrow. I’m thinking of adding a small yard lamp with LED. Once that and the sacks are finished I can call it a finished piece.
  3. Les nice scratch building, this is starting to look good.
  4. This morning the workshop exterior has been painted and weathered. Window frame and glass have been fitted, just need to paint up the frames.
  5. James if it were me I would stick with your plank of wood, so many themes could be achieved but I like what you are planning. Just be careful though as you might have a plan fixed in your mind but then your mind plays tricks with you and before you know it you have tons of ideas.
  6. Cheers Geoff for the comments. I know the old building will take quite a bit of the base space up, but leading into the workshop will be a track and a track running along the side of the workshop where the wagon will be being repaired.
  7. First of all Jerry happy birthday for the other day. I think it’s always great to do some research on the layout or area you are trying to build. Look forward to more progress soon.
  8. Les I’m starting to become a fan of your little round layout, I’m looking forward to this build.
  9. James you should be able to make a great track layout with the track you have.
  10. James an idea with the gap. You could put a bridge of some kind in that gap with the track running under and may be a farm track or road on the bridge.
  11. James it’s amazing what kind of layout you can build in a box. I look forward to your plans and progress.
  12. Mike nice start to one of the structures.
  13. Started work on the old workshop building, messy and fun. Has been sanded over this evening look better now. Tomorrow will fit the windows and frames.
  14. This sounds like an interesting theme. Will be looking forward to seeing your scratch built excavator. I like the work you have done on the wagon.
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