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  1. Yes they are decent figures. I just placed my first order with them. There's two landgirl figures that could fit my requirement of railway carriage cleaners! Not bad for for a few pounds a figure
  2. Do Fox transfers let you do your own station names or did you have to use individual letters to make up "ROMFORD".
  3. By that sort of date you could get very close, but there would be a decent fence for security purposes. Mostly for the scrap people purposes. Since by then there was a decent trade in stolen metals. British Rail would be more concerned with people getting on the trains without paying, due to open access. Though some smaller stations by then were unstaffed. Using Pay Train DMU services, which as the name suggest were like bus services with the guard as a conductor. I would imagine the "fence" to be the type with white concrete blocks long ways slotted into concrete posts. With coiled barb
  4. I would have thought that the earlier date your model is set the more likely the scrap merchant will need the railway being close to the yard. To bring in and out materials. Whereas the later yards like the above will simply use the old railway land for being cheap, perhaps due to contamination of the land or it not being commercial to put anything else on the land. With lorries doing the donkey work rather than trains.
  5. I have seen this in very small pieces too small to patch together. So I didn't think it was practical. But after a dedicated search following posters advice, have seen it in A4 size sheets so that would do fine. I like the wallpaper idea too. But with large sheets of plastic that would cut down on the need of a greater support structure you would need with wallpaper. A further question. There's no colour shots of the shed, but they look like a common design. So what colour would they be? Obviously the roof was probably grey. But the sides were clearly not pink! As this
  6. I am looking to construct a carriage shed like the one shown in the image below. The problem is the roof which is corrugated. The shed is nearly identical to that Peco carriage shed kit (image posted of it) and I have bought one of them to see the design better. Obviously I could buy a lot of these kits and fit them together, but it would be very expensive to make the same size one as in the photo. The roof in the Peco model is a thin vacuum formed piece, so would be hard to print or copy. So has anyone suggestions on making the roof out of cheaper materials, but realistic? My model of t
  7. I have just sent an E-Mail to Bachmann asking them if they could consider doing a range of female railway cleaning staff figures for the 60's and 70's period. Since they already have a range of mostly male people from that period. I'm certain many modellers would love to see a decent priced range of female cleaning staff, being as they were so common at that time. I'll let you know what they say. Might take a few days for them to reply it says.
  8. I have always wondered about the preserved heritage lines and the answer to some simple questions. Question number 1 - Do they have regular passengers? That is people who are using the trains to get from place to place just like the main line operators? Seems like a daft question, since I don't suppose it's cheap to go on any of the services, but since many were on closed lines that might not have regular bus routes, it seems common sense to me that somebody might want to use it. Question 2 - I have seen lots of wagons on the preserved railways. Are they in use or just f
  9. Did the Anneka Rice Co actually exist? Or have you been watching to many Treasure Hunts?
  10. RJS1977 you are quite right, none of those would have been problematic for any organisation. But I suspect there might have been another reason this particular project had an issue. They were not the only body connected with the project. It had come out of a Regeneration Scheme (SRB) set up by the government, which then changed in 1997 when New Labour got in. To do all the schemes a Development Trust was set up and from this came a company set up called Green Estates. Paid workers from that were brought in for the day to day running and support the Friends Group. I believe what happened is tha
  11. Was the employment service paying for the course you did Buccops? Because that's the only thing that explain the attitude over the interview. Normally they just want you off the dole. So if you get a job, that's fine, but it doesn't matter to them, as long as you are not signing on. Another thing that railway preserved lines should think twice about is the funding bodies you can get money from for doing things for. The Lottery and English Heritage. Especially if they are getting short of cash. One project I was connected with (not railway) got a large grant. But English Heritage ha
  12. While what you are saying is all true, the current rules on finding work all look down on voluntary work as not being available or actively seeking work. The attitude of staff in job centres is that if people are spending time doing voluntary work, then they are not looking for jobs. The benefits system of the 80's allowed people to do unpaid work easily. As far as I aware the current system frowns on it. Of course as unemployment rises the government might introduce schemes for voluntary bodies to take on unemployed staff. But most government funding schemes like this are a two edge knif
  13. Did Pullman coaches ever carry the "C1" and other details found on British Rail coaches?
  14. To be honest I am not a fan of airbrushing. It tends to go everywhere and I think wastes paint. Then you can spend ages getting it to spray and then cleaning up afterwards. Some of the dedicated model paints are not what they are cracked up to be. Humbrol's BR Blue is dependent on how well you stair it up, plus you need to keep doing it, or you will get a different shade. I'm not convinced that some dedicated model brands are the real deal. Are you just paying for the name?
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