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  1. Perhaps you might consider a more rural terminus such as my attempt at Midhurst LBSCR station 1866 You could then manage with a lot less stock
  2. Hello Chris All of my SER/LCDR/SECR related stock & books have long gone to other people. As you know, I am nearly 87 and my instructions from the management have been to dispose of all my non LBSCR related stock as my wife would not know what to do with it when I am gone To the best of my memory it was in an issue of the Pictorial Times round about 1845, but don't know for sure Hope you are keeping well Please keep me up to date with what you are doing, especially LBSC Best regards Michael
  3. Hello Linny Re your post with the two coaches yesterday, is the unpainted coach LBSCR? Michael
  4. Hello Amanda & Mark Very kind of you to respond to my request. What are you doing in the Netherlands and where are you located? My wife is Dutch from Scheveningen I have looked at your thread about wagons and the goods shed, very impressive! I think that we need to establish what expenses I would incur if we could agree that you could help me. I would supply photos for each wagon, and some would only need a logo and a number on each side Others would require perhaps painting and lettering. What about 4 & 6 wheel coaches.? Are all the r
  5. I have a number (20+) of wagons that are either painted or unpainted. I am looking for some help in finishing off these wagons with either painting and/or putting the transfers on. Transfers would be supplied, mostly LBSCR I am no unable to do it myself due to age (87) and Parkinson's Disease Is there anyone who has any free time to help with this All expenses would be covered. Location West Sussex/Hampshire border Many thanks for reading this Michael
  6. Hello Linny The coaches look great. When can I get some? The 'Radial' looks good too and the brown is exactly right for Adams livery. I also did my kit built one in the same livery, and with the black & white lining it should really look the part. Mine does Michael
  7. Hello Linny

    That Craven coach looks good. What else do you have to do before it is all correct and saleable?

    Also where would you be pitching the price  in 4mm and would it be usable in EM Gauge?

    Best regards



  8. Fantastic video and most appropriate with the locos having French names! Well done Michael
  9. Your unknown kit looks like an LSWR Falcon class. If it is, I have already built and motorised two of them Michael
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