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  1. Looks great. Looking forward to seeing the progress of this layout as it develops.
  2. Due to the forecast storm I'm hoping to get somemore scenery work done on my own N Gauge layout.
  3. Fantastic !!! You have certainly got more patience than i have to be able to put all of those transfers on.
  4. I'm thinking of purchasing this book so I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if it's any good ?
  5. Your weathering looks spot on. Im looking forward to seeing the Seacows when they are finished.
  6. Happy Birthday Duncan. Hope your having a great day. The new Wagons look good.
  7. Ive only just came across this thread and I will be following it with interest as it looks to be a cracking layout.
  8. I purchased this a few days ago from Smith's. It's very informative and well worth the £7.99 price tag.
  9. It looks superb Duncan. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished article.
  10. Thanks for your reply Duncan. I will see if I can get to one of those shows.
  11. Superb video Duncan. Are you attending any shows this year with Shirebrook ?
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