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  1. I obviously have struck a raw nerve with Someone. I am making a suggestion that a number of magazine interviews with senior execs of major manufacturers are not in depth, questioning, probing or as professional as they could be, and that one suggestion, that readers could be invited to ask questions that would no doubt be pre approved, sanitised and made non challenging be asked, instead of the current form. This is not a court of law, the Guardian or Mumsnet so demanding evidence to substantiate comments is not necessary. I thought individual personal attacks and aggressive responses were not permitted. Anyway, Getting back to the topic please ladies and gentlemen. I'd appreciate Responsible comments and thoughts.
  2. Phil - are you asking as a fellow contributor to this site, in moderator capacity or as an employee/ contractor if BRM? I deliberately did not specify model companies or magazines of which there are several. I do not wish to critique any specific writer. The issue should be under editorial control. Eldontom- I know the cosy relationship between magazines and manufacturers, and you are right, in fact several manufacturers produce magazines, one bearing the brand name. Ideally I would have raised this in an independent social media group for what I fear may happen, but apart from Western Thunder which is rather niche, and platformone I'm not aware of others with broad reach.
  3. Every so often one of the railway modelling magazines will invite the Ceo of one of the ready to run manufacturers. Am I alone in feeling they are less than exciting and rather one sided, very vanilla? I dont expect a Jeremy Paxman style grilling, but neither do I expect a Love-in. I appreciate the writers may not be major league journalists but on some occasions the "intervirews" are very uninspiring. There interviews are not nee product announcements, they are not business briefings - so what exactly is their brief? Perhaps saying a month or so "hey readers we are interviewing Mr Bach-Horn-Dap-Helj send us questions". I do not aim this at any particular magazine or employee, just the genre. Do others feel the same?
  4. Duke of Argyll Im surprised the LMS did not name one of the Princess Coronation class Duchess of Argyll. Perhaps they felt It was covered by the Princess Royal class Princess Louise.
  5. As the rtr market develops into pre grouping designs, some potential kit builders will choose rtr, but dont forget that some of these locos are available in limited numbers and can sell out before release, so a kit of said loco may be the answer. Many modellers are reluctant to tackle soldering. A shame given the many articles in magazines and on line to encourage and support. Start with a cheap wagon to practice. Plastic model locos have been suggested and the ratio 240 and 440 have been mentioned. I was very happy with the 240 kit. There is a modelshop offering Dapol kits with metal wheels and motor for some of the examples City of Truro, 76000, railbus and shunters. Why not give it a try?
  6. Hi, Partly as railway research and partly through family research I have come across the level crossing on Anlaby Road, where the North Eastern Railway crossed the road, which had trams operating. My question is, were the tram pick up wires at normal level, were they raised or was something else done? Many thanks in advance.
  7. Was there not some issue recently with nuclear hazard decals not being obtainable for those modelling nuclear flask wagons?
  8. I was surprised not to have read here about the L&SWR B4 models scheduled on the Tower Models website here, but perhaps interest in the Southern and its predecessors and successors has waned. Perhaps they are bringing out a 7mm Glasgow and South Western Railway Baltic class. Now that would be an Anoooncemunt!
  9. This is not an announcement which Tower Models have announced Before?
  10. This looks a great potential prototype. The short distance of the station from the goods yard, the harbour sidings- all ideal. I visited North queensferry and wrote a short article for the NBRSG in the early 90s whilst serving at Rosyth when in the Mob. Now 62c have a J32 kit available.....
  11. Oh yes, that's what we're talking about! t. Enoch to Fairlie pier for a sailing to Campbeltown.
  12. Its all up to personal taste and what is felt appropriate for the situation. CF looks great, I've never seen it in the flesh and would love to. I used to model in N and was very impressed with 2mm, but prefer O gauge now. I recall a feature in an early MRJ of a two tracvk and crosssover "half a station" based on a Brecon and Merthyr terminus, and was impressed. I love the work of Steve Fay of dioramas/planks. These are wonderful to admire, but different to CF or any of the big layouts, different - not better, not less good, but different and appropriate in their place. Space for many modellers is limited, time is limited too. We all have to use what we have within the limits we have. Getting our panties in a bunch does not help.
  13. If x number of young people are introduced to model railways by the traditional train set way, whether it was a Hornby Dublo in the 1960s, a Airfix GMR in the 1980s or Thomas The Tank Engine by Hornby or Bachmann/ Harry Potter in recent years then y will fall by the wayside but the seed will have been sown in z. They may be interested in other things as many do, but in ten, twenty or more years time there is something to come back to. Not every modeller who starts/restarts in their 40s, 50s or 60s started with a train set : many did. As long as newcomers /returnees are not discouraged then we are doing something right. Media featuring positive stories and shows in the last few years are nothing but good for the hobby.
  14. One of the comments in the introduction to Great Model Railway Challenge was that "railway modelling was the biggest indoor hobby in the UK" or words to that effect. I would be interested to know if there is any data on how many people are railway modellers in the UK and how that information is gathered. Not everyone reads magazines, or contributes to forum, or is a club member or goes to exhibitions. Ultimately the model manufacturers are in existance to make money and they would not make models to sell ( for a profit) if they did not see a market. I understand data gathering for this sort if exercise can be conducted on a set sample and extrapolated to the whole population - but these sorts of agencies charge a hefty fee for this data. I do not want this to degenerate into a "what can we do to arract new blood" which has been covered ad nauseum.
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