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  1. One of the comments in the introduction to Great Model Railway Challenge was that "railway modelling was the biggest indoor hobby in the UK" or words to that effect. I would be interested to know if there is any data on how many people are railway modellers in the UK and how that information is gathered. Not everyone reads magazines, or contributes to forum, or is a club member or goes to exhibitions. Ultimately the model manufacturers are in existance to make money and they would not make models to sell ( for a profit) if they did not see a market. I understand data
  2. M is for Midland with engines galore, two on the front and still calling for more.
  3. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good source for vintage van signs - I'm working on some of the SE Finecast cars and vans and looking for something 1940s. The only commercial 1/43 transfers seem to be formula 1 which is a wee bitty out! Thanks in advance.
  4. If a manufacturer were to consider producing stock to a lesser degree of detail to cater for the market suggested by OP what level the market would accept compromise in detail for cost? Taking the Hornby P2 as a example, they retailed the standard detail version and a railroad version which were pretty close in price. In all fairness the cost or research, planning construction, setting up moulds, casts and readying for production, as well as the raw materials, compromising on detail would I suspect have any great impact on production costs, and even if a lower profit w
  5. What about a "well nothing there for me " button? An empty bowl of gruel?
  6. Unlikley to change from the outside, can only chjange from within. Does anyone know how many members voted? And how many voted for the status quo and how many voted for change? Remembering the new members who joined the Labour party to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, or the new members who joined building societies in the 1990s with the express intention of changing them into plc banks - oops sorry to get the free £4000 or so conversion payment - well that worked out well didn't it?
  7. Sad to relay the news of Ronnie Cockburn, owner of the Bearsden Wagon Works, passed away at the beginning of August. Ronnie started his career in engineering as an apprentice with Babcock and Wilcox in Renfrew, then sailed with the Furness Withy line as a junior engineer. He returned to ABbcocks initially in Renfrew before moving to Dalmuir and into their Cranes division. His main railway interest was private traders wagons and this led to him forming the Bearsden Wagon Works initially in OO building and painting to corrctly reflect the companies and clours of Scottish pri
  8. You could carry the platforms to the wall and put a mirror there to make the station look longer too.
  9. I appreciate that it is all very well to say "someone should " and the inevitable reply is " well volunteered", and it is necessary to get a suitably qualified volunteer, but it would be useful if a scale-devoted organisation such as the Guild considered "succession Planning" for small manufacturers. We may all love Joes Loco Kits, but Joe aint gonna live forever. and Mrs Joe or the Joeettes probably dont want to take over the buisness, so if and when Joe goes what happens to a popular range of Kits or widgets? Sold off, binned or given away. And the hobby loses a worthwhile sourc
  10. Welcome to the Infinite monkey cage that is RMweb. Plank modelliing is perfectly acceptable - and if you ahve not seen Steve Fay's work then it's well worth checking out. Welcome! GlenP
  11. I would have expected any Auditor to report on a large sum in Mescellaneous Expenses or Sundries - good accounting practice is to have such items as a minimum and book headings with as much detail as possible for anyone looking at the accounts to see clearly and transparently what the enspenses are. In reality not many members look at, or disect Accounts of railway clubs. There are few "lower deck lawyers" than there used to be, but they exist. It s after all their money. If the Guild were a Charity is is likley that this would be highlighted. Perhaps chec
  12. I've been a member twice. the Gazette is good, and has encouraged me to spend money, which is good. I first joined just after a big issue in the politics about which I know little, but sounds to have been a bitter exchange. There were some members who were fireproof and any hint of critisim or challenge of comments resulted in a significant number of supporters rallying to them - this incuded defending comments which would now be seen as offensive, possibly anti-semitic and possibly homophobic. I felt the comments about one member being asked to review
  13. I wonder if they will do them in O gauge? That would be good.
  14. Really enjoying all episodes - but what trains would go to Wolverton from St Pancras ? Surely Liverpool Street? Then again, I get nosebleeds when I go south of the Tweed.
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