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  1. Looking good! What paints do you use Neil, as I love the look of the models? Cant wait to see the finished product
  2. Hi Will, my name is Mike and I live near Langs Beach, some 40 minutes south of Whangarei. Currently building a model of a Scottish layout, including a near scale copy of Ferryhill loco shed, Aberdeen in "OO". You can get hold of me on 0210570003 if you're interested in touching base. 20200723_095539.jpg.ae4489919899ddd40fd6d94f72f21e25.jpg

    1. Dungrange


      Do you really want to post your phone number on a public forum for everyone to see?

  3. living up north in Whangarei, trying to do some modelling, depends on time.
  4. Not much else has happened, except a tidy up!! (Duh, duh, duuhhh) A long time coming, this involved moving everything around and throwing stuff out, just rubbish at the moment. Now track can be laid out to play with!!
  5. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but a long time ago George Dent bashed about a Bachmann Junior not-Thomas 0-4-0T. It was to his usual standard of modeling and looked great. You can find out more on his blog http://georgedentmodelmaker.blogspot.com/2010/08/bess-is-in-demand.html Before After Fell like I should say something about copyright and all. I dont own these photos should suffice.
  6. With level 2 restrictions returning to NZ, my planned weekend at my local heritage railway ended before it started. Instead, I retreated to the garage in the face of worsening weather. Photo Plank The first thing I did was carry on building my small photo plank, called The Paint Shop. So far the track has been painted and blasted. I continued working on the concrete pad, painting the plasticard deck tan and building it up around the track. One the land was build up I proceeded to place down some finer ballast, intended to be dirt and grave disappearing into the grass.
  7. Thanks for the ideas and help, but having hit a wall (metaphorically) this probably the end of this ideas as a layout. I've decided to concentrate on expanding my skills by making dioramas instead. This layout idea might reappear as a diorama in the future. This my new thread and most of my future modelling will appear their instead of here. again thanks for all of the help/ william
  8. Now changing gadget here are a few pictures of the Paintshop and my first attempt of ballasting and painting track.
  9. Apologies for the long title, but it explains the whole thread. Having tried to make my first proper layout, and hit a wall multiple times, I've decide to concentrate on smaller project for a while. Most likely being kits and small dioramas. I'm part way through making a small photo plank diorama, about 1 Hornby double length track piece long, called the paint shop. Just finished ballasting it and hop to move on the ground work. also planning to rebuild my peco china clay wagon. As these are my first foray int proper modelling help would bee appreciated. William
  10. Thanks for the idea,has got me think and going back to inspirations (real and miniature). Really like the idea of the Brill Tramway platform and might include it. Have a few plans being thought out in the background and school holidays in NZ should help things get going.
  11. Considering @Corbs knows what it is and the earlier reference it it being Avonside it is obviously Portbury. The Avonside 0-6-0ST locomotive based at the Bristol Harbour Railway.
  12. In the last month, not much has changed on the micro (name?) Completion of the paper mache on one side. Meanwhile, the workbench has been very busy, completion of a gnat and a Mark IV tank. Also, this past week has the finishing of my first scratch build wagon, a bolster using part of Hornby railroad crane for the chassis. I'm very pleased how it turned out, will be a great addition to my fleet. I plan to build a second one alongside an unfinished parkside box can kit. Hope to do some more work on the layout (name ideas?) With the arrival of scenic greenery.
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